SWTOR - Ombre Jedi Tank (2.0)

Hello ! This is Master Xiouwaaou, level 53 jedi shadow on Mantle of the Force.

I am going to introduce you to the Shadow tank, a specialization that I played until level 41, then I respecialized myself in infiltration to make a small template that nobody appreciates except me, because it is only playable in solo. I ended up specializing in tanks out of nostalgia and still enjoy playing it a lot, even if it's clearly hotter.

For those who are level 55, I will gladly wait for your supplements, because I have two levels left before I have the sick and company equipment, as well as the last powers that I have not yet tested.

  • template
  • Play at level 10-30
  • Play at level 31-45
  • Play at level 45-55
  • Treatments
  • Partners
  • When it gets hot ...
  • Statistics
  • Conclusion


Well, the templates can be discussed, the majority play in 38/4/4. I play 36/8/2 for these reasons:

  • Maximize combat entry damage with Shadow Mark.
  • I don't use applied force because it is more useful in infiltration.
  • I don't use martial prowess because the rotary kick, I never use it.
  • I don't use mind on matter because if you ever have too much DOT or disabling effects there is resilience and increasing it by 2s doesn't help much.
  • On the other hand, I put two points in fast recovery because the bonuses granted by the Combat technique are really interesting, especially in light armor.

After it is clear that the 38/4/4 will limit a little more the damage received and help to put a stun if we are unable to take the threat of an enemy. It is clear that putting the 4s stun on a large enemy in operation so that he does not use a spell that does 10k damage to you is essential! Fayte made the guide for the assassin, and he's expanding his idea on the other template here.

After all, it's up to everyone to choose the right tree for them.

Level 10-30

You have just passed to level 10, you have made the (very good!) Choice to take the shadow, and you want to make a tank of it. So: you must immediately start by mounting the kinetic combat tree indisputably by completing: mastery of techniques and defense with a double-bladed lightsaber. Then mental bravery, elusive part and kinetic guard. Then continue to climb that tree in whatever way you like the most.

Level 31-45

It is at level 31, that we finally obtain the pull of force spell, very important in any situation, in order to pull an enemy towards yourself, to interest him as much as possible so that he does not take his eyes off you. and let the DPS drop his life bar. Then, you have to fill all the points of the tree up to level 45 (to choose if you want to use the rotary kick in combat).

Level 45-55

Adorable phase, because this is where you become powerful and the story of the consular becomes interesting. There you have to start by completing Jedi Upheaval and Resistance then fill in the points that interest you the most in your game. Use Slow Time as much as possible, area spell that does more than 1k damage, reduces target damage and slows it down a lot.


Now, for entry into combat, it is important for the shadow to gain a slight advantage through shadow strike, so entering stealth mode is essential. In heroic zone, litigious zone or in operation, one does not have to. We are therefore moving towards cycle 2.

  • Cycle 1
  • Cycle 2
  • Stealth mode
  • Shadow Strike
  • Kinetic guard
  • Slow time (force slowdown if below level 45)
  • Mass mind control
  • Telekinetic throw
  • Projection
  • Force Breach
  • Idle time
  • Saber Strike (necessary if the reload times are not over)
  • Rotating Strike (if enemy is below 30% health)

Cycle 2 is a ranged cycle, but if we can call this a ranged cycle, it's because it uses ranged attacks.

  • Force pull
  • Kinetic guard
  • Idle time
  • Telekinetic throw
  • Projection
  • Force Breach
  • Idle time
  • Rotating Strike (if enemy is below 30% health)


From level 8, Qyzen Fess, the big valiant lizard, will follow you, and although a little boring, he will come in handy for a while. Put it in DPS mode, that is to say combat stance and it is he who will take care of the damage until the end of Nar Shadda in any case.

After Nar Shaddaa, Tharan Cedrax will follow you. Tharounet, a very bad healer and ranged dps, can be useful to you, if you equip him well, to boost your health a bit and do some slight damage at range. He can help you lower an enemy's threat with his Holiday deployment, but he won't heal you during this time. Protect the property, otherwise it will be expensive ...

At the end of Balmorra, Zenith will follow you as well. Very useful distance dps if you tank well and equip it well (after choosing the one that suits you best until the end of Belsavis).

After Hoth, Lieutenant Igresso will be there, but will be useless.

After having them a few missions with Nadia, she will follow you from the end of Belsavis, until the end of your adventures with the shadow tank. Nadia is a Shadow dps hybridized with DPS Scholar, and I can assure you that she chops wood. With her, the First Son is not going to last very long… (if you parry his attacks well with Force Stun and Spirit Maze).

Here are two captures taken while playing one with Tharounet, the other with Nadia.



When it gets hot ...

If you're in a bit of a tense moment, there are a few things you can do:

  • Force Stun, which will stun your opponent for 4s.
  • Strength content, which will increase your crit on two charges.
  • Readiness to Fight, which increases healing and damage dealt by 100% will heal you for 15% of your health, and give you a 35% chance to trigger their effects.
  • Deflection, will increase your defense by 50% over 12s.
  • Phase walking can help you by changing your stance.
  • Force concealment as a last resort, to leave the fight and go in stealth mode. 



Good endurance for a tank is the first statistic to grow. Here is a brief overview of my current stats, as I only have classic gear, acquired before version 2.0.

  1. Endurance
  2. Will
  3. Critical index
  4. Influx index
  5. Index d’absorption
  6. Shield index



Shadow tank is very cool to play, but you have to like difficult tanking. Despite our light armor, the mode remains the same as for all tanks, rush into the crowd and look your enemies in the eye, while our dear healers raise our health bar and our dear DPS lower the enemy bar. .


Did you understand Mr. Xiouwaaou correctly, or do I need to clarify certain points, or do I have to correct others?

It is with pleasure that I answer your questions, and just as much to do a little game with you guys on SWTOR.

Cordialement, Xiou.

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