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Today, it is the Forsaken guild on the Battle Meditation server that we present to you. This guild also officiates on the side of the Empire under the name Forgotten.

History of the Guild:

It was in July 2014 that Oroburos, then barely awake on Tython, decided to create a family Guild in order to explore the world of SWTOR together. Formerly a member of the Empire when the game came out (he was then operating under the name Fenhris in the LUXUM Company), he decided to get back to the game but on the Republic side to start the adventure from the beginning.

The FORSAKEN guild then had an RP / PvE vocation, based on mutual aid. After having recruited a hard core of players, the Guild decided to take another dimension, but always based on mutual aid. The goal of the guide was to create two family rosters to explore the HL content of the game, but also to train newcomers. The Guild has always trained these new recruits in operations, so Roster 1 took shape with the central core of the guild on board. The Guild then became hierarchical, in order to better prepare for the demands of PvE HL.

FORSAKEN is also a Guild Fortress on Coruscant in which we can see the full extent of sharing and mutual aid that exists between members. Currently the guild continues to contribute to buy its own ship and take part in the planetary conquest. We also created a small Mirror Guild called “Forgotten” on the Empire side, with its own PR story in the making.

Here is for example the RP of the guilds:

  • FORGOTTEN (In creation)

The release of the future extension did not slow down our desire to move forward. In 4 months, we managed to finish the normal content as well as the classic operations in Nightmare. We are slowly advancing on the HM content of Darvannis and Asation operations. Our goal is to finish at least Fortress HM before 3.0 arrives.


Orientation & Hierarchy:

The Guild's vocation is PvE HL within the limits of our means. We also try to participate in the PR life of the server by offering some Role Play events. A small portion of the Guild also participates in server PvP battles, and we're also trying to create our own galactic fighter squad, the “F-Squadron”.

The FORSAKEN Guild has a well-defined hierarchy. First of all, you should know that we have tried to give a Role Play aspect to our Guild ranks.

We therefore differentiate the Jedi Branch and the Military Branch. So the Jedi are really those who run the Guild, but Generals have been appointed so that the military branch is at the same level. We also have an Archivist, who is in charge of the History of the Guild, and the Galaxy in general. So we can answer any questions about the Star Wars LORE.

Here is how the Guild is divided:

  • Head of Council: Oroburos (creator of the Guild)
  • The board : Anaris / Dizaon / Lia'rra / Midrian
  • The Archivist: Cal'ysta
  • General: As'lak / Thorinn / Snakemamba

Afterwards, the Guild has several ranks depending on the involvement of Members.

For the Jedi this gives:

  • Padawan
  • Knight
  • guardian

For the Military branch:

  • Soldier
  • Diplomat
  • Tactician

Game Reviews & Anecdote:

I'm thinking of speaking on behalf of the Guild by saying that we're all very excited about the release of the new expansion, and the return of Revan. After all, a large part of the players are there to extend their adventure on KOTOR, but also for the love of the extended Star Wars universe. Only the discipline system scares us a little, but like all good MMO players, we will adapt! As for the game as a whole, we are for the most part very big fans of reroll so this shows all the love we have for this game. We hope that it will be even more successful in the future. .

During the last Rakgoules event, just after the creation of the Mirror Guild, our dear leader Oroburos is connected to our Empire Guild "Forgotten" with his character Fenhris for all of us to pass the separation wall and thus allow a dozen of 'relentless to pass to attack with all possible deceit the Empire. The battle lasted all evening and much of the night, turning the Rakghoul Tunnel into a real battlefield, with Empire breakthrough, Republican counterattack, grabs all over the place: A wild PvP night like it was would like to see more often on Battle Meditation.



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