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Biochemistry is the equivalent of alchemy in many other MMOs, it is the skill to choose if you want to never run out of components: dopants, stimulants and other medipacs will help you throughout your leveling and well. beyond. The possibility of crafting implants will also allow you to equip yourself a little.

The skill is learned like any other in the Imperial / Republic Fleet and is one of 6 crafting skills available in the game at this time.

Every 20 skill levels or so your skill master will have new craft to teach you, a color code to indicate how many skill points you will earn for a craft is also available:

  • Orange : Two points per craft
  • Yellow : One point per craft
  • Green : Higher or lower chance of obtaining a point
  • Gray : Will not earn you any more points

You cannot make your own items yourself, you will have to send your Companion to do it for you, which is not bad in the end because you can queue up to 5 craft, each of them. takes some time to craft and is dropped into your inventory as soon as your pet is finished. (Hint: You don't need to wander all of your comps in your inventory, just leave them in the hold, your pet will draw from them if necessary.)

Note also that each familiar has predispositions for certain crew skills. These predispositions are called Efficiency Bonuses and Critical Bonuses. But what do these bonuses do for you?


Take this companion as an example, he has a bionalayse efficiency bonus of 10 and a critical recovery bonus of 2.

  • Efficiency bonus: This number increases the speed at which your companion will complete his task, the higher it is the faster it will go in the relevant crew skill.
  • Critical bonus: The critical bonus is the most important, this one allows your pet to have a chance to make a "critical" when performing a task, when this bonus concerns a crafting skill it allows you to obtain a item of improved quality (Item with an "Increase" slot) or "Double item" when it is a consumable (stims for example). When it concerns a harvest / mission skill it affects the yield. (More objects)

For example Xalek above will go faster than your other companions during his Bioanalysis missions and will have a chance to bring you more components when he goes on a recovery mission. Each companion (except 2V-R8 and C2-N2) has unique attributes that it would be a shame to overlook.

Reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering will allow you to destroy your crafted items to retrieve some of the components and have a chance to get the boss of an improved version, to do this open your inventory and select Reverse Engineering located at the top right, this will highlight reverse engineering objects, then simply click on the object of your choice to start the process. For biochemistry in particular, in terms of new recipes there are three steps for consumables as well as for implants.

The Expendables :

  • "Simple" stage : Green quality item, learned by your skill master
  • "Prototype" stage : Improved version (blue quality)
  • "Reusable" stage : Improved version infinitely usable (artifact quality)

Note that on some medipacs, the prototype stage offers a treatment + a HoT unlike the reusable stage which only gives back VPs.


  • "Simple" stage : Green or blue quality item, learned by your skill master
  • Stand 2 : Blue quality item with random secondary stats (3 possible item types: Critical / Kill / Protection type) Unlocked via reverse engineering of a single stage item.
  • Stage 3 [Top quality] : Artifact version with random secondary statistics (Each "type" of blue quality item allows you to unlock 5 new types of artifact crafting, or 15 in total, so you will need patience or an insolent luck to unlock the recipe that is fine for you.) Unlocked by Retrofitting a Stage 2 item.

Riding Biochemistry

The highly recommended crew skills to build biochemistry in perfect autonomy are:

  • Bioanalysis: For samples and biochemical compounds (Green quality materials used in all crafts)
  • Diplomacy: For medical supplies (Blue / artifact grade materials used for all blue / artifact crafts)

It is possible to climb 400 without taking diplomacy, but you will never be able to craft blue / artifact items without medical supplies.

The easiest and fastest way to raise Biochemistry is therefore to take the crew skills Bioanalysis as well as Diplomacy, and especially to start these as soon as possible (the ideal being level 10 from your first pass. to Imperial / Republic Fleet) The amount of chemical components picked up throughout your pexing will help you a lot and should even in the best case exempt you from bioanalysis missions, so you can focus all your companions on diplomacy. Of course, take the time to stop to harvest everything you come across in order to up your bioanalysis and biochemistry more easily. If you start early enough and never let your companions twiddle your thumbs you can very easily be 400 in all 3 crew skills before you reach level 50.


What to do after 400?

Once 400 you will have access to "Rakata" consumables that will far surpass other consumables, and all this in a reusable version just for you, no more going to the galactic market before your raid to spend your fortunes on consumables, the era infinite stims, doping agents & medpacs are coming!

Difference between "classic" maximum level consumables and Rakata:

You also won't need to have mounted Diplomacy to craft these little wonders, just tier6 bioanalysis components as well as a Biometric Crystal Alloy that you can find on the last boss of each Flashpoint on hard difficulty or on all bosses in the Eternity Chamber in Normal difficulty (2 per boss). Note however that the item is bound when picked up and is subject to "random" so try to make arrangements in advance with your playmates or just try your luck at the dice, with a little patience you will end up getting them. ?

At this point you are probably wondering what Diplomacy is going to be of use to you in the end, and you are right. In fact, this crew skill will mainly be aimed at players who decide to trade in consumables, max level Dopants & Stims will require Experimental Serum and Smart Cells from you which you can only obtain through Diplomacy. If you think you will never sell components I therefore do not advise you to take Diplomacy, it is quite possible and absolutely not embarrassing to mount Biochemistry without Diplomacy.

It is of course also possible to get hold of some interesting patterns (400), in particular concerning Implants. This type of boss will be found most of the time on the final Flashpoint bosses in hard mode as well as in operations. However, these crafts are bound when picked up and will require medical supplies and a Biometric Crystal Alloy.

Ultimately, Biochemistry promises to be the best current crew skill. Even if the way in which crew skills are organized in SW: TOR has annihilated Farming, it will delight a huge panel of players in search of optimization (both in PvE and PvP) and economy.

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