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I will try to give you as much detailed information as possible about the Shadow Consular Jedi DPS. However, it doesn't say that I don't deviate from time to time on other DPS, or even tanking as Shadow Jedi: p

This article could just as well go to the Assassins, on the empire side.
However, will I only use Republic terms?

We will start slowly (or not!) To warm up with the base of the database: the statistics of the Shadow Jedi, supplemented with partial theorycraft (not having a combat log, my calculations are only based on the data provided by the spell description and character sheet). For more details and information, you can find the sources that helped me with the writing at the end of the article.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, I give you the link to this Excel sheet, made by yours truly. It will allow you to calculate the best return between two objects. You just have to fill in the boxes and the calculations are done by themselves;). Be careful however, the latter does not take into account the precision (assuming that you are on course [cf: 2. precision]) in its calculations. This is again due to the fact that I do not have a combat log that allows me to do the proper calculations.

Last details, this article is the first in a series that will focus on an optimized PvE infiltration type template (which we will see shortly). I wouldn't be talking about PvP here because, for once, even with the help of a combat log, calculations are impossible, each fight being unique. In PvP, the skill component (commonly called "skill") comes into play much more than equipment, which becomes secondary. I see this article as an aid to optimizing DPS in PvE. Maybe we'll see the optimization of the gameplay in PvP later (who knows: p).



Base stats at level 50

At level 50, with no gear on you, no talent points assigned, and no permanent stat increases due to Datacrons, you have the following stats:

  • Vigor = 100
  • Presence = 225
  • Aiming = 50
  • Trick = 50
  • Endurance = 225
  • Will = 250
  • Expertise = 0


The main characteristics of the Shadow Jedi:

1. Will : Main stat that increases damage (melee and Strength) as well as the chance to inflict critical hits. (cf: 3. Critical Chance & 5. Power)


2. Precision : Increases the chance of hitting the target.

  • 90% base accuracy on physical attacks (saber strike),
  • 100% base accuracy on Special and Force attacks.

A score greater than 100% on your physical accuracy reduces the target's Defense (chance to dodge and parry your attacks).
Scoring over 100% on your accuracy on special attacks and Strength reduces the resistance of the target.

You will need some priority, and before any other statistic, reach the 100% accuracy course on melee attacks so you never miss a hit.

The accuracy calculation is as follows:

90 + 30 * (1 - (1 - (0,01 / 0,3)) ^ ((Accuracy / MAX (Level; 20)) / 0,55))
Gold 90 + 30 * (1 - (1 - (0,01 / 0,3)) ^ ((329 / MAX (Level; 20)) / 0,55)) = 100,02

We therefore realize that the precision 329 cap will be our primary objective.


3. Critical chance : Increases the chance to deal critical hits (melee and Force). 5% base.

This stat is paramount in the Shadow Jedi's DPS role. Indeed, in addition to considerably increasing damage, it directly affects a large number of talents (such as Force Synergy, which increases the chance of critical hits by 9% in melee after a Force critical hit).

In the calculation of the percentage of critical hits, 3 indices are taken into account:

  • willingness,
  • critic index
  • (vigor).

As for Stamina, you should normally be 100 (base) at level 50, which grants you 0.80% critical chance.

The formula for calculating the critic is a little more barbaric than that for precision:

5 + 30 * (1 - (1 - (0,01 / 0,3)) ^ ((Willpower / MAX (Level; 20)) / 2,5)) + 30 * (1 - (1 - (0,01, 0,3 / 20)) ^ ((CriticalIndex / MAX (Level; 0,45)) / 30)) + 1 * (1 - (0,01 - (0,3 / 20)) ^ ((Strength / MAX (Level; 2,5)) / XNUMX))


4. Surge (Damage Multiplier): Increases the damage inflicted by

critical hits. 50% of base (so a one hit critical hit that would normally be 1000, actually 1500)

This statistic is to be mounted in parallel with the critical score on which it depends.

However, to make a decision about choosing your item stats, I can give you a simple calculation to perform. The overall damage increase from increased inflow and critical can be calculated like this:

Damage increase =% influx *% critical

For example: if I have 25% critical chance, 50% (base) influx and each of my hits do 1000 damage.
So I will have 1000 * (1 + (25% * 50%)) or 1000 * 1.125 = 1125. With 25% critical and 50% influx, I have an average increase of 12,5% ​​of my damage .
Now if I have 70% inflow and still 25% critical it will give 0.25 * 0.70 = 0.175 -> 17,5% increase.

You will understand, depending on the evolution of decreasing returns, it is more or less advantageous to increase one or the other of these two statistics.

Here is the formula for calculating the influx:

50 + 50 * (1 - (1 - (0,01 / 0,5)) ^ ((Influx Index / MAX (Level; 20)) / 0,1))


5. Bonus damage (Power) : Damage added to melee and Force attacks.

There are two types bonus damage.

Melee damage bonuses:

  • 5 points of willpower grant 1 bonus point of melee damage.
  • 5 Stamina grants 1 bonus melee damage. 100 Stamina (base) grants 20 bonus melee damage.
  • Power * 0.23. That is to say a little more than 4 points of power for a point of bonus damage.

We therefore have the formula:

(Willpower * 0.2) + (Stamina * 0.2) + (Potency * 0.23)


Force damage bonuses:

  • 5 willpower points grant 1 bonus point of Force damage.
  • Power * 0.23. That is to say a little more than 4 points of power for a point of bonus damage.
  • Force Power * 0.23. That is to say a little more than 4 points of power for a point of bonus damage. It is usually brought by your primary weapon and your left hand.

We therefore have the formula:

(Willpower * 0.2) + (Power * 0.23) + (Force Power * 0.23)

Do not hesitate to ask all your questions, I will try to answer them as best I can. On the other hand, if you think I may have been wrong, or you just don't agree with me, let me know?

See you soon !


Useful links & sources

- Guide to leveling on Millenium
- Forum Fury on the Assassin


Coming up

- What profession to choose when you're Shadow?
- The talents of the Shadow Jedi
- Optimization of the talent tree, which specialization to choose?
- The gameplay and DPS cycle of Jedi Shadow DPS

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