SWTOR - Temple of Sacrifice: The Revanite Commanders (Story)

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The Revanite Commanders are the fourth boss of the Temple of Sacrifice operation. The fight can quickly become chaotic since there are 3 bosses and a certain number of revanites of all kinds who will come to fight.

The bosses fight in turn twice, then the 2 plunge into the fray for a final standstill.



Each of the 3 Commanders have their own abilities and the same goes for each type of revanite.

  • Healthy
  • Deron
  • Courses
  • The revanites
  • It has a basic attack
  • Two additional attacks including a frontal cone (cleave)
  • A purple energy shield that returns 25% damage to attackers outside the circle

  • Tracing missile : Attack that he will literally spam during his time of action. Its effect is to place a stacking debuff every time the missile hits a player.

  • Unmanned Rafale : Causes damage based on the number of debuffs on each player.


  • Buff reducing area damage by 30%
  • Bomb : is characterized by a purple circle around a player who must move away from the raid before the bomb explodes.

  • Outlaw : They have a powerful attack materialized by a yellow telegraph. Must be killed first and tank back to the raid.

  • Mandalorian : They have immunity to provocations and especially Death from the sky. It is not possible to interrupt the attack, however, they are not immune to the effects of controls (Throw, Stun, ...)

  • Sith : They have the same debuff as Kurse reducing area damage by 30%. For the rest, they are not very dangerous.


Course of the fight

The fight takes place in different timed phases.

During the first 30 seconds of the fight, the 3 bosses will only be spectators and there will only be 3 pairs of each revanites that will appear.

Every minute, one of the 3 bosses will descend for about 30 seconds while the revanites will continue to appear. Since the revanites do little damage and are mostly tanked, we recommend that you focus boss each time one of the bosses goes down and then finish the surviving revanites during the waiting period for the next boss.

Once each of the 3 Commanders will be reassembled twice, they will all descend at the same time, with no downtime while the revanites will continue to appear for your greatest pleasure.

Deron often changing aggro and globally placing a Tracking Missile on each person, we advise you not to tank him and focus first. This will allow you to quickly remove raid damage caused by the Unmanned Burst.

The other 2 Commanders will be taken by the tanks and killed in any order you like.


Further information

Deron can be taunted regularly which will have the effect of affixing all Tracer Missiles to a single tank. Be careful with this method, however, since your tank will suffer heavy damage during the Unmanned Burst. (One can easily take 30k).

The damage of the story mode being quite low, the best is to group as much as possible the revanites on the bosses and to let them die in the many spells of zones that you will not fail to pose.



  • Unassembled Risen Legs (192).
  • 1 relic or belt token may or may not fall randomly in addition.
  • A random Massassi coin (192 without set bonus).
  • 1 exons.
  • 4 elite distinctions.

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