SWTOR - The Datacrons of Corellia (Republic)

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This article is taken from Sith'a'faim data, courtesy of Elyndra following her decision to stop publishing.

Here are the 7 datacrons that you will find on Corellia (Republic), good luck! :
- Willpower +4
- Green Matrix Crystal
- Aim +4
- Presence +4
- Tip +4
- Stamina +4
- Blue Matrix Crystal


Willpower +4

The first datacron is in the Chantiers de Déflagrations, go to (1154; 1589) to start. Go up then turn right, then take the ledge on your left, at the very end you will see an inclined column which leads to another floor, use it to reach it and go to the right, climb on the copper structure by the side, once above look behind you to see a floor above, reach it. Then climb on the containers then on the ship, then pass on the container to the right of this same ship, continue straight through the various obstacles that separate you from the next platform, always walk along to the left until you reach the suspended structure then the datacron.


Green Matrix Crystal

Attention for this datacron you will need the SGGM, which you can find on Alderaan.

Go to the axis park in (411; -1823) and enter the Corellia space museum (Empire friendly zone / Republic hostile zone), turn right and take the elevator to the shuttle area of ​​the roof. Get on the shuttle in front of you and jump to the right, come to the upper right corner (see screen) and jump on the roof below. Advance to the corner with the tree and look above, you will see a statue with a magnetic stabilizer, you can shoot with your SGGM and reach the place (As usual the SGGM is bugged and you may miss several times , the solution is to click on the stabilizer a first time and a second time when you see the sggm rope out, normally the jump will happen correctly, there is a chance of death but unfortunately this is the only solution currently). Then go to the right and cross the deserted passage, the datacron is at the end.

Note: Strangely this datacron is associated with a codex entry from Quesh


Aim +4

Go to the Government Quarter in (3124; -1837) Go up on the debris in front of you then on the kind of elevator when it is within jumping range, once at the top you will see an explosive container named "Explosive Tank" which you can guess will be used to propel you in the face. So put yourself in front so as to be thrown in front by the explosion and make him fart!


Presence +4

Go to the Government Quarter in (3280; -3101) and enter Port Pevaria (Friendly Zone for the Republic / Hostile for the Empire). Then go to the location indicated on the screen below. Slowly follow the pipe to the end and turn left, the datacron is suspended above the void you will have to get closer to it until you can click, taking care not to fall.

(Note: A bug would prevent large characters (build 3 & 4) from getting the datacron)

Here is an access proposal from LeMelniboneen:


Tip +4

Go to the Valley of the work in (-2457; -3111), climb on the pile of rubble in front of you then on the roof on the left. Go to the end, always along the right until you come to the flaming pipes. Climb on the nearby tube then on your left, then drop on the gray tube on the right then on the small metal rim on the right (see screen) to reach the tunnel where the datacron is located


Stamina +4

Go to the Valley of the work in (-2898: -2070), climb on the tube in front of you then on the canvas, go to the right corner and wait for the suspended helicopter to pass near you to climb above (from the front) and go to the opposite platform thanks to it, then go down in the wire mesh area and go up on the next pile of crates. Wait for the crane to descend to your level and climb on it, once at the right height jump on the highest crane from where you were previously. Then go upstairs and onto the inclined beam to reach the datacron.


Blue Matrix Crystal

I kept the simplest for you for the end, don't thank me it's only natural, we must admit that the datacron of this planet are particularly boring to obtain.
The last datacron is therefore in the Valley of the work, go to (-2307; -990) Go through the holographic door and go to the end of the tunnel, the datacron is waiting for you there.

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