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Saniol returns to talk to us about the Specialist again, this time focused on the DPS part, not in a guide strictly speaking, but rather an inventory of this class. This text is intended mainly for players wishing to make operations. If you are in the leveling phase, do not hesitate to comment for more details.

  • The peculiarities of the DPS Specialist
  • Statistics
  • Equipment
  • PvE talent trees
  • The Bounty Hunter, this Fashion Victim

As for the PvP talent trees, they will be the subject of another guide or an update to this one. I wanted to incorporate it directly, but faced with the task which becomes more complex as I advance, I can only postpone it for more quality.


The peculiarities of the DPS Specialist

The specialist is a rather "special" class for a dps. Why ? Because she has a ranged weapon, but her effective attacks are melee. In addition it can provoke and, to add a layer, it is a DPS in heavy armor!

  • Heat : quite an art in its management! Indeed, it is necessary to remain under 40% for the heat to dissipate properly. Depending on your skills, this will be more or less obvious.

In the event of a hard blow, there is a "panic button": the power to Heat dissipation.

  • Aggro : on the bosses, it is important not to hesitate to launch Glitter lures in its first cycle because, being in melee, we often tend to recover aggro more easily than a distance DPS. In any case, melee or not, you have to give the tank a few seconds to build up its aggro, it's a UNIVERSAL rule!
  • Damage Boosts : three boosts exist to increase the damage: reflex stimul, offensive dopant and class buff (Explosive fuel).
  • Survival : first of all the heroic version of survival ... the Hydraulic handling ! This power allows you to escape quickly while avoiding dizziness. However, it will most often help you not to let our other melee friends, who are on the scene more quickly (jump and force speed), have fun without us. Then your Energy shield (increased resistance) and Kolto overload (healing to keep you at 30% health) will bring you out of a very near death!

By listing its peculiarities, we tell ourselves that the DPS Specialist can off-tank. Well yes, I often do the tank: hop hop hop, we quickly release an endurance / defense stimulus, we throw our shield, we provoke, we release an absorption dopant and voila. It happened thanks to this to tank a few seconds Golden Fury, Dash'roode etc, or to run Sunder or the bosses at the end of the palace. Empty a tank shield to put your damage modifications into it, so you can switch to ion cylinder during this phase.



Aim> Accuracy 110%> Potency - Surge 70%> Critical 25%

  • Aiming : Linearly increases damage and increases your critical.
  • Precision : allows you to hit your targets. Since 2.0, this statistic is very important.
  • Engime : Increases your damage linearly.
  • Influx : Increases the power of a critical hit.
  • Critical : Increases your chance to critically hit.

As your gear progresses, you can leave your accuracy at 109-109.5% to put in more power. On the other hand, on a well optimized equipment 72, and even more 78, it is ESSENTIAL to be at 110% to do HM.



Basically no matter what talent tree you choose, the equipment stays the same!

Set Bonus: Four Combat Technician Pieces

  • Glass
  • Cannon / Armor
  • Modifications
  • Sophistications
  • improvements
  • Relics

+ 41 power



Qualification / Efficiency


  • an Unexpected Assault that grants power points for 6s every 20s.
  • one of the Concentrated Punishment which increases your primary stat for 6s every 20s (78 and 67 will be increased in update 2.5)

You can also go on a relic of Incommensurable Ages which is to click. As much on a healer yes, but on a DPS, I'm less of a fan. There is finally if not the Critical relic in possibility, while waiting for the increase of the Concentrated Punishment.

Tips for a comfortable start to level 55:

  • if you are a biochemist, you will be at an advantage. First, for the INDISPENSABLE dopants and stims for any player looking for efficiency! And two, you can buy a plan for "Microfilament Reflex Stimulator-D" implants which are very well made, you can keep them for a long time ...
  • Hope you saved the planetary accolades and spent everything once you level 50. Finishing Oricon also grants Purple 66 gear that allows all NM operations to begin and is already effective in HM Flashpoint. Obviously, Flashpoints will bring you 69 loot, Elite (72 gear) and Ultimate awards with the Weekly (78 gear).


PvE talent trees

Advanced prototype

Long shunned, this specialty has come to the fore in 2.0. Much less fun to play than the old pyromania, but the damage is there! Even if there are still a lot of arsonists, this specialty is more and more unanimous. The cycle is easy to learn:

  • Retractable blade
  • Immolate (1 prototype flamethrower charge)
  • Searing Fist (Auto Critical Trigger or Shot)
  • Aligned shot
  • Flame Burst x2 (we stop at three charges)
  • Flame thrower

And we start again ... Everything is said. Interleave the shoulder cannon missiles when you have a hole, on this specialty you will have seven!

This specialty has the following advantages:

  • the simplicity
  • all fire effects amplified to the max
  • good ventilation
  • good damage
  • its rapid interruption

And as a downside: simplicity.


This tree has a rather PvP reputation, where it also obtained its letters of nobility before 2.0. However, it has since lost its luster. Its big advantage is to be more effective when the enemy is below 30% of its health thanks to the talent. Hyper-burn and therefore, it is even more difficult to measure the effectiveness of such a specialty on a pole.

What I find very unfortunate, especially for leveling up, is that theRapid ventilation has been placed much higher than before (this reduces the cooldown of the Ventilation 30 seconds).

The fight is mainly done by feeling, we must relaunch the Fire bomb for damage over time, and activate its Aligned shot with priority the searing fist (60% chance). And if it is under recharge, use Flame Burst (45% chance), excluding the possibility of triggering (possible every 6s), use the Flame thrower, it will do more damage than the Gust, and dissipates its heat if placed within 40 points. To schematize, the order of priority:

  • Fire bomb
  • Thermal detonator
  • Aligned shot
  • Aligned fist
  • Flame thrower
  • Flame Burst

Of course in multi target, the sweep will be very appreciated with the talent that goes well!

Benefits :

  • more "distant"
  • more effective at the end of bosses and players (when the others are "tired")
  • nice burst with Dart + Stacked Detonator

The inconvenients :

  • needs the 4 PvE coin bonus for more effectiveness (+ 8% Line Shot).
  • does a little less damage than an Advanced Prototype
  • "less readable" cycle


Ah! the specialty that is close to my heart, even if with the last few modifications (as a reminder, less damage on Fire bomb et Flame thrower, but modifications of the cylinders), it keeps a very good level of damage, but it will still be dependent on the set bonus "+ 8% damage on Line Shot" because it is the blow that we will use and abuse as on a pyro, but it will be amplified by talent Blood stalker.

For those worried about heat, even if we have no help with dissipation, this specialty is played very well below the 40% threshold, in particular thanks to the activations of Aligned shots and Searing fists free. In addition, if the fist activates, and it activates the Line Fire itself, hello the heat drop!

However be careful, if we get carried away it can go up very viiiiiiiite! And that's exactly why I like this specialty, it is more technical and can benefit from a very good burst. There is always something to do: refresh his damage over time, a trigger of Line Shot coming in, oh hey! a prototype flamethrower with 3 charges to release, a dazzling Fist trigger ...

Note in passing that even the sweep increases your flame thrower, in muti-target, it is royal after a death from the sky.

In opening it's simple:

  • Retractable blade
  • Fire bomb
  • Aligned shot
  • Flame Burst x3
  • Aligned shot that will have proc
  • Flame thrower
  • Free Searing Fist
  • Aligned shot that will have proc

And then we gauge according to what there is to do.

Benefits :

  • full of damage over time
  • average damage
  • rapid interruption
  • all fire effects amplified to the maximum
  • fun
  • much less unnecessary talent

The inconvenients :

  • its rigor
  • "obliged" to have the 4-piece bonus


The Bounty Hunter, this fashion-victim

Small parade section, with some equipment that exists, or existed. For the bounty hunter, I did not put all those available, we would not be finished. See it as a message of hope for bounty hunters new to the game and disappointed with their filthy early game armor!



Summary of Vietnam

In my opinion, the specialty Prototype advanced is very efficient and simple. It can be suitable for most players, for its very readable playstyle and high damage. The Pyromania is fun and, I think, well suited for leveling up to a point, not least thanks to the Inline Shot activations which are pretty much the whole class. Thehybrid is really a lot of fun to play and will do the most damage along with the 4 piece bonus.

After that it will be up to you to choose your path, if you have not already chosen it.

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