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Who I am
Joel Fulleda


I introduce myself Sparkk, Jedi Sentinel from the "Guardians of Anachore" guild on the Mantle Of The Force server with which I cleaned up all high level PvE content. I present to you this guide which is taken from my personal experience on Star Wars The Old Republic. The main purpose of this guide is to help players in difficulty to master this specialization and may be sure to be able to draw other information from it.


Talent tree


Some points of this tree may seem unnecessary to you, so I give you my choices and will argue them. My tree aims to maximize your damage in operation, survival and movement, without influencing the damage you can provide or even increase it depending on the fight.


Tree Monitoring: 5 points

Simply useful for reducing the concentration consumed when using the Dslate of blades and Expedition of 1 unit and to increase the center of gravity gained when using powers that draw on the concentration of 2 units.


Fight tree: 38 points

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 2 points in Jedi crusade (gain concentration during damage in area for example which can facilitate your cycle and increase your damage).
  • 3 points in Firmness (needless to say that precision is very important, I will explain myself below).
  • 2 points in Defensive forms, still survival, 15% more movement speed can save you from some deadly damage areas.
  • 3 points in Mastery of double handling.
  • 2 points in Defensive asset, necessary to reach the 3rd level if you have not, like me, completed the level n ° 1.
  • 2 points in Timely attack.
  • 1 point in Forme ataru.
  • 2 points in Mastery of the ataru.
  • 1 point in Combat trance.
  • 2 points in Immaculate strength, which will be one of the main sources of your DpS.
  • 2 points in Virtuous relentlessness, useful for recovering concentration more quickly.
  • 0 point in displacement, which for me is too little useful in PvE HL.
  • 1 point in Accuracy slot.
  • 2 points in Sharp blades.
  • 2 points in Promptness, which is for me very useful in operation, to remove dizziness for example.
  • 2 points in Saber screen, always survive.
  • 0 point in Loss, totally useless and has no effect on operation bosses.
  • 3 points in Saber storm.
  • 3 points in Hand of justice.
  • 2 points in Contemplation, very very useful to start the fight with 30 centering immediately.
  • 1 point in Deluge of blades, you know this is the reason of the fact that you are nicknamed the single key, but it is also the first source of your DpS.


Concentration tree: 3 points

For the remaining 3 points, it's really situational, let me explain: I prefer to leave the 3 points in Insight, which increases the chance of critical force hits. For the simple reason that I use cauterization in my pseudo cycle (I will explain why the "pseudo cycle" below) and that cauterization is an attack of force coupled with a physical attack. For the more curious, you may notice that the highest ranked Sentinels or Marauders in Ataru use cauterization in their cycle. I will explain where to use it below.

You can also place 2 points in Reinforced winds if you are given the role of typing a lot of addons on certain bosses to have an area bonus on the force sweep.


Combat statistics

I am not yet full 78, I am missing ... a relic and 1 implant. I still have a relic in 75 and an Oriconian implant. I established my caps on this basis:

  • Vigor : 3423, so I have all of my Stamina / Stamina upgrades.
  • Critical = zero! Why? For the simple reason that in combat specialty, the critical profitability is almost zero and that it is almost only physical damage apart from the Blade Storm for which, a little reminder for the less assiduous among you, already realizes an automatic critical with the talent points "Timely Attack", "Immaculate Force" and "Saber Storm" and via the triggering of the Timely Attack which increases the critical damage of this one.
  • Precision : 2 precision sophistication (or implant, ear it doesn't matter, in 78 they give the same statistics), this allows you, with the precision already taken in the tree, to reach 99.76%. It is certainly not 100%, but with 99.76% I am only 2% of failures, if you really do not want to be below, you are free to put more but it will be of little use. .
  •  Alacrity : 2,66% If you are a fan of Theory Crafting? You will appreciate this short passage, the others I will try not to soften your brain too much.

Why is alacrity useful?

Alacrity, contrary to what you may think, is very useful. You just need to understand why it is useful. The principle is not necessarily obvious but I will explain it to you in a few lines:

First of all, you need to know two things:

  • Zen gives 30% alacrity, until then everyone will agree
  • Cast, channel, and gcd gain thresholds are every 8%

Finally :

30% is not a multiple of 8. So whether we are 24% alacrity under Zen or 30% is exactly the same thing. Adding 2% alacrity for example on sophistication therefore gives us an alacrity under Zen of 32%. Stop me if I'm wrong, but 32 is a multiple of 8. So we go to the next level.

Thanks Bioware for this trap!

Well that's fine, but what can this 32% be used for? Quite simply, they're there so you can wedge one more spell under the Accuracy Slot ... are you following? it is the spell that punctures the armor of the target for 4.5 seconds.

Example: Lunge of Accuracy + Expert Strike (Sub Zen + Alacrity 2.3 sec instead of 3.0) + Storm of Blades + Elimination + Flurries of Blades or other.

This makes you a considerable gain on your DpS, I can assure you that after intensive days as a model, with 72 equipment at the time, nothing more not 75 or 78, just 72 from Darvannis hm and Asation I kept around 3050 on a pole.


  •   Influx : the rest of the equipment in influx to reach a 75%. All this, of course, with power because I told you above ... 0 criticism.
  •   With a total of 1677 of Ppower.

Small recap:

  • 3423 Stamina
  • 1677 Power
  • 100% precision (with both sophistication and / or implants, power / precision atria)
  • 2,66 in Alacrity, in addition to 30 in Zen
  • 0 of Review



DPS cycles or combat priorities

Openness, combat, benefits, and subtleties

So I'm going to tell you about my "pseudo-cycle" ... Why pseudo-cycle? Because for me, in the combat specialty, there aren't really any cycles, it's more a very good trigger management. This specialization is known and appreciated by everyone (except tanks) for its big burst advantages. A good opening will allow you to stagnate your DpS relatively high if the triggers (procs) are managed properly.

  • Force leap ->
  • Relentless strike (while doing these 2 spells I throw with the mouse Inspiration, doping, relic and Zen ) ->

In 3 seconds you are ready to send a monumental burst.

  • Accuracy slot ->
  • Frappe expert ->

This is where it all plays out, though ... and I mean only if you have the buff of the Timely strike, namely the Storm of Blades which criticizes at 100%, throw it ... always under the buff of the Accuracy slot, your Storm can criticize between 9900 and 10500 with the 4% of Zen.

In addition, during your expert strike, your Hand of justice is activated, i.e. the activation of the Accuracy slot as well as your Finish elimination. This happens too infrequently, so it is an unrepresentative example but which may surprise you if you do not see it. We will assume that the buff has not triggered.

  • Blade Flurry x2 or x3 (activation of the Storm of Blades + also often activation of the Accuracy slot and theElimination) ->
  • Accuracy slot ->
  •  Storm of Blades ->
  • elimination : the use ofelimination under Hand of justice gives you back 1 unit of concentration, you may need to do theelimination avant la Storm of Blades in order to have enough concentration to start the Storm of Blades thereafter, it will depend on the number of Blade Flurries performed previously ->

At this point, you need to regain concentration, so

  • Relentless strike ->
  • Flurry of Blades ->

Once your concentration reserve is almost exhausted, do not hesitate to start the Twin saber throwing to furnish and gain a gcd on cooldowns of other spells. Completely free and tap in a cone over 30m long and about 5-6m wide, he can hit well under critical, for example 6000 - 6500.

You will also need to use some strikes unfortunately, as explained above, to wait for a spell to recharge and regain some points in Concentration while waiting for the Relentless strike.

You must also learn to use the Force leap, for example during your procs which have 10m of range, namely the Storm of Blades and elimination, try to get into the habit of throwing them backwards. Why ? Well, while backing up, you cast the spells, once cast, you have for sure reached the 10m necessary to perform the force jump which will give you back 3 of concentration and will save you time on the cooldowns of other spells .



Now let's talk about cauterization, I advise you to use it, it will make you a gain of about 2%. It should only be started at a certain point in your proc cycle. For example you have started everything, but you still have concentration. Check to see if you have an even number like 6 left. So you can roll 2 Blade Flurries, which only cost 2 concentration.

However, you need 3 units to be able to cast it but thanks to the 2 talent points taken from the surveillance tree in the concentrated slot (which has a 100% chance of giving you back 1 unit of concentration when using the blaze of blades. ), it ends up costing only 2.

Thanks to the 2 talent points taken from the monitoring tree in the Concentrated lunge (which has a 100% chance of restoring 1 unit of focus when using the Flurry of Blades), it ends up costing only 2 units instead of 3. However, you need 3 units to be able to cast the Flurry of Blades.

  •  6 concentration units: - Blade Flurries ->
  • 4 concentration units: - Blade Flurries ->
  • 2 concentration units: -  Cauterization ->

It is only really to be used at this time. This again allows you to be able to save your time on other spells to keep basic strikes to a minimum.


It's relatively complicated to be able to predefine a cycle on the combat specialty, because everything is played out with your triggers, it's really situational. You will never be able to conduct 2 fights in the same way for the simple reason that the triggers never come at the same time.

It is up to you then to analyze what I have been able to explain, to learn to recognize them and to make the most of your DpS once the management is perfect (even if perfect is not the word to use because no one is).

There are days with and days without ... but there are days every day



Sentinel's set bonus: you absolutely need the 4-piece set bonus which increases the damage of the expert strike by 8% as well as all damage done under the ZEN by 4%

  • handles : Power 34
  • Shields : Power 34
  • Modifications : Skill 34
  • Sophistications :
    • Adept 34 x6 (this will depend on your implant / ear optimization)
    • Keen Scientist 34 x2
    • Initiative 34 x2
  • Colored crystals : +41% Power
  • Improvement : Advanced power 28

I recommend the following relics in combat specialty:

  • Relic 78 triggers 625 power for 6 seconds with a chance every 20 seconds.
  • the relic can be activated at 490 power for 30 sec.

This is likely to change with the relics change in 2.5, don't worry once you're on the server and we've done the math on the relic yield and after a lot of testing I will update the guide again.


To get an idea of ​​the fights, you can find the POV videos that I make on my YouTube channel to perhaps better immerse you in my management of spells / procs / etc.


Conclusion / Acknowledgments

A big thank you to you for taking the time to read this guide, which I hope will help you understand and optimize this specialization. If you have any recommendations or questions, do not hesitate, I remain at your entire disposal.

Special thanks also to Guardians of Anachorus, who will have contributed to the good realization of this guide as well as to the 2 Jedi Sentinels, members of the "Prøméthée" without whom I would perhaps not be where I am now. They will recognize.

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