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PvP-centric update, 5.9.2 will be released on July 31. It will implement the changes already announced on the Warzone Rules and Mechanics forums, but will also offer a new arena as well as the end of Season 9.

  • War Zone
  • Arena
  • Season 9

Many changes will be implemented in the war zones. One of the objectives is that the war zones are a little shorter (around 12 min against 15 currently on average). Here is what will be implemented:


  • Cross faction queue for all war zones.
  • Matchmaking will now avoid launching arenas if there are enough players queued for an unranked warzone.
  • There will no longer be a team with more than 2 tanks and 2 healers in a war zone or 1 tank and 1 healer in an arena.
  • The number of tanks and healer will now be as balanced as possible between the teams (therefore impossible to end up with 2 healers against 0).
  • Matchmaking will now take player skills more into account when creating squads.
  • The teams will henceforth be considered as being all equal to the best of their player, unlike previously where only the average of their ranking was taken into account.
  • GsF matchmaking will now take player experience into account based on their equipped ships.


  • Turrets will deal 12 damage to ships compared to 10 before.
  • Players who attempt to capture points from inside a terminal will die when they try.

Ancient hypergate

  • Orbs will give more points (formerly 6):
    • Turn 1 = 12 points per orb delivered.
    • Turn 2 = 15 points per orb delivered.
    • Turn 3 = 18 points per orb delivered.
    • Turn 4 = 21 points per orb delivered.
    • Turn 5 = 24 points per orb delivered.
    • Turn 6+ = 27 points per orb delivered.
  • The force fields have seen their time of presence modified:
    • They will be closed for 15 seconds (formerly 30 seconds).
    • They will be open for 10 seconds.


  • Giradda will be annoyed if a single player carries the ball for more than 45 seconds (formerly 2 min).
  • To win it will be necessary to score 10 goals against 6 previously.
  • A match will last 10 minutes against 13 before (or about 12 minutes if we count the pre-match announcement time).
  • It will no longer be possible to retrieve the ball if the catcher is under control (stun - no slowdowns).
  • Forwards will receive points when they recover a ball after a friendly pass:
    • The receiver will gain 250 points and the passer will gain the 500 points as is already the case.
    • The assists will also reward the passer and the receiver with 2750 points of attacks.

Coast of Novarre

  • Any player leaving the starting area before the start of the match will die.
  • It will no longer be possible to capture a point outside the desired area (resolution of an exploit of phasic displacement)

Void star

  • It will take 6 seconds to arm a bomb against 8 before.
  • Defenders will have 15 seconds to deactivate a bomb against 20 before.
  • Opening the bridge and deactivating the energy shields will take only 6 seconds compared to 8 before.
  • Force fields will protect the gates before the bridge is opened.
  • Characters who are present in places where they shouldn't be on the map will die.


  • The teams will start with 500 points against 600 before.
  • The death of a player will reduce his team's points by 2 to 0 before.
  • Players who attempt to capture points from inside a terminal will die when they attempt to do so.

This new map is a new arena, of which here is a brief overview. It's on the public PTS right now if you want to check it out ahead of its release.

This arena will be centered around the theme of the Mandalorians. Perhaps with the objective of direct confrontations without too much space to hide?

Additionally, arena changes will take place in addition to the effects of matchmaking changes.


  • Players in locations where they shouldn't be will die. As out of the starting area before the start of the round.
  • End-of-fight acid will work as follows:
    • Characters will receive 1% of their maximum health as damage per second.
    • A stacking effect will reduce healing given and received per stack by 2%.
    • This effect will increase by one point per second and start at 1.
    • The acid will continue to prohibit the stealth mode.

Bronze: Index 1250 - 1499

  • Bronze Season 9 Flag
  • Bronze Season 9 Trophy Frame
  • 25 Ranked Tokens from Season 000
  • Bronze Season 9 Portrait Style
  • Bronze Season 9 Title - “[Character] the Skilled” (Expert)

Silver: Index 1500 - 1749

  • Silver Season 9 Flag
  • Silver Season 9 Trophy Frame
  • 85 Ranked Tokens from Season 000
  • Silver Season 9 Portrait Style
  • Season 9 Silver Title - “[Character] the Adept”
  • Bronze Season 9 Title - “[Character] the Skilled” (Expert)

Or : Index 1750 +

  • Gold Season 9 Flag
  • Season 9 Gold Trophy Frame
  • 250 Ranked Tokens from Season 000
  • Gold Season 9 Portrait Style
  • Gold Season 9 Title - “[Character] the Prodigy”
  • Season 9 Silver Title - “[Character] the Adept”
  • Bronze Season 9 Title - “[Character] the Skilled” (Expert)

Top 96: the 3 best of each class.

  • Season Class 9 Specific Title “[Character] the Genius ”(The Genius)
  • Season 96 Top 9 Portrait Style
  • 325 Ranked Season 000 Tokens
  • All exclusive rewards for Gold, Silver and Bronze levels (minus tokens)

In addition, other rewards can be purchased from the PvP merchant:

  • Battleworn Holo-Rancor mount - 131 tokens
  • PvP Weapons - 93 tokens
    • Pistolet blaster
      • With the duplicate of the left hand for the Mercenary and the Maverick
    • Blaster rifle
    • Sniper rifle
    • Lightsaber
      • With the left hand for the Marauder and the Sentinel
    • Double-bladed lightsaber
    • Assault cannon
  • Season 9 color crystal box ("Rotworm & Frogdog" color crystals) - 45 tokens
  • Decorations with trophies for the fortress (sold separately) - 4 tokens each
  • Box of colored crystals "Ranked Black-Silver Striated" –5 tokens
  • 6 arena-related titles - 3 tokens each
    • Cutthroat Cutter
    • Mutilator of the mesa
    • Orbital station exterminator
    • Canyon Crusher
    • Square killer
    • Battle Ring Brawler

Here's a look at the weapons and mount from the latest livestream.

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