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I am Sephiyo, GM of the Reflexion des Ombres guild and today I offer you a guide on the new World Boss on Voss: the Nightmare Pilgrim. We killed this boss after patch 1.2.3 which fixes the fact that the stone to summon it can get stuck (the previous week we tried it, then the stone was bugged for 1 week). This will have been his first death! This guide is divided into several parts: preparation, combat and rewards.

I emphasize the fact that this World Boss is essential, indeed, it is the only way to equip campaign boots in PVE. Hope you find this helpful, we'll be posting a video sometime around May 22nd.



Planet: Voss
Coordinates: click on the item in -6, 1317
Object to click: Forbidden knowledge
Raid: 16 players (otherwise difficult enrage and if> 16: your debuff has more stacks and you take more damage)
Enrage: 6mn30


  • Weekly quest where to kill him.
  • Vehicle quest where you have to kill it 3 times.


Before going, you must purchase the item "Gormak Energy Cell RythmAlpha Suppressor" for 30 daily marks on Belsavis (lasts 4h and resists after death): bound when picked up.

It is also possible to buy the blueprint for 10 daily marks, you must have either the Crafting 400 profession or the Artifice 400 profession. The item is then linked when equipped.

  • Weapons manufacturing
  • Artifice

The components needed to craft the item with crafting weapons are:

  • Enriched Dursteel x1
  • Duracier x8
  • Flux thermoplast x4
  • Alliage will be x8
  • Dallorian alloy x6

To find enriched Duracier, 3 possibilities:

  • find it in the daily quest areas
  • purchase a "Rank 6 PvP Crafting Box", it costs either:
    • 1000 war zone awards
    • 45 centurion distinctions
    • 30 champion accolades
    •  1 distinction of combat master
  • purchase a “Box of Tier 6 Crafting Material” for 50 Fleet Accolades

The components needed to craft the Gormak Crystal RythmAlpha Suppressor with Artifice are:

  • Primal Artifact Fragment x6
  • Cortose Substrat x4
  • Perfect Upari Crystal x1
  • Gemme Lorrdienne x6
  • Cristal d'Upari x8

To find the perfect Upari Crystal: same as for the enriched Duracier, ie:

  • find it in the daily quest areas
  • purchase a "Rank 6 PvP Crafting Box", it costs either:
    • 1000 war zone awards
    • 45 centurion distinctions
    • 30 champion accolades
    •  1 distinction of combat master
  • purchase a “Box of Tier 6 Crafting Material” for 50 Fleet Accolades


  • 3 tanks (ou an offtank en spe dps et stuff tank)
  • 4 heals
  • 9 dps



  • the nightmare pilgrim (about 2million PV): nicknamed "the pilgrim" here
  • the thing from the stars (2 487 313 PV): nicknamed "the add" here


  • makes a cone area in front of him
  • channeled a shield to be invincible "Shield recharge" for 15sec (the 1st after 1mn): no decast possible, does it regularly, no one should hit it even the tank (returns the damage)
  • debuffs several people "blood mark" which lasts 1mn: receives 75% more damage from the add, if dps on the add the damage is reflected
  • does lightning damage in area of ​​the raid, if not the stim = raid death otherwise about 2k damage


  • automatic attack between 1 and 3k on our assassin tank (full rakata)
  • puts a debuff that accumulates on the tank (orange explosion on the tank, debuff looks like a yellow / red star): "Damage vulnerability" damage suffered by the scratch increased by 100% per unit
  • casts a spell on him to reduce his damage received: to be interrupted!
  • cast a "scratch" spell in 1sec: cooldown between 4 and 5secs, hit at 7-9k, to be interrupted!
  • cast a "enraged scratch" spell in 1.5sec: this spell hurts (about 15k), to be interrupted!
  • cast a "ley point" spell in 1.5sec: cannot be interrupted

Area damage 
There are several areas: red, white, yellow. (white freezes those in it). To dodge! Even the tank on the boss will have to get out of it, otherwise he will be stunned and may lose aggro. If the boss turns around and makes his cone attack, the raid's death is guaranteed.


  • the whole raid has a "Nightmare Paranoia" debuff (icon of a guy getting confused on a pink background) which has a number of stacks equivalent to the number of people in the raid. This does regular internal damage, the damage increases for each player present in the group and even more if there are more than 16 players in the group
  • you don't have to kill them at the same time
  • if the pilgrim is 8% before the add dies, he will put on a shield and be invulnerable until the add is dead
  • if you die, it is possible to walk back (it's next door) and get back into the fight
  • avoid resuscitating with the probe if the raid dies, because the next ground fight, it will be necessary to wait more than 1mn.

1 tank on the pilgrim and 2 on the add. The latter does not necessarily have to be dismissed because it only hits one person. Tanks that are on the add-on must regain aggro when one has the "Damage Vulnerability" debuff.
You have to DPS the add and kill it first.

Well interrupt the add! (make an order): if there are few interruptions, it will surely be the death of your raid (dying tank).

After 1mn, the pilgrim will put on a shield, then 1mn30 later he will put the “Blood Mark” debuff on several people. At this point, STOP DPS! (advised to stop dps when the boss puts on the shield to be sure). Each one checks if he has the debuff (possible that it appears a little later with the delay): if he has it, he must DPS the pilgrim and not the add on pain of dying! Be careful, the debuff lasts 1mn, so the boss will relaunch his shield every 1mn of the debuff, it will also be necessary to stop DPS on the boss! If one of the tanks on the add has it, it will have to change with the tank on the pilgrim until it is no longer the debuff, if 2 tanks have it, one will die.

When the debuff is finished you have to go back to the add, and so on. It will always be necessary to check not to have the debuff, but it always throws its shield before, so it is easy to anticipate. If you ever get the debuff and the pilgrim has put on his shield, if you can heal, DO IT, you don't have to do anything else! If any DPS die, it will surely cause the raid to die from Enrage!

Once the add is dead, the Pilgrim becomes enraged, it will then be necessary to kill it as quickly as possible, but the fight becomes much easier once the add is less. It is not a problem if when you kill the add, the pilgrim has at least 25% left, this enrage is easy to hold (it is the timer enrage which is synonymous with the death of the raid). I do not advise you to try to take the boss down during the 1mn30 from the start, because if the boss is at 8%, he will be under shield all the time and suddenly people who have the blood mark will no longer be useful !

The heals: it's an intense boss because a lot of damage on the tanks, and you have to move a lot because of the zones.




  • 1 Codex entry
  • 1643 credits
  • 2 campaign boot tokens
  • 1 black hole implant
  • 1 left hand black hole
  • 1 black hole leg warmer
  • 4 black hole instinctions + 16k credits thanks to the weekly
  • a "Triumphant Victory" buff that lasts 5 hours and resists after death: +50 astuteness, stamina, aim, willpower
  • a "Mental exhaustion" debuff that lasts 5 days and resists after death: + 200% damage received against the Pilgrim (to prevent a guild from killing him all the time)

We notice that it is only possible to have campaign boots thanks to this WB!

Possible that the black hole equipment (implant and left hand) are random. This boss also gives the bosses for magenta crystals +41 (critical, stamina, power ...)

- every 30 minutes (1.4)
- if you have it down, it is only possible to do it every 5 days (because of the "Mental exhaustion" debuff)

Here we are, we hope you enjoyed this guide and may be of use to you. If you want to take a look at us it's here.

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