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"Boarding team" is the first contentious area of ​​a series of two in which you will seek to find a prisoner of the Emperor who fled to take refuge in a very mysterious place ...



A fugitive Jedi Master has escaped from the Emperor's prison and taken refuge in the Nanth'ri system. This is where an ancient Rakata space station is anchored in an asteroid called the Foundry. The extent of the Foundry's skills remains a mystery, but the Jedi Master is ready to do anything to protect it. The Empire is currently on its way to board a Republic cruiser bringing supplies and reinforcements to the Foundry, you will need to join the Boarding Section to take control of the cruiser first, and then you will need to join the Boarding Section to take control of the cruiser first. serve to infiltrate you into the Foundry.

These Flashpoints can be found on board the "White Nova" fleet vessel (Mission Departure Elevator> Inter-Fleet Transport> White Nova).

You can pick up a common quest from droid X1-09, which will give you details on the story (and incidentally some rewards).



There is a very large amount of enemies on the way with very well supplied groups, do not hesitate to do some checks. Don't forget to complete the bonus objectives in order to unlock the bonus boss too.

  • Step 1 : Kill the forces of the Republic / 50
  • Step 2 : Defeat the Jedi / 10
  • Step 3 : Deactivate the reactor safety terminals / 6
  • Final step : Switch off the reactor
  • Independent bonus : Disable comlink / 6 relays

Now go forward to our first boss.


Droïde de destruction massive HXI-54

Point of view : 57 226

capacity :

  • Generator drain: lightning will come out of the generators towards the boss, don't stay in between. He will then pour it out in the shape of a cross

  • Acquisition of the target: red areas will appear, the boss will throw lightning bolts on it after a few seconds


Major Alvena

Point of view : 28 150

capacity :

  • Republic Battle Droids: Two Reinforcement Droids (11 hp)
  • Auto fire: channeled shot at a target, can be interrupted
  • Recharge: increases the power of the boss's powers, can be interrupted

Whenever one of the droids is eliminated, more reinforcements will come out of the doors to the left, then to the right. For safety, it is possible to control one of the two droids (no damage zones on it therefore) so that it does not interfere with you, while you take care of the other and then reinforcements.

Once the two droids are eliminated, you can move on to the boss, which won't be a big deal for you.



Sakan Do'nair

Point of view : 14 785

capacity :

  • Jedi Healers: two reinforcements to eliminate quickly (5 hp), because as their name suggests, they heal! Feel free to control one while you take care of the other
  • Augmented armor: the boss can accumulate armor upgrades


Lieutenant Continuous

Point of view : 29 570

capacity :

  • Flamethrower: Fire damage channeled in front of him, can be interrupted
  • Fire probes: small probe on the ground that spits fire around it, to be avoided


Bonus Boss: Chief Engineer Kels

Point of view : 11 828

capacity :

  • Two Assault Droids modified as reinforcements (27 hp)
  • Radiation Discharge: You can see four reactors in each corner of the area. Periodically one of these reactors will overload and release potentially fatal radiation. A message warns you which reactor is going to overload and the lightning in the middle gets bigger. You can quickly identify which reactor to move away from. Note that staying in the middle, where the Republic symbol is engraved, does not work

First kill the two droids. The boss has low health, and it can be tempting to take him down as soon as possible. But he's smart, and if you do that, he'll activate the droids' self-destruct, taking you out in the process.

Instead, take care of the droids one after the other, then finally the boss.



Storm Squad

Point of view : 21 each

  • Medical Officer Alon: Heals allies, can be interrupted
  • Commander Jorland:
    • Burst: attack causing an area of ​​damage
    • Auto fire: channeled fire on a target
  • Security Chief Massey: Places a "reflective shield" on Jorland, returning heavy damage when attacked

Their abilities make the task of ordering them a bit easier to eliminate them. Thus, we will start with Alon, to prevent him from treating his friends, then Massey, to remove the shield he places on Jorland, which we can thus eliminate last.

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