The Elder Scrolls Legends - A Beta Preview

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The Elder Scrolls Legends is a new game in the Elder Scrolls universe, but unlike other games, it's a card game!

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is therefore a strategic card game based on the Elder Scrolls universe available in Free-to-play and currently in beta that you can find on the launcher We find there the characters, creatures and lore of the series.


First steps

Elders Scrolls: Legends offers plenty of ways to play. And for that, you will have to choose from a multitude of races, classes and attributes.

  • Attributes
  • The classes
  • The races

In the game, there are five main attributes. They can be used to define what type of card you can use and what type of deck you build. It is possible to combine two attributes or to use only one.


  • The Strength attribute allows you to directly attack the enemy and kill them before they can move. Force-type actions are ideal for clearing terrain and allow attacking.


  • The Intelligence attribute allows you to use cards to cast spells, equip weapons or summon magical creatures (Atronach). Intelligence is an ideal attribute for attacking multiple targets and in encounters that last for a long time.


  • The Will attribute allows you to recruit a large army and build a solid defense, all supported by magic. Will-related actions are effective in destroying or subduing enemies.


  • The Agility attribute allows you to avoid confrontation, use poisons to defeat the enemy, move cards and bypass opponents.


  • The last attribute, Stamina, allows you to use the most imposing creatures, to heal themselves and to have actions allowing to bring the watches directly into play.

Classes are the result of the combination of two attributes. The classes are very varied. Here are the basic classes:

  • Archer : Strength + Agility
  • Assassin : Dunmer Avenger: Agility + Intelligence
  • Battle mage : Warriors of Martelfell: Strength + Intelligence
  • Cross : Survivor group: Willpower + Strength
  • Mage : Intelligence + Will
  • Moine : Agility + Willpower
  • Scout : Black Marsh Smugglers: Endurance + Agility
  • Wizard : Endurance + Intelligence
  • Magisfer : Imperial Power: Endurance + Willpower
  • Guerrier : Force + Endurance

The game offers 10 races each with their own bonuses during games, mainly allowing you to have a better chance of collecting cards of a specific type when you draw.



The Argonians of the Black Husband have a cold intelligence and are versed in stealth and the use of blades. They often act as scouts and skirmishers for those who attach themselves to their services.

Argonians make it easier to collect cards with long-term effects and bonuses, being very useful for long-lasting games.



The Khajiit are nimble and agile. These qualities make them the most talented thieves in Tamriel.

Thanks to the Khajiit, you can easily collect cards allowing you to quickly attack the opponent.



Extravagant, intelligent and resourceful, the Bretons of Hauteroche are renowned craftsmen, shrewd traders, valiant horsemen and inventive magicians.

Bretons make it easier to recover cards that allow you to deflect damage.



The Imperials, natives of Cyrodiil, have repeatedly proven their qualities as tacticians and diplomats.

Thanks to the Imperials, the player can more easily collect cards to build large armies.



Hailing from the inhospitable mountains of Skyrim, the Nordics are tough and formidable warriors.

The Nordics allow you to collect cards granting bonuses and various effects when you attack the enemy relentlessly.



The Redguards of Martelfell are the most ingenious and talented warriors in Tamriel.

Redguard allows you to collect weapon cards more quickly.


Dark Elf

Morrowind, the homeland of the Dark Elves has been invaded many times over the millennia. This conflict-ridden past has hardened the Dummer warriors.

The Dark Elves allow you to recover cards exploiting the powers of the dead.


Skin elf

The Altmers are one of the smartest and oldest races in Tamriel. They have a natural affinity for spells and magic.

The race of High Elves, the player will have a better chance of collecting spell cards.


Wood elf

Members of the Woodlands clan are the most skilled archers in Tamriel. They are excellent hunters.

Thanks to the Wood Elves, the player can easily collect cards to attack diminished targets.



The Orcs of Wrothgar and Dragon's Tail Mountains are famous for being craftsmen and berserkers.

With the Orcs, it is in the simplicity, the player can recover Orcs cards, quite simply.


The decks

Race, attribute and class, this allows you to craft many different and varied decks. Be aware that even if you run into an enemy of the same Class as you, the decks can be very different. The creation of a deck is easy to achieve and must include between 50 and 70 cards maximum. You can integrate any type of card into it. There are four different types:


  • These are the units you summon and land on the field for attack.


  • Features cards with various effects such as spells to attack cards (destroy an enemy card, return it to their hand, etc.) or inflict damage to cards or directly to enemy health.


  • Object type cards are cards that grant damage and defense bonuses to Creature type cards.


  • Support cards provide bonuses, effects and more in relation to certain actions. For example, the summoning of a Creature if the opponent does not manage to touch you the following turn, allows to heal or to grant a bonus to a card (sometimes, several uses are possible before it disappears. ).

Example deck


The game modes

Elder Scrolls: Legends has several very varied and comprehensive game modes.

Story mode

The "main" mode of the game. The story mode makes us follow a group of adventurers in several chapters and which allows, throughout the adventure, to win many cards, Gold Coins, Stones. Souls and even to evolve certain cards. During the story, you will also sometimes come across scenario choices to make, granting different cards depending on the branch chosen. However, the story itself does not change with respect to the choices.

Improved maps Scenario choice


Game mode that allows ... to practice against the computer. There are several difficulty modes that are unlocked by successfully completing the previous level.

Duel battle

The latter allows you to fight other players. It is possible to play in normal mode or in a classified game.

Solo arena

In the arenas, you will not use your decks, but only the cards that you will gain throughout your victories. The goal of the arena is to defeat as many enemies as possible and you only have three "lives". However, this game mode requires to be activated either by arena ticket or against 150 gold coins.

Duel arena

The principle is similar to that of the single player arena, except that you fight other players instead of the computer. Duel Arena mode unlocks after completing Single Player Arena. Despite everything, once unlocked, you will still have to use either an arena ticket or gold coins to participate.


The parts

If you are used to card games of this type, you will not be stripped of the basics of gameplay.

The game takes place on a board divided into two parts, yours and that of your enemy. Some parts can cause each part to be split in half as well, creating a quarter-divide on the board. Creature cards will only be able to attack Creature cards placed in front of them. Spells, magical effects (including creatures) can however go beyond these "borders"

In addition to this, it may happen that there are events during the games. You can, for example, come across a game where it will be impossible for you to attack an enemy creature that was put down during this turn, the creatures (or even the enemy) can take damage randomly each turn, the creatures gain a random object as soon as they are placed or, as soon as both players end their turn, the cards placed on the board are moved randomly, which can cause great damage (or else save you) when one part with the board divided into four.

You and your enemy have 30 life points. For every 5 hit points lost, one rune is destroyed allowing you to draw a card. Additionally, if this card has the effect "Prophecy", you can immediately play it, and that, for free, whatever the type of card (Creature, Object, Action, Support).

When you emerge victorious from a fight, you will earn experience and rewards.

The game also has quests. Each day you will have three new quests to complete allowing you to collect rewards if you complete them. You can find these quests on your profile. The latter also allows you to have a history of your last fights, see and choose your titles, change race / avatar or even various statistics such as the biggest damage inflicted in a turn, the number of gold won, the number wins / losses, etc.


The F2P side

The game is F2P and like every F2P there is a shop. The latter allows you to buy packs of cards or else arena tickets against gold coins or €. The prices are (for my part) quite correct and there is something for all budgets. Card packs start at € 2,99 for a two pack bundle up to € 69,99 for a 60 card pack bundle. Namely, a pack contains 6 cards. As for arena tickets, you can buy one for € 1,99 or a set of 6 for € 9,99.

Card packs Arena Ticket

During your games, you can also earn Soul Stones. You can also get some if you have duplicate cards, turning those cards into Soul Stone.

Conversions from a card to Soulstones.

This allows you to directly buy the cards you want. Prices range from around fifty stones to several thousand.

Before, I was an adventurer ...



I'm not a fan of this kind of game in general, but The Elder Scrolls: Legends really got me a lot more. The story mode, with its campaign and its scenario is a real plus and brings a little breath of fresh air between the fights. The F2P side is really secondary and you can get all the cards in the game for free as long as you are a minimum patient. Even if you are not a huge fan of this kind of game and you certainly won't be spending entire evenings on the game, you will still enjoy launching it and playing a few games on a regular basis.

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