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After all this time since the release of WildStar, we still don't have a real guide to Housing! Pretty crazy considering the main category of Tribune articles which are pretty much just about it! In short, we will fix it!

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  • Managing your land
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  • Decorate your land




Unblock your access

Before having access to your land, you will have to unlock it! For this, you will need to be level 14 and go to your capital. Here you will have a call from Protostar which tells you that you can have a house. You accept the quest, follow its objectives and here you are at your home!


Managing your land


Your home will have different properties, including its name, permissions, and resource sharing rate.

By the time you unlock your home, you will be able to give it a name for free. Subsequently, via the interface accessible with the button to the right of the name of your property at the top of the screen, you will have to pay 100 Renown to change it, so not much! In this same interface, you can also manage the access authorizations to your land which can be:

  • Public: everyone has access to it, and it can appear in the random list of public player houses
  • Neighbors Only: Accessible to all players added to your Neighbors List
  • Roommates only: accessible to all neighbors who are roommates (roommates can manage your decorations, but not what concerns the land and the house)
  • Private: no one other than your own owner character has access

Finally, you can also choose the resource sharing rate. You can place Resource Gathering Areas on your lot and other players can harvest there. Here you can choose for example that when a player harvests, 50% of the resources go for him and 50% will go for you.


The next points concerning the management of your land are accessible via the accommodation bar which only appears when you are at home:



In the field optimization interface, you will be able to manage the various large elements of it, namely your house and what are called KitFABs, modules which can be of different types:

  • decorative: it's pretty!
  • with challenge: you can challenge it
  • useful (craft station, ...): offers you services
  • for resources: you can collect resources there
  • teleporters: teleports you to a specific area

Note that by changing one of them, if any decorations are in its area, they will automatically be returned to your Chest. So you can change everything when you feel like it. The KitFABs have a duration of activity: after a certain time, they will be repaired and will therefore be unusable, you can therefore repair them by clicking on the one you need and clicking on the repair button in the area below it will cost you a certain amount of pennies.



The Redevelopment interface will offer you to modify your house and the environment of the land. You will have different categories such as:

  • Home :
    • Toit
    • Murs
    • Starter
    • doors

  • Environment :
    • Sky: modifies the sky, but also the environment (you can have rain, fog, sand, ...)
    • Salt
    • Music: there are all types (fun, epic, ambient, ...) in the form of single music or playlist

You can also incidentally hide neighboring houses and details on the ground.



The chest is the inventory of decorations you own that you have not yet placed.

In the interface, you can see different information:

  • Decorations owned: number of decorations you have (placed or not combined) out of the total number you can have
  • Exterior / interior limits: your progress when at the limit of decorations that you can place in the zone where you are located (interior or exterior)
  • Lights: number of lights placed, maximum 40
  • Special: number of special decorations placed, such as humanoids, maximum 50
  • Mannequins: number of mannequins placed, maximum 10

And below that information you will have the list of your chest decorations which you can sort by category or search manually. Regarding the decoration limits, it works like this:

  • 500 base per zone for a free player
  • 1000 base per zone for a player who bought WildStar

You can then increase these limits from 500 to 500 via the in-game store (230  or 115 ) for a possible maximum of 2000 per zone.



In the Item Shop, you can first see the same information about the number of decorations placed as the Chest, and then you will have a list of decorations. They are usually purchasable for gold, but some will cost a certain amount of Renown.

The seller does not offer the complete list of all those in the game, you will have others via other means of obtaining:

  • Architectural profession (sellable and buyable at the auction house)
  • Loot on monsters
  • Bags of decorations as rewards for different tasks



There are 3 more buttons left in the hosting action bar!

List of placed decorations : displays all the decorations placed, allows you to move them one by one in the chest or in the trash, but also offers you the possibility of returning everything to the trunk, so to leave only your house and your FabKITs on the ground .

Activate / Deactivate edit mode : activates or not the possibility of editing your terrain.

Return to the teleporter : Teleports your character to the spawn point in the area.


Decorate your land

Now that you know how everything works, all you have to do is decorate! Via the Chest or the Vendor, you can place decorations on the field, and once done, you can position them as you wish. There are 2 editing modes: standard and advanced.

In the standard edit mode, you can move the decoration with the mouse (click, hold, drag), change its size and rotation.

You can see that there are also 3 buttons when we have selected a decoration, they are: advanced mode, bind and send to chest. Linking one decoration to another means that if we apply changes to the decoration we choose, our decoration will also undergo these changes.

In the advanced editing mode, you will be able to modify your decorations more precisely. You will no longer be able to move your decoration in "click and drag" mode but instead will have arrows in the X, Y and Z directions, as well as circles in these 3 directions to rotate your decoration. Extra thing: you can choose the repository for these arrows and circles:

  • Object: based on the positioning of the object
  • World: fixed frame of reference which is based on the field in general

Finally, there is no gravity system, so you can place everything at your guide, in the position and with the size you want.


And There you go ! You are ready to personalize your land! Be careful, it's very addicting and you risk very well doing more than that in the game (no no, I'm not saying that knowingly)! Be aware that it takes a lot of time and a minimum of money to be able to really achieve a big project, and that it is not necessarily easy at the beginning. Patience and creativity are therefore the watchwords of this functionality.

For even more Housing, you can see IDestinia's house tours or some video tutorials (you can also suggest me!)!

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