WoW - PvP and Cross-Realm Zone Update

Several interventions can be read on the official site of Blizzard. First of all, there is the Mini KT mascot at € 5 (half price) until November 6, don't hesitate if you want an extra mascot. Besides, have you tested my mascot tool?

The section "Coffee with the devs" gives an overview of Pandaria PvP in three parts: the "Match Making Rating" (the association rating used for finding opponents in PvP), questions regarding the class balancing and an overview of plans for the future of PvP. It's very comprehensive, so I invite you to read directly over there, it avoids me paraphrasing without real added value.

A second notable intervention, on the forum and only in English, concerns an update on the technical problems encountered with the inter-kingdom zones as well as the progress made. For the record, these are sparsely populated regions where players from several kingdoms are gathered. It is thus possible to beg with real friends and especially to benefit from many potential playmates.

Jet lag differences - this is only problematic for regions with larger time differences than in Europe

Currently we have 3 time zones that limit which realms can be shuffled. This is intended to limit the discrepancies in the day / night cycles that appear in inter-realm areas, which can result in the premature end of world events. We agree that the day / night jump can be confusing and that predicting last minute actions on events becomes difficult and frustrating.

We are currently discussing methods to resolve the situation. One idea that is gaining ground is to change the way regional time zones operate, at a fundamental level. This is a change we've been discussing for a while and maybe the inter-realm areas will be the catalyst to get started. We will keep you informed of what we consider the best solution.

Performance and lags in transitions

There are always quirks related to technical issues that arise, including drops in image refresh rate when moving into an inter-realm area, reports of performance issues and resources / NPCs / players. fading away. We are investigating all specific causes and working to correct all such issues.

We also continue to see reports of players falling from mounts as they approach the edges. 1 player mounts shouldn't do this, feel free to give us full details if this keeps happening to you. There are technical limitations that prevent multi-passenger mounts from transporting different characters while passing through an inter-realm area. Unfortunately, this is something that we cannot fix quickly or easily.

Despite these few technical issues, we're happy to see this cross-realm zone technology repopulate level-up zones, allowing for a new social experience of an MMO from level 1 to 85. The process of modifying zones to level up. inter-realm will continue and we will continue our work, ready to correct any remaining issues as quickly as possible.

Once again, thank you for your feedback. We continue to monitor your reports and will provide you with updates as soon as possible.

Have you tested these inter-realm areas? It went well ?

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