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Following the many revelations on Twitter, Bashiok posted on the official forum tonight the list of racial trait changes. Of course, everything is still being considered and may change between now and deployment.

  • Draenei :
    • Heroic Presence: Gives + X to the primary stat (Strength, Intelligence or Agility) by an amount depending on the character's level.
    • Gift of the Naaru still heals for 20% health, but for 5 seconds (was 15 seconds).
  • Elf of the night :
    • Swiftness also increases movement by 2%.
    • A new passive, called Touch of Elune, grants 1% haste overnight, 1% critical during the day.
  • Blood elf :
    • Arcane Sharpness is a new passive that grants 1% crit.
    • Arcane Torrent now restores 20 Runic Power (Death Knight), 1 Holy Power (Paladin), or 3% mana (Mage or Priest. The rest are the same.
  • Gobelins:
    • Time is money gives 1% haste.
  • Gnome :
    • Master of Escape goes to 1 min (1.5 minutes).
    • Short Blade Specialization has been replaced with Nimble Fingers and increases Haste by 1% (Passive).
    • Expansive Thinking now also increases Energy, Rage, or Runic Power by 5%.
  • Humain :
    • Removed mace and sword specialization (1% Expertise with the weapon concerned).
    • The human mind is changed. It no longer increases spirit but increases 2 secondary stats by an amount depending on the character's level. It is possible to choose the characteristics concerned (not implemented)
    • Every man for himself has yet to be evaluated.
  • Grandmother (North Wales) :
    • Removed Sniper (1% Expertise with ranged weapons).
    • Might of the Mountain replaces mass specialization and grants 2% critical damage for damage and healing (passive).
    • Stoneform now removes magic and curse. It remains unusable to break crowd controls.
  • Orc :
    • Removed Ax Specialization (1% Expertise with Axes).
    • Toughness now reduces the duration of stuns by 10% (by 15%).
    • No change for Blood Fury.
  • Tauren :
    • Stamina now increases stamina by an amount depending on character level (not base life).
    • A new passive, Muscle Strength (Brawn) increases Crit (damage and healing) by 2%.
  • Troll :
    • Berserker now increases haste by 15% (by 20%).
    • Beast Slayer now increases experience gained from killing beasts by 20% (instead of increasing damage done).
    • Eye of Death removed (1% Expertise with ranged weapons).
  • Forsaken :
    • Will of the Forsaken has a 3 minute cooldown (from 2 minutes).

There are no changes planned for the Worgen and the Pandaren.


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