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News sent by Nora Bussigny whom we thank for sharing!

I had chosen this option for the simple reason that I had noticed a clear difference between really working and listening to speakers blithely on their respective backgrounds. The final evaluation was not very difficult, it required to synthesize half a dozen pages of what we had learned during the course. But the essence of this material, at least as it was organized in our master's of management, was to drink with boundless adoration the words of the guest of the day. No disturbing questions, no interruptions; the audience that we formed became a veritable symphony orchestra of rhythmic nods of the head, glassy eyes quickly filling with admiration when our gaze met that of the teacher and raging applause at the end of the speech, secretly to acclaim the release from this pedantic and weekly logorrhea.

However, as we looked with two of my cronies at the curriculum vitae of today's guest (available before each session), I noticed a clear difference between this man and our usual speakers. The latter had succeeded in reaching the prized post of consultant by the least educational path that we have ever encountered. With a simple BTS, admittedly increased, this type had started as a department manager and had started to effectively climb the ladder, eventually becoming and thanks to a pretty VAE, zone manager. Obviously quickly tired of such a place, the guy had been granted a CIF of six months to become professor. And as his teeth must have wanted to scratch the floor again and he was still quite a hard worker, Mr. Brillant had chained the evening classes, finally winning the prestigious and oh so enviable by his peers consulting position.

And here it is in front of us today.

Except this time around, I had decided that playing the diplocrisy card was out of the question. I intended to castigate this man with nitpicking and unsettling questions, reviving my ego, forced to be muzzled at each lesson and to sift his own in the process. I knew that the others would follow me: what credibility could have a guy who did not obtain a master's degree as we insist on doing it by working every night on school requirements?

Small, baldness slowly but surely gaining ground, Marcus G. gazed haggardly at our crowded amphitheater, probably not knowing where to look. After a brief presentation by our exceptionally admiring teacher, we were treated to a speech recited gently by our prestigious guest. Nothing more exclusive than what we had available on his CV, the audience quickly picked up but Marcus G. did not care. The brief silence that followed the monotonous list of companies with which he had been fortunate enough to work gave me a breach through which I rushed without hesitation. I entered the track, elegantly clearing my throat, seeing all the faces turn to me with interest this time not feigned:

“Mr. G., I allow myself to bounce back on your fascinating speech to ask you a few questions that bother me when I discover your professional background. I just wonder how you managed with a simple BTS to acquire what we learn in bac + 5 only with experience. Far from me the idea of ​​denigrating the VAE, however I can not help but doubt all the virtues that empiricism offers.

-WOW. »Retorted with surprising liveliness Marcus G.

I frowned, but didn't have time to ask him about the onomatopoeia that he immediately spoke again, this time fully awake:

“It was World of Warcraft that got me this far. He blurted out in an affable tone.

A small laugh ran through the audience, which was immediately silenced by the teacher, visibly annoyed by the turn his class was taking.

"Thank you for your answer, sir, nevertheless I can't see how a simple game can bring as much as a master and….

- I did not say that. He cut me off. “It's just WoW that taught me all the tricks of management, just allowing me to apply them with as much professional rigor as I had been able to do during my years skimming Vanilla. "

He then leaned back against the desk and gave the audience a piercing gaze, before stopping him on me. Many whispers were heard, all including me were taken aback by the incongruity of the words of Mr. G.

“I will try to make you understand things as I managed to understand them myself at your ages, when I had just joined the company which had offered me my internship of BTS. How to evolve in a box which weighs more than 1 billion of turnover while one is a young virgin holder of a lambda BTS? We stand out. And how do we stand out? By using what World of Warcraft teaches people who have the patience, thoroughness and humility to grow in a PVE HL guild. You relish reverse mentoring as you polish your rough stone. When you have decided to no longer be casu, it is because you already have ambition. So you just have to flood the general to be taken, increase your trial period and there you learn. And how do we evolve? The same as in a box. You quickly fall into blurring by organizing yourself IRL to make yourself at least three raids a week, you stuff your potions and your consumables except that the idea is not to act for yourself, but to pool. And that, my friends, is one of the basics of management: co-lla-bo-rer. When you're in a small guild, you have to do some downsizing. And when you want to be opted for a raid, you have to devote your time and energy beforehand relying on the fact that others will do the same. And above all to plan your medium-term plan is to plan your raid, so you have to learn the strat by heart and you come with your drinks and enough PO to repair them on the day. "

Marcus G. left us speechless and, to maintain his, paused quickly with a sip of water. This time, no need to keep calm, we were all silent, both puzzled and fascinated. He then continued, elated:

"When you were 17 years old, at the edge of your baccalaureate, were you planning your summer by submitting your skinny CV to all the macdo in the area? Well me at 17, I managed the applications flowing constantly thanks to my position of officer and without predictive recruitment. The classmasters, the officers and the guild master are managers, executives, senior executives 'in short, copil'. Our goal is to optimize the guild, create and integrate a network by encouraging the bottom-up while giving priority to the top-down. Evolving with characters, surrounding yourself with reliable people, getting organized, managing the unexpected (like the guy who gets yelled at by his chick and crashes just before a raid) allows you to enjoy your constant evolution: at the beginning you starts with dungeons with five players, often a tank or even an off tank, a healer and DPS. Then you do raids that start at 20 players and end at 40 you end with a raid made up of four tanks, ten healers and DPS. Evolving in the organization, mastering each position refines your strategy and makes you a very good player because you can decently teach others thanks to this peripheral vision that you have acquired. And there, when you know the strat by heart you can lead a raid! "

Marcus G. caught his breath, ecstatic and shouted with a rhetorical talent that was sorely different from his opening speech:

“My greatest successes, those which have allowed me to excel in IRL, have given me more satisfaction than any diploma will offer me! When one day we managed to drop a boss the fastest at European level, we had no strategy. And it is there, at this precise moment, that you must join all the talent and the ingenuity of your group to put in place a fast and innovative strategy, often wobbly, but which must imperatively be effective. Finding a solution immediately, refining rapid adaptability, arming myself with a keen sense of observation and learning from mistakes allowed me to improve in any area. World of Warcraft gives you recognition, your guild is in demand, and applications are pouring in. But I ended up stopping the PVE to get into PVP, which made me rethink the game entirely, shake up my comfort zone because everything I had mastered had become obsolete by going from a dungeon to an arena. "

I could see that all were hanging from his lips, even though one in ten words was unknown to us. Marcus then looked at me and smiled brightly:

“WoW has made me a hard worker, a zealous manager, a real slasher. My knowledge, I had it in the field, and my field was Azeroth. And today it is the largest companies in the CAC 40. So yes, I can say that my atypical professionalizing path is worth your master's degree. And I'm ready to give each of you a year of WoW membership to prove it to you. I said. "

And this time, as Marcus punctuated his sentence, the thunderous applause that greeted him sounded like the only honest cheer that ever took place in this class.


  • VAE : Validation of Acquired Experience
  • VAT/Fiscal Code : Individual Training Leave
  • Vanilla : Game version before expansions
  • PVE HL : Player vs. environment at high level
  • House : Casual, casual player
  • Flood the general : Bomb the main channel of the game with messages
  • Blurring : Reduction of the barrier between professional and private life
  • IRL : In Real Life
  • Raid : Group of players (often 20 or 40) / Raid: dungeon with a lot of bosses
  • Farmer : Repeat the same action to collect an ingredient or money
  • downsizing : Optimize with a small staff or a lack of resources
  • Opti : optimized, optimal
  • PO : Gold coins
  • Bottom-up : employee suggestions listened to by management
  • Top-Down : order you manager
  • Tank and off-tank : player who takes damage / occasional tank
  • Healer : Player who heals
  • DPS : Damage Per Second / Damaging Player
  • Lead a raid: Manage the forty players during the raid
  • PVP : Player versus Player
  • Slasher : Someone who combines several professions
  • Azeroth : Main world where WoW takes place

Nora Bussigny

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