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Season 2 has finally started! We'll be able to find out what Scarlet's real goals are and what she awakened in the depths of Maguuma. Here are the explanations of the first chapter of the story!


  • Access to Col Aride
  • Living History
    • Enter the Col Aride
    • Investigate the Zephyr Sanctuary crash
  • How Col Aride works
    • Move to the new area
    • Help the zephyrites
      • Defeat "Bip Bip the fastest moa in the west"
    • Sand storms
  • ►Details of successes


Access to Col Aride

The first time we log in, we receive a message from "E" asking us to investigate strange occurrences in the Brisban Wilds.

Meet at the Mirkrise checkpoint ([& BHYAAAA =]) and head towards Toxal Swamp.

To access the Arid Pass, you will have to do a small level 26 event which consists of attacking living vines and oversized envelopes and then taking control of an area to repel the corruption of the jungle.

This will destroy the lianas blocking the way to Root Scrambler. Although the area is level 26, you will need to be level 80 to continue the story.


Living History

Enter the Col Aride

Arrived at Scramble-Root, a first instance is available. You will find Taimi, Rox, Braham, Kasmeer and Marjory there, follow the dialogues between the characters and then prepare for the attacks of the Inquest.

The event will take place in 2 phases. During the first, it will be necessary to defend workers who are building barricades. There will be several waves of the Inquest, nothing difficult. When the barricades are built, the Inquest will send a golem to clear the area.

Beware of the electric cage he makes all around him! Small golems will throw you constantly, favor ranged weapons or stability.

Once he's dead, return to your companions to talk to them. The discussion with Belinda Delaqua (Marjory's sister) suggests that the Pact could be back for our clash against a new dragon ...


Investigate the Zephyr Sanctuary crash

Now that the unrest in the Brisban Wilds has been resolved, you can enter the new area (it is possible to enter without exiting the Root Scrambler instance). You are now at the Sanctuary crash site, you will have to join the next instance, a little further, using the Aspect crystals. To move around the area, I invite you to read this passage!

In this new instance, you will need to collect clues about the crash. The concern is that the Inquest is also there and has decided that this area belongs to it. Generators will block the powers of Kasmeer who will not be able to teleport you. Use Aspect Crystals to clear obstacles and destroy generators so that the companions can follow you.

One corner is infested with arcarid tornadoes, try not to attract too many of them at once as they project when they hit you and are unresponsive to controls.

Don't worry if you fall, you'll be teleported to the start of the instance.

Once you have collected the 3 clues, the instance is over. Now head north and examine the corpse of a merchant.

There would be a witness to the murder, go into the mine to find him.

If the entrance to the mine is blocked, an event will have to be made to open the passage. This consists in depositing barrels of explosives against the scree without being touched by the devourers. Use skill one (put it on auto attack for ease) to see the areas where the devourers are hiding. Be careful because these areas can move!

Once in the mine, talk to Alana on the scaffolding. The next step is to follow a trail marked by torn book pages. This will lead you to Aerin, the Sanctuary saboteur. Face him in a new instance.

Aerin is not difficult to defeat, he throws grenades (which can be returned) in sets of 2 or 3, this is his basic attack. It also throws bombs which explode after a while, they are marked with orange areas.

At 75% of his life, he will drop bombs that project. At 50% health he will make a fiery shield, use Aspect of the Sun to rush at him after which he will run away.

Prune the living lianas that will block the passage and join the next room. Here it will be necessary to finish Aerin. The concern is that it remains at the top of the rocky peaks, use the Aspect of the Wind crystals to climb there. Do not take care of the monsters below, the 5 companions will take care of it.

It is possible to move between pitons with the Aspect of Lightning. Aerin has the same abilities as before, except that he will bomb more often but only on a single peak. I therefore advise you to stay on this peak there:

He throws the bombs where he is in the screenshot.

Every 25% of his life, he will make a fire shield, join his piton and rush at him with an Aspect of the Sun.

Once he is dead, attend the discussion between the Companions and the Zephyrite Peace Master. He will tell you that he cannot join his newly stricken people and that he must go on a journey ... Am I the only one who finds him suspicious? Return to the City of Prosperity and question the locals about Scarlet, then search her old home.

It was here that she began her research on the lines of force. Apparently, the discovery of a miner would have greatly interested him since it would be a pocket of magic.

The last stage of the story takes you back into the mine to see Toska who will tell you about this pocket of magic and Scarlet's actions at that time.

And There you go ! The first chapter of the story is over!


How Col Aride works

Move to the new area

Between the rubble of the Zephyr Sanctuary and the rocky escarpments, it is not easy to move around the Col Aride. You will need to use Aspect crystals (as during the Zephyr Sanctuary event) to access the most out of reach areas.

Unfortunately, the crystals were damaged during the crash, their use is now limited in time. Each crystal adds 13 seconds of use. They still have 10 charges.

  • With Aspect of the Sun, it is possible to quickly move forward and stop its course by using the skill again.
  • With the Aspect of the Wind, you will be able to make very high jumps.
  • With Aspect of Lightning, you will be able to reach a target area. Be careful not to target an area higher than you because the movement is done horizontally!


Help the zephyrites

In the Col Aride, 2 phases alternate: one of 40 minutes during which it is necessary to help the victims and one of 20 minutes, called "sandstorm" detailed a little further on.

To help the zephyrites, just complete the events all over the area. As the events are successful a progress bar fills up: the favor of the zephyrites. This bar indicates the reward level (1, 2 or 3) granted.


Defeat "Bip Bip the fastest moa in the west"

Beep beep is one of the doable events at any time. I will detail it here because it is particular.

Bip bip is therefore a champion moa who runs very fast, it is not possible to follow him. To make it stop, you have to touch it when it passes near us.

Once he attacks you, it's easy, still be several to face him because he hits quite hard.

He will regularly make an orange ring area all around him. Don't stay in it! It is also a sign that he will soon be running again. A progress bar appears, so you have to throw it or knock it over (I didn't try dizziness and fear) to prevent it from leaving. Be responsive! Then start typing it again. If you ever let him go, he will regain his whole life and he will have to be stopped in his tracks again.


Sand storms

When the 40 minutes of Zephyrite Aids have passed, a sandstorm arrives.

You then have 20 minutes to search for chests that contain a Champion Exotic Reward Bag.

To open chests, it is necessary to have hooks that can be purchased from Zephyr merchants for geodes and / or festival favors. These geodes are obtained as a reward at events. There is also a low chance of getting them in Silky Sandpiles (this is also an event reward).



►Details of successes

List of achievements


Quicksand survivor : Survive at least 15 seconds in the Quicksand River.

This river is located here:

For this success, it is enough to stay in the quicksand for 15 seconds, use all the skills possible to heal yourself because your life will go down quickly!

Prospector's Valley Crash Site Climber : you have to climb to the top of the mountain. Use the skills of the Aspect of Air to make it happen! Watch Dulfy's video to see which way to go!

Dive Master: Prospector's Valley : equip yourself with diving goggles, at the top of the jumping puzzle, and jump into the tiny pond below. Clouds are preventing us from seeing our landing zone, watch Dulfy's video to see how!

Coin Collector: Prospector's Valley : find the 30 lost coins in the Col Aride.

Here is a map and video made by Dulfy:

Délit de fuite : During the event of the race against the Inquest to collect the crystal shards (located just under the river of quicksand), one must intercept one of the asura bringing back a crystal.

The drama of the llama : being transformed into a hanging llama by the burglar skritt. This event starts by opening a chest in the desert. The skritt burglar comes out and flees by dropping packages, one of them transforms into a llama.

Legendary Llama Locator : When the doors of the Investigation Laboratory are open, enter inside.

In front of the entrance, a little to the left, there is the river of quicksand. Go against the wall at the back and jump into the sand. Continue straight (towards the wall) while healing yourself then climb on the rocks.

Training Stone Master : When the event is ready to go, talk to Nochtli.

Then follow him to the training area.

He will have to be killed without falling from the rocky outcrop. Here is a video to help you!

Hunt for Buried Treasure: Prospector's Valley : During a sandstorm, find and open 3 sealed chests. You will need 3 hooks to open them.


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