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An innovative little puzzle game, with the added bonus of Oculus Rift support, recently arrived on Steam: Kumoon: Ballistic Physics Puzzle.

The principle is very simple and based on marksmanship ... but especially on the rebound. In the room are cubes and each cube shot down is worth 1 point. To increase the gain, you have to rebound: +1 on blue surfaces and +2 on green balls. Thus, the cubes gain in value allowing to reach the necessary score to finish the level.

Fortunately for me, the number of balls is not limited, so it is possible to calculate everything and think about it ... or to shoot anywhere and hope that the rebounds make up the score at some point. It works pretty well in the first few levels but it gets harder with each level.

The robot doesn't have a lot of abilities, only what is needed: the 4 directions, jumping and shooting! This is explained via an in-game panel in the tutorial.

The levels are varied and the challenges multiple through three difficulty modes: easy, normal and hard. Obviously, the rebounds are different between a flat surface, a ball, a pyramid ... The angles are our friends and the score climbs, to the delight of the little robot!

Each level requires reinventing its strategy. How the hell to reach these blocks hidden behind blue blocks? Is it better to aim high or attempt to shoot from below?

Note that in some levels, it is possible to push blue squares as well as move the green ball, simply by pushing them from our body. The solutions are thus multiple and depend on each player.

And to ensure until the end, the music is immersive, created by Myssi, Skaven, Tommi Salomaa, Eraser, Ilmari Tiitinen and Aleksi Eeben.

I did not have the opportunity to test virtual reality unfortunately but this is only part of the discount for me and I intend to review it as soon as possible! On your side, if you want to test, a free demo is available on IndieDB. This version supports virtual reality and runs on Windows and Mac. The full version is otherwise available on Steam.

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