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The measurement data used in the game (EQN) Landmark do not correspond to any known unit (in the real world such as meters or feet). A unit of length in Landmark corresponds to the length of 2,5 voxels. Since the game is in English, I present the statistics with their original name.


Harvesting size

Cette statistic represents a volume. This volume is defined in voxels and is an approximation. It doesn't give you the number of voxels that you are going to harvest. It gives you the number of voxels in the tool's harvest sphere. Based on how the technology of the game works and where you place your cursor when collecting resources, this stat will rarely match the exact number of voxels collected but it should still be very close.

A point in this statistic roughly adds a volume voxel to your sphere.



This statistic works like the treasure find but with a few different variables. Tables that you can roll on will give you elemental resources (like elemental iron) or other resources like heartwood. You have a percentage of luck to roll on the loot table each time you are rewarded for gathering resources, that means each hit on a tree or each voxel you destroy.

Percentage Chance of Rolling the Table = Discovery / (150 * Resource Rating)



Resource rating

This statistic is not used like other statistics, it determines which level of resources you can harvest with the tool you have in hand. The higher this statistic, the more difficult the resource is to harvest.


Harvesting damage

This statistic represents the damage you do to the resources you use your tools on. Resources have varying amounts of "life" and tools "kill" those resources so to speak. Each point of damage represents the number of lives you remove from the resource on each hit. When resources run out of life, they "die" and go to Resource Heaven, or into your inventory depending on your beliefs.


Harvesting speed

This statistic represents the activation time of a tool. When you click the button, the player waits for a period of time predetermined by that statistic and then uses the tool.

Activation time (in seconds) = 50 / harvesting speed

Ndr: the harvest speed is one of the statistics where we will have to add a formula to decrease the bonus as it increases. That will make the formula more complicated but as it stands this statistic is one of the most important.



The scope determines how far you can harvest relative to where your character is located. The base range is currently 6 units. This statistic adds units to base range according to this formula:

Units added = Reach / 10

That means :

Total distance (in units) = 6 + Reach / 10


Harvest bonus

The Gathering Bonus works like Discovery or Treasure Find except that the limit is 100. For each point in this statistic, you have 1% chance of obtaining additional resources whenever you get a resource by harvesting.

Percentage of Chance to roll on the table = Harvest Bonus / 100


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