Overwatch – Patch-notes 14/06

A wild patch makes its appearance! On the Taiwanese forums, details of the long-awaited balancing patch for McCree and Fatale have been released.


What we remember about the patch

  • McCree's right click damage increased from 70 to 45 per bullet. That's enough to kill Reaper, but no longer tanks just as easily.
  • McCree no longer waits that long to reload after right clicking.
  • Widowmaker has her damage reduced, and can no longer kill Zenyatta and Tracer with a single shot without shooting their heads. A full body shot will deal 120 maximum damage, but the head multiplier is increased to 2.5x, keeping the full head damage at 300.
  • Fatale will no longer be able to quickscope / rescope and will have to wait for the end of the animation before being able to use the telescope sight again. Either she is in "sniper" mode, or she shoots quickly and sees well. Not both!


The original post

Perfect Amy source
  • McCree
    • Alternate fire
      • Damage decrease from 70 to 45
      • Time before reloading decrease from 0.75 seconds to 0.3 seconds (Probably reverse patch formthis)
  • WidowMaker
    • Alternate fire (Snipe)
      • Base damage decrease from 15 to 12 (damage multiplier from charging doesn't change)
      • Headshot damage multiplier increase from x2 to x2.5
      • Player can only re-enter "sniping mode" after the "exit snipe mode" animation finish
    • Infra-Sight (Ult)
      • Ultimate charge cost increased by 10%
  • Bug Fixed
    • Improve custom game "High bandwidth Mode" stability
    • Mercy will no longer charge her ult if her right click target is shooting shield or ice wall
    • Reaper will no longer teleport to weird places
    • Fix some bugs in Dorado (Should include the Symmetra one)



A good balancing patch, the heroes will not become totally useless, and I'm pretty happy, I will finally be able to release Zenyatta with all the sauces ... Okay I was already doing it.

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