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Updated June 7, 2013 using Mirage.

The role of Carry AD is an important role if the team understands what their role really is and acts accordingly. You have to know how to take risks while being safe and know your limits. You also need to know how to quickly interpret enemy champions and their resistances / damage compared to their equipment. This article will be entirely devoted to the role of Carry AD.

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First of all, let us specify that the rest of the article includes my take on the role of Carry AD, month runes, my master's degrees, my equipment... There are of course other ways of playing this role but here my way of doing things is highlighted.

This article will only be useful in battles in 5 vs. 5, that is to say the Summoner's Rift.

By the way, you'll find the dreaded League of Legends vocabulary here. I still try to speak correctly so that everyone can fully understand the article.

  • Presentation
  • Some Carry AD characters
  • Runes & Masteries
    • Runes
    • Masters
  • Summoner spells
  • Equipment
  • gameplay
  • Conclusion



For Loliens apprentices, what is the role of Carry AD?

Carry AD (you) is a player playing on the bottom line, the bot in English, with the help of an ally who is none other than the Support or the middle line depending on the situation. Your role will be to collect as much gold as possible on your line by killing as many minions as possible, neutral monsters in the mid-late game and delivering the last blow to enemies in order to earn more gold. There are two of you on this bottom line, so make sure you coordinate your attacks perfectly with your support. It will generally be him who will engage in a fight in order to control (Slow down, silence, knock out, throw ...) the target as much as possible so that you can kill it. If you help (feed) the enemy by dying too many times, you may lose your team, and that will be your fault alone. Safe is the key word.

Your role is to quickly gain experience and gold in order to be equipped as efficiently as possible to quickly kill enemies.

Ashe, archer of frost


You will need to make sure you are as efficient as possible:

  • By killing as many minions / minions as possible, you should not miss any if possible.
  • By playing aggressively (When your support is there) to show that you have the hand and allow you to win gold quietly ...
  • ... This while remaining safe at all times. It is also up to your Support to protect you in the event of a hard blow and to ward off the card.
  • By controlling and interpreting enemy movements. Your investments are extremely important!
  • By helping your mid by a shift / swap, that is to say that you go on its line when it is not there or in difficulty and that your line is doing very well, that there is 0 danger. You take 3/4 minions and then you go back to the bottom. This is quite dangerous, so prefer to switch lines when the bot's enemy tower has fallen, then you can shift to the middle line in order to push the line to 3.
  • By never dying so as not to give the advantage to the enemy. If the enemy leaves with 10 HP in a bush, leave it and return to farm your line. Also, if it's found, its jungler is in the bush and waiting for you. Then, if you have vision over the area, that you can catch him without getting killed ... Obviously, follow him and kill him! But only if you are sure to get out alive and get the kill, if not, stay a farmer.
  • By dropping the bottom tower as soon as you feel your farming is good and you have the chance. Don't push your line too much until you have your first important items. Kill the minions, push back the enemy gently. 3 strategies can be applied:
    • The deny: No automatic attack on creeps except for last-hit. This will slow down the line so that the fight stays in the middle, between the enemy tower and yours. Attack the nearest enemy if they come too close (Carry AD enemy first)
    • Le push ennemy : We push the line to the maximum in order to fight close to the enemy tower but without attacking this tower, you will need vision at certain key points, on the river, in order to play safely. Once under your creeps, the enemy will have a harder time last-hit because the tower will hit it too. Being focused on the last-hits, you can launch some automatic attacks or skills without worry.
    • Le push tower : We push the line to the maximum in order to fight close to the enemy tower and by attacking it to fall as quickly as possible, you will need vision at certain key points, on the river, in order to play safely. You can then shift to push the middle row and then the top row.
  • Once the tower has fallen, domino effect, go to the middle to bring down the other enemy tower. Pay close attention to your tower, which must not fall.

Avoid stealing minions from your allies' lines or arriving at the last moment to kill an enemy! If your ally had the opportunity to kill him or get the gold from the minions, he won't really appreciate this gesture, especially if it's the Carry AP (Mage having the same role as you). Otherwise, in the mid-late game, most players (knowing the game) will let you kill their jungle minions and mobs so that you always make more gold.

It's up to you to inflict maximum damage on enemy players, but be sure to give the last hit to get the kill (So more gp) and not an assist. If an ally insults you by shouting “KS!” Meaning Kill Steal (that you stole the enemy champion from them), remind them that this is your role. Your role is to have a high constant DPS and to attack all targets.

Varus, arrow of revenge. One of the effective AD carry

It will be essential for you to locate your opponents so as not to be surprised. For this, your support friend should not forget to place his wards in key places on the map. Help him by buying a ward from time to time (not repeated too much, it costs a lot) if he is in difficulty or needs to complete his item for example. Buy only when necessary.

If you are less powerful than your bot enemies, play it safe, grab the creeps / minions / minions as soon as possible and play under your turret. They will make mistakes by feeling too powerful and this is the moment when you will have to corner (maybe with the help of your Jungler too) the one with the least life points under your turn (or not via ganks). and kill him. Always prefer to kill the Carry AD. He will lose gold, time and experience walking back all the way down.

Prefer to kill the Support if it is much more fragile than its Carry AD and if you are sure not to be killed by the Carry AD.


Some Carry AD characters

There are a large number of characters who can play this role and each has its own specificities. I will detail some of them for you because describing them all would make the article way too long! I will also choose champions that I haven't mentioned yet.

Ideally, you need a champion who can shoot from a distance and slow down his target so that he has no escape.

Ashe, Archer of Frost

  • Ashe can slow down his target with each of his shots, which is quite handy when you want to catch up with an enemy or escape from a dangerous pass. She can also shoot a range of arrows which allows her to re-freeze her enemies by dealing damage to them. Ashe can send her raptor great distances to reveal an area of ​​the map. Finally, his ultimate allows him to shoot a gigantic arrow and aim anywhere on the map. It takes great skill by calculating enemy movements and the time that the arrow will take to cross the map. This ultimate deals serious damage to enemies hit by the boom explosion. The greater the distance the arrow travels, the longer the stun lasts, up to a maximum of 3.5 sec. Nearby enemies take half the damage dealt and are Slowed by 50% for 3 sec.
    • Care: none;
    • Crowd control: an ultimate to knock out;
    • Bonus: can slow down the movement speed of enemies hit by 3 of his skills (out of 4!);
    • Resistance: moderate (+).

Caitlyn, Sheriff of Piltover

  • Caitlyn is also very effective since it can shoot a blade forward in order to deal damage to all enemies in a line. She can also set traps revealing the target and immobilizing it while dealing damage. Another of his skills allows him to throw a net slowing the target and perform a leap back. His ultimate allows him to aim at a target from a long distance, prepare his shot and then ... FIRE! The shot deals very high damage but can be intercepted if an enemy gets between you and your target.
    • Crowd control: 1 skill to knock out;
    • Bonus: none;
    • Resistance: moderate (+).

Corki, reckless gunner

  • Daughters It might look bad at first, but don't doubt it, this veteran is widely played in the top-tier League of Legends community and has a lot in his pocket. His passive attacks inflict bonus raw damage to neutral monsters, so he can collect gold more easily with last-hits. his small ship allows him to move quickly in one direction and drop bombs on the ground leaving flames (they deal damage to enemies passing over them) behind him. Corki can also use a gatling cannon that deals damage in a cone in front of him for a while. He can also fire a phosphorescent bomb into an area to deal damage and reveal stealth units. His ultimate, meanwhile, allows him to fire at good range by sending missiles. Every fourth missile launched is a big Bertha and can inflict 4% more damage.
    • Care: none;
    • Crowd control: none;
    • Bonus: deals more damage to neutral monsters, can reveal stealth enemies;
    • Resistance: moderate.

Draven, glorious executor

  • Draven, a very self-centered champion, would like to rename the game to "League of Draven" and take great care to bring it back into play. We love it anyway! He's got a bit of a different playstyle than other AD Carry and I would say you'd have to master other AD champions first before tackling that big chunk of difficulty that is Draven. Firstly, he can improve the damage of his auto attacks, which sends his ax into the air, he will have to catch it by moving to the bounce spot if he wants to re-throw this improved ax. We must therefore succeed in mixing normal play + additional neurons for the ax rebound. It gets even more complicated when both of his axes are under upgrade. Draven can throw his weapons forward in order to deal damage and knock back enemies hit to the side. He can also move and attack faster for a little while, and his ultimate allows him to send his axes across the map, much like Ashe except that the first enemy hit (or under your command), the axes turn around and come back to you.
    • Care: none;
    • Crowd control: repels enemies with a skill;
    • Bonus: more powerful attacks under critical and can increase his speed of movement and attack;
    • Resistance: high.

Ezreal, prodigal explorer

  • Ezreal can very well be played in AP but I preferred to present it here as AD because it has all the assets to be very effective. Firstly, his skill 1 allows him to very often launch a mystical flow with an AD ratio which therefore improves if you have attack damage equipment. He can also send a spell to boost friendly attack speed or inflict damage on enemies. Ezreal has a teleportation spell that shoots a small arrow at the enemy if it is in range and finally, his ultimate can travel the entire map and hit enemies crossing the road of his boring barrage.
    • Care: none;
    • Crowd control: none;
    • Bonus: Can improve ally attack speed and cast Mystic Flux very often. The more self-attacks he makes, the faster and faster he will attack thanks to his passive;
    • Resistance: moderate.

Serious, outlaw

  • Graves is a powerful Carry AD. He has a spell that allows him to jump forward and attack faster. He can also perform a cone attack to deal area damage. One of his skills allows him to create a blind zone, enemies in the area will no longer see anything but the inside of the smoke screen. Graves' ultimate allows him to fire a shell inflicting damage on the enemy hit but also into a cone behind that enemy.
    • Care: none;
    • Crowd control: zone blindness and slowing down;
    • Bonus: increases his armor and magic resistance by staying for a long time in a fight + dash, jump forward;
    • Resistance: high.

Sivir, martial virgin

  • Sivir can throw his boomerang far ahead inflicting great damage to the driveway and back, this spell is nice at the start of the game but the ratio of 1 + 0.5 in AD becomes extremely powerful thereafter. It can also launch a small boomerang bouncing between several targets, the reload time of this skill is quite short which allows to push back the enemies by attacking them from afar. Sivir can create a magic shield that fully absorbs the next enemy skill attack against her. As she absorbs the attack, she regains a large amount of mana. Her ultimate is very effective because it gives a movement speed bonus to allies around her (as well as to her) and a large attack speed bonus according to the same effect.
    • Care: none;
    • Crowd control: none;
    • Bonus: gain movement speed when attacking an enemy champion;
    • Resistance: moderate (+).

Tristana, canonnière megling

  • Tristana is an efficient farmer because with skill enhancement, each enemy she kills will explode and deal damage nearby. It can also fire a shell that inflicts magic damage and reduces the healing that this target will receive for a few seconds. Trist 'can also greatly improve his attack speed and leap forward (magic attack). His ultimate discharges a large ball with magic damage and knocking back the target. It is also used in AP because its damage is quite monster!
    • Care: none;
    • Crowd Control: repels a target via the ultimate;
    • Bonus: Improves its range with each level gained and can reduce a target's healing. She can increase her attack speed and jump to an area not far from her. Anti-healing bonus via a skill;
    • Resistance: high.

Varus, arrow of vengeance

  • Varus can fire an arrow at long range dealing damage to all enemies in its path. He can also shoot a rain of arrows at an area dealing damage and slowing enemies. One of his skills allows him to increase his damage and gives an effect (max of 3) to the target with each automatic attack. If a Varus skill then hits the target with that effect, it will take additional damage. Her ultimate allows her to immobilize a target and this then spreads to nearby enemies if they get too close.
    • Care: none;
    • Crowd control: immobilize via ultimate and slowdown via skills;
    • Bonus: attack damage and anti-healing bonus thanks to a skill;
    • Resistance: moderate (+).

Vayne, Night Hunter

  • Vayne is the queen of crossbows! It can inflict additional damage depending on the enemy's max health to a target if it hits it 3 times in a row. She can also roll forward and throw a bolt more powerful than her self-attacks. Vayne can throw a powerful bolt that pushes the enemy back a short distance. If this enemy hits a scenery, he will be knocked out. Using her ultimate, Vayne has her attack damage increased, she becomes invisible during Roll, and Night Hunter's speed bonus is tripled; the latter is the passive allowing it to move quickly if it advances towards an enemy
    • Care: none;
    • Crowd Control: Stuns via a skill;
    • Bonus: increases her movement speed when advancing towards an enemy champion, she can increase her damage, briefly stealth through ultimate;
    • Resistance: moderate.


Note that I only mentioned remote Carry ADs which are very practical for farming without getting hit. I could also have mentioned: Fiora, Gangplank, Jayce, Kayle, Kog Maw, Master Yi, Nocturne, Shaco, Talon, Twitch, Wukong, Zed ... That you can find on the champions page of the official League of Legends website .


Runes & Masteries

Runes and mastery points are acquired as you level up. At level 30, you have 30 places for your runes and 30 points for your masteries, so you earn one of each per level.

There are 4 types of runes:

  • 9 brands
  • 9 Seals
  • 9 Glyphs
  • 3 Quintessences

These things are very important later in order to "specialize" your characters. You can become more resistant, do more damage, regenerate your mana faster and more.



Runes can be bought and have different prices depending on their qualities and levels.

  • Tier 1: level 1 to 9
  • Tier 2: level 10 to 19
  • Tier 3: level 20 to 30


They are to be chosen according to what you prefer.


  • x 9 large mark of attack damage
  • x 9 large bucket of armor
  • x 9 large glyphs of magic resistance
  • x 3 great quintessential attack damage

→ The damages to optimize your auto attacks, but also the ratios on your spells, as well as to facilitate the last hit (the fact of giving the last blow on a unit).

→ From armor to better resist enemy assaults, but also minions at the start of the game.

→ From the magic resistance to be less vulnerable to “poke” (the fact of constantly harassing an enemy with long-range spells) at the start of the game (mainly against poke supports in magic damage).


It is also possible to put in the place of the quintessences of life stealing, in order to better hold in lane. It is quite effective, but not mandatory, take the configuration where you are most comfortable. It is not profitable to put only one quintessential life flight, put in two or three depending on your preference.

First case

Second case

Case 1 is very versatile since it allows a good lane holding while being able to farm more easily.

Case 2 offers superior lane hold, but causes more difficulty for the last hit.

Small precision on the runes flight of life

  • Very useful when you know that our lane will be very difficult to hold
  • Optimal use starting with the purchase of a Doran blade.

 (regen 5 health points with each auto attack + 80 hp + 10 damage)



Regarding master's degrees, I take a 21/8/1 and AD.


Let's detail these masteries Carry AD :

  • 21 points in attack:
    • Summoner's Wrath: as a solotop i may take Ghost ou Tiredness into summoner spells. This mastery reduces your target's armor and magic resistance by 10. Convenient for making eliminations quickly if necessary and providing a small bonus afterwards.
    • Fury (4/4): + 4% attack speed.
    • Mortiferous (4/4): +0.67 attack damage per level, why not. Required to unlock the Master of arms.
    • Chaos (3/3): increases all damage dealt by 2%. Required to obtain the Strength brute.
    • Master of arms : + 8% armor penetration. You're welcome !
    • Lethality (2/2): + 5% critical hits (+ 10% for melees)
    • Force brute (2/2) : +3 attack damage.
    • Frenzy : Increases attack speed by 10% for 2s after making a critical hit.
    • Breach (3/3): +5 armor penetration
    • Executioner: Increases damage dealt to targets less than 5% health by 50%.
  • 8 points in defense:
    • Durability (4/4): +6 health points per level, to be taken to go further in the defense tree.
    • Robustness (3/3): this gives me 5 more armor to be even stronger.
    • Resistance (1/3): this gives me 2 in magic resistance. I need it to take control of the underside.
  • 1 utility point:
    • Summoner's Knowledge: practical, it reduces my summoner spell by 15s Flash (knowing that the Flash reload time will be increased, that's all good). This spell is not only used to escape enemies but can be a big surprise when you flash on enemies to deal your spells. For example for Alistar: flash next to an enemy, atomization and headbutt! The enemy ends up near your Carry AD or turret in a flash. Apply fatigue on top of it and it's done.

Tristana, a champion who can play as Carry AD

These masteries are fine with me and contribute to the mechanics I have created with my runes and in-game gear.


Summoner spells

For summoner spells, there are several variations but my favorite remains: Flash + Care.

  • Flash allows you to flee quickly if you are badly engaged, to execute a maneuver or on the contrary to surprise the enemy.
  • Barrier: The most used currently, you have to know how to use it at the right time to counter the adverse damage and our fragility - Protects against champion against 115-455 points (depending on the champion's level) for 2s.

Why not take those other spells?

  • Fatigue : I let the support keep this spell because he can use it by engaging in combat since it is up to him to do so. It signals the target, engages, Fatigue and you just have to type? - Reduces target movement speed and damage by 30% and attack speed by 50% for 2.5s
  • Care allows you to heal you and your support in the event of a hard blow, to last longer on your line but it all depends on the character you have chosen to play. - 100 to 525 HP returned (depending on the champion's level), 50% of this total to nearby allies.
  • Ignition: it's up to you to see if you prefer a Conflagration rather than a Care. This is used enough also if you are trained enough with your ally to do without healing - Deals 70-410 raw damage over 5s to a champion or enemy and reduces their healing effects for that time.
  • Teleportation : However, it can be useful, for example for Ashe or Ezreal: send his ultimate and TP near the target to attack / Similarly and then he has a skill imitating this spell. It is a good alternative to Flash if you are sure you don't need it. - After 4s, you are teleported to the targeted turret or minion anywhere on the map.



Now let's talk about the equipment. I change it very often and radically according to the enemies in front and according to my selected champion.


Le Carry AD will have to inflict the maximum damage in a minimum of time. It will obviously be necessary to protect yourself quickly depending on the type of enemies in front of you: Armor / Magic Resistance. Above all, do not engage in combat unless it is a 1vs1 and you are sure that no reinforcements will be able to help your enemy (and that you have the upper hand).

Speaking of which, gentlemen Junglers, when we gank ... we let the Carry AD kill the target (If it can)! It is not up to you to get the kill, assistance will be sufficient.


Having tested a package of more or less efficient equipment, I stayed in front of this blank page for a long time before deciding to present two types of equipment to you: Standard et Offensive. There are so many possible combinations ... So we're going to stick to these next two:


You can use this equipment when you do not know your enemies if you are a beginner or if you are not sure which champions will be in front of you. Several opportunities will open to you according to your needs:

  1. We start with 475 gp, take Boots of Speed, 2 Healing Potion and 1 Mana Potion (Or 3 Healing popo depending on your champion)
  2. First return
    1. If you depend on AS attack speed (Vayne, Kog Maw, ...) So buy Long Sword -> Vampiric Scepter -> Vicious Saber -> Blade of the Fallen King to complete the item.
    2. If you don't depend on it and prefer AD, directly take what to make an Infinity Blade.
  3. The same goes for the rest
    1. AS: Then buy an Infinity Blade.
    2. TO :  Go on a Bloodlust.
  4. On continue
    1. AS: Continue to Bloodlust.
    2. TO : Then we'll need the Phantom Dancer.
  5. For both AS and AD gear, continue your Boots of Speed ​​in Berserker Leggings.
  6. You are now in the middle of the game or at the end of the game, you will need situational items.
For example, a Guardian Angel if the enemy AP / AD mix is ​​good. It will also allow you not to die for nothing. A Warmog is also currently appreciated in place of the Guardian Angel. ► Advanced tip: Take a guardian angel to counter enemy bursts. Take a warmog to counter a weak and constant enemy DPS. A Last Breath is highly prized for its damage and armor penetration. Black Cleaver, Sword of the Divine, Belt of Mercury ... It's up to you to decide depending on the situation and your champion!

Vayne, night hunter



I find the standard equipment more efficient / balanced but I still want to offer alternative gameplay & equipment. Do not hesitate to offer me your equipment in comments!

You will be able to use this equipment if you know the champions in front of you and if you know how to play your AD character! Not having boots from the start is dangerous, you will need to master your character's placements. Several opportunities will open to you according to your needs:

  1. We start with 475 gp, so take a Doran Blade. → Note that going with the runes of + 6% vol-life with this equipment is excellent ←
  2. First return
    1. If you depend on AS attack speed (Vayne, Kog Maw, ...) So buy Long Sword -> Vampiric Scepter -> Vicious Saber -> Blade of the Fallen King to complete the item.
    2. If you don't depend on it and prefer AD, directly take what to make an Infinity Blade.
  3. The same goes for the rest
    1. AS: Then buy an Infinity Blade.
    2. TO :  Go on a last breath.
  4. On continue
    1. AS: Continue to the Last Breath.
    2. TO : Then we'll need the Phantom Dancer.
  5. For both AS and AD gear, continue your Boots of Speed ​​in Berserker Leggings.
  6. You are now in the middle of the game or at the end of the game, you will need situational items.
For example, a Guardian Angel if the enemy AP / AD mix is ​​good. It will also allow you not to die for nothing. A Warmog is also currently appreciated in place of the Guardian Angel. ► Advanced tip: Take a guardian angel to counter enemy bursts. Take a warmog to counter a weak and constant enemy DPS.

Bloodlust is highly prized for its damage and life theft. Black Cleaver, Sword of the Divine, Belt of Mercury ... It's up to you depending on the situation and your champion!

Draven, glorious executor


If your support is not warding enough, don't hesitate to remind him ... Not too often so as not to be him, but make him understand that you cannot play well without ward if he is reluctant. It is a key element, it is PRI-MOR-DIAL, to place at least one ward in the bush near the river. Your support must obviously place a lot more: next to the river, in the 1st / 2nd bush of the bot, in the tribush next to you, the drake, ...

You can place one or two every now and then, but don't waste your gold putting LOTS of wards. 1 or 2 (key point and golems) very rarely at key locations to relieve your struggling support will be good. It is better to play without equipment than without ward.

You can also place enchantments on your late-game boots if you feel like it.

Your placements are very important as an AD Carry, you will need to know your attack distance, your safe placement so you don't get caught and killed by enemy champions and many other parameters. I repeat, the shifts / swaps are important in order to go from the bottom row to the middle row.



Like all teams, players will need to communicate with each other in order to achieve effective team play.

Communication & Vision

Your role as Carry AD will be to cause as much damage as possible. You collect gold and kills from enemy champions; your support reports ss bot and supports you during this time! Loss of sight of enemies on the lines is indicated by a " ss bot "Which means" miss bot "or rather"we have lost sight of the enemies of the bottom line " . It's normally up to your support to report all this, you are way too busy not missing any minions ... But that's no reason not to report it if your support forgets or to take a look to the mini-card from time to time.

Don't hesitate to use the conversation! I insist on this point too few use it (or on the contrary, use it too much ...). Report only what is important to you.

You also have at your disposal the G key (+ left click) signaling a point to attack and the V key (+ left click) signaling a point from which one must move away. Do not mix these keys. If you can clearly see one of your enemies from the bottom going up, signal it with:

► "ss XXX bot" then make 3 G signals to designate the direction in which it is going (from the bottom to the top via the mini-card therefore). ◄

I insist, co-mmu-ni-quez !! ?


Regarding vision, by that I mean posing Visions milestones et Visions tags commonly known as Wards.

It is not your role as Carry AD to ward the card but a few points can be important on your bottom line as Carry AD and if your support has no wards. You need to know these key points, the important locations of these wards. Here they are :

Bot, situational and tribush bushes

  • When you're in trouble at the top or fear a gank, place your ward in this bush to counter any attacks that might come from around here. We place the ward in the middle of the Tribush.

Ward's tip, bot

It is possible to ward off the lower bush while being out of sight. To do this, get as close as possible to the decor and position your cursor as far as possible in the decor. By default, your Ward will be placed in the bush!

Be careful though, this trick leaves a whole small shadow area and an enemy could hide there (if there is already) ... Which is a very big surprise effect.

protection of the red golem at the start of the game

  • At the start of the game, you will need to protect your red golem to prevent the enemy jungler and his team from taking it. Be careful if you see people because they will maybe reach 5. If the enemy jungler is alone it is because he is stupid, kill him. If there are too many, report it and hide further away while waiting for your team. You must not be seen in order to surprise them, they will think that you have not protected the golem.


There are obviously other ways to place your Wards, other places also depending on the situation or the team in which you are ... But this is more for the role of Support.

I leave you all the same the small map of all the interesting points of Ward. Like all our images, click on them to enlarge them! ?

  • In Orange: the usual Vision milestones.
  • In Purple: Vision Beacons for Drake (below) and Nashor (up).
  • In red : the essential vision milestones.



This point is very important in the game, it allows you to:

  • Maximize your gold farm on minions;
  • Minimize the chances of success of enemy ganks (being attacked by the enemy jungler);
  • Minimize the chances of getting caught by the Support and the opposing AD Carry;
  • Reduce the enemy farm, which has less gold than you.

Your goal will therefore be to play safe while giving the last blow to the maximum number of enemy minions and champions near death. Wait for the right moment and then launch your self-attack.

Do not push too hard on the line so that the minions stay towards the center. You will farm much better and avoid enemy ganks: is it investment?

At stake is the lane phase (line) where you collect a maximum of gold then, the more the game will develop, the more you will also have to integrate team fights, teamfights. Players will normally give you final hits on enemy champions when possible.

Phase de lane:

Stay well behind your minions, watch out for champions who can send their skills without it stopping at the first minions hit. For example, Ezreal's mystical shot stops at the first enemy hit but the essential flow passes through all enemies up to the skill's maximum range. You need to know enemy skills to be effective.

Also pay close attention to the 2 bushs at the bottom. The first is often safe but the second can contain enemy support (And / or enemy AD Carry) waiting for the right time to catch you. Blitzcrank is for example very famous for that or Leona. Be carefull ; your support should give you the visibility you need.

If you feel like improving your friend to the support role, here is our article! ?

Collect as much gold as possible, play safe but be aggressive when your support engages in combat, don't let them die unnecessarily, and build yourself the best possible equipment to cause the most damage to enemies.


Teamfights phase:

It will obviously always be necessary to think about killing as many minions as possible, not to neglect the jungle from time to time, it allows to recover a little gold before going back for example.

The Carry AP has as much the right to kills as you since it has practically the same role: to cause enormous damage. Remember it.

In group combat, you need to be behind the team so that you can attack without getting caught. Be very mobile and know how to attack and withdraw when needed. Avoid chasing an enemy with very low health if you can't see where they are going! He could very well surprise you with two of his allies and there ... Is the drama?

I informed you that you have to stand behind a group just above. Also pay close attention to advanced tactics: the opposing Carry AP comes from behind you while the rest of the team thought they were in a 4v5 fight. It happened to me several times, I am now careful. If you are killed, the group will have a hard time winning the teamfight.

Watch everything around you, even the minimap, be mobile, move when needed and know when to attack / withdraw. Don't put line of sight between yourself and your enemies. Use your minions (and why not your allies!: P) as a shield.


Start of game

At the start of the game, you will only have to kill as many creeps as possible in order to have the advantage over your enemy in terms of experience and equipment. Don't be too aggressive, just show them the limits, where they shouldn't get too close. When the opposing Carry AD can last-hit one of your minions, move towards him to make him forget this idea, step back and move forward when necessary. With experience, you will feel when to move and when to attack.

I have prepared a small image for you illustrating the security levels on your top. Prefer to stay in the area close to green and avoid stepping forward in the bright orange / red if you are not 100% sure that nothing can happen to you.

We often fight between green and orange ... Try to shift the fight of minions between green-orange and orange. Thus, the enemy jungler will have a harder time grabbing you by the bush if he is not ward and your own jungler will be able to pick the enemy as it should.

You can also, if you are sure that the enemy has not warded off the bush, hide quietly (not too long because you lose XP and gold!) And wait for the right moment to have a kill. If you can't kill the enemy with this maneuver, forget about it.


  • Earn experience and gold to build your equipment
  • Don't ask for too much help in jungler, he also has his equipment to build and 3 lines of possible ganks. If he is nice, he will come to help you at the expense of his equipment and respawn time or on the contrary he will send you out for a walk.
  • Signal the opposing jungler if you see him and take a look at his equipment.
  • Kill as many things as possible! ... while always staying safe. If your support pings you an enemy with the G key, it means that he feels that a kill is possible. He will engage in combat, slow down the enemy. Follow him absolutely to try and kill the target! Prefer to focus the opposing Carry AD to waste time, XP and gold.
  • Stay cool, never get upset and you will be fine.
  • You will also be able to swap to the middle (mid) if your bottom line is safe and the enemy champion in the center is killable.


Mid game

You must have farmed correctly and have the right equipment to handle the game and start seriously sending heavy loads.

The lower enemy tower has fallen and you are helping your mid ally to do the same.

  • Keep farming the creeps
  • Kill the enemies, it's up to you to do it as much as possible. Do not hesitate to remind your allies.
  • Stay behind others during fights so that it is they who take the damage
  • Watch your bottom tower!


Game over

You have equipment that would make Nashor pale. If your turn is still there, that's great. If in addition you have destroyed the enemy line and helped your allies to do the same and your equipment spits thunder ... I congratulate you!

Your equipment must be almost complete, you are quite able to kill anyone in a group and kill enemy support and opposing Carry AD without losing 3/4 of your life.



Carry AD is therefore a very important role within a team since it is you who carry the team! You are a little the king to whom we must give up the minions and the kills in order to rule the game. Remember to stay humble, thank your allies, and salute the enemies.

If you love team play above all else, the DuoBot Support-Carry AD will be for you. It is not as technical as the Solotop but it is quite tactical since it is necessary to be coordinated with its support. This role requires a fairly good experience and questioning of the player on his mistakes.


We are already talking about it enough, so the next champion is called Thresh, the chain guard. You will be able to discover its file on the official site of League of legends.


I hope that this guide will have been useful to new players as well as to those a little more seasoned and veterans of the game. Do not hesitate to leave your comments concerning your way of playing, your equipment, runes, masteries and other things on this subject, I will be happy to discuss it with you! I tell you very soon for a new article concerning ... The Carry ap !


Bonus: Some of my scores. I can't find the rest!

Scores League of Legends : Carry AD

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