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The role of Carry AP is an important role if the team understands its role and acts accordingly. You have to know how to take risks while being safe and know your limits. You also need to know how to quickly interpret enemy champions and their resistances / damage compared to their equipment. This article will be entirely devoted to the role of Carry AP.

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First of all, let us specify that the rest of the article includes my take on the role of Carry AP, month runes, my master's degrees, my equipment... There are of course other ways of playing this role but here my way of doing things is highlighted.

This article will only be useful in battles in 5 vs. 5, that is to say the Summoner's Rift.

By the way, you'll find the dreaded League of Legends vocabulary here. I still try to speak correctly so that everyone can fully understand the article.

  • Presentation
  • Some Carry AP characters
  • Runes & Masteries
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    • Masters
  • Summoner spells
  • Equipment
  • gameplay
  • Conclusion



For Loliens apprentices, what is the role of Carry AP?

The Carry AP (you) is a player playing alone on the middle line, mid in English. Your role will be to collect as much gold as possible on your line by killing as many minions as possible, neutral monsters in the mid-late game and delivering the last blow to enemies in order to earn more gold. Even if you're the only one playing your line, that doesn't mean you shouldn't go and help your mates downstairs or the Solotop bully: keep an eye everywhere. If you help (feed) the enemy by dying too many times, you may lose your team, and that will be your fault alone. Safe is the key word.

Your role is to quickly gain experience and gold in order to be equipped as efficiently as possible to quickly kill enemies.

Katarina, lame sinistre


You will need to make sure you are as efficient as possible:

  • By killing as many minions / minions as possible, you should not miss any if possible.
  • By playing aggressively to show you have the hand and allow you to win gold quietly ...
  • ... this while remaining safe at all times. It is also up to you to put some wards for a good view of the middle of the map
  • By controlling and interpreting enemy movements. Your investments are extremely important!
  • By helping your top or bot with a shift / swap, that is to say that you go on his line when they are not there, when they are in difficulty and your line is doing very well, that there is 0 danger. You take 3/4 minions and then you go back to the middle.
  • By never dying so as not to give the advantage to the enemy. If the enemy leaves with 10 HP in a bush, leave it and return to farm your line. Also, if it's found, its jungler is in the bush and waiting for you.
  • By dropping the middle tower as soon as you feel your farming is good and you have the chance. Don't push your line too much until you have your first important items. Kill the minions, push back the enemy gently.
  • Once the tower has fallen, domino effect, go to the bottom or the top (depending on their progress) to descend the other enemy tower. Pay close attention to your tower, which must not fall.

Avoid stealing minions from your allies' lines or arriving at the last moment to kill an enemy! If your ally had the opportunity to kill him or get gold from the minions, he won't really appreciate this move, especially if it's the Carry AD (fighter with the same role as you). Otherwise, in the mid-late game, most players (knowing the game) will let you kill their jungle minions and mobs so that you always make more gold.

It's up to you to kill enemy players, so be sure to give the final blow. If an ally insults you by shouting “KS!” Meaning Kill Steal (that you stole the enemy champion from them), remind them that this is your role.

Weighs, lord of hexes. One of the effective AP carry

It will be essential for you to locate your opponents in order to initiate the fights and not to be surprised. To do this, don't forget to place wards at key locations on the middle map. You are in the middle, so enemies can come from anywhere, whether in front, behind or on the sides.

If you are less powerful than your enemy in the mid, play it safe, grab the creeps / minions / minions as soon as possible and play under your turret. He will make mistakes by feeling too powerful and this is the time to get him stuck (maybe using your Jungler as well) under your tower (or not via ganks) and kill him. If you kill the enemy, be very careful not to lose your mind as the enemy jungler might not be very far. Continue quietly to collect gold from enemy minions without fear of the blows of the opposing Carry AP.


Some Carry AP characters

There are a large number of characters who can play this role and each has its own specificities. I will detail some of them for you because describing them all would make the article way too long! I will also choose champions that I haven't mentioned yet.

Ideally, you need a champion who can shoot from a distance and slow down his target so that he has no escape. A middle enemy may choose a Carry AD. I'm only explaining the traditional parts: it's up to you to adapt?

Ahri, nine-tailed fox

  • Ahri has a passive allowing him to gain a vampiric skill every 3 skills cast (ie the fourth heals him according to the damage inflicted). She can also throw her orb far ahead, dealing magical damage on the aisle and raw damage on the return. Ahri can also surround himself with 3 fireflies which rush at nearby enemies. One of her dangerous skills allows her to pull an enemy towards her for up to 2 seconds. His ultimate, meanwhile, allows him to throw himself forward (3 times maximum) while unleashing a powerful magical shot on the nearest enemy or champion with each of his leaps.
    • Healing: vampiric spell every 4 skills cast. 35% vampiric spell;
    • Crowd control: 2s via charm;
    • Bonus: none;
    • Resistance: moderate.

Anivia, cryophénix

  • Anivia is also very effective since it can slow down the movement speed of its enemies via an ice block skill thrown in a straight line and dealing damage to all enemies in its path (Wouw a bit long as a sentence: p). This skill knocks out the enemy at the end of the line. Her ultimate allows her to create a large area on the ground dealing regular damage to enemies in that area and again slowing enemy movement. One of Anivia's skills is to shoot a spike at a target. If that target is already slowed, the damage is doubled! It can also create a large wall of ice blocking enemy movement. Its passive is very practical since it allows to revive Anivia when she dies. It then turns into an egg for a few seconds ... Then comes back! Hey is it a phoenix at the same time?
    • Crowd control: 2 enemy slowing skills including one with double effects that can knock out targets at the end of the trajectory. ;
    • Bonus: can revive when killed + create an impassable wall;
    • Resistance: moderate.

Annie, child of darkness

  • Annie may seem weak at first, but don't doubt it, she has some very powerful skills. For example, she can throw a fireball costing 0 mana if the target is slain. Annie can also throw a cone of flame forward and equip herself with a shield of flame increasing her armor and magic resistance. Additionally, enemies attacking it with Basic Attacks take damage. Thanks to her ultimate, Annie can summon Tibbers, her bear that causes great magical damage wherever it appears and continue attacking enemies chosen thereafter.
    • Care: none;
    • Crowd control: his passive allows you to obtain a knockout spell every 5 attacks (he must cast 4 skills);
    • Bonus: increases armor and magic resistance thanks to its shield which can also cause damage to enemies attacking it;
    • Resistance: moderate (+).

Brand, Flaming Avenger

  • Brand, is the king of multi-target magic damage but nothing prevents it from being very effective against a single target. You should already know that each target hit by a skill of Brand burns for a few seconds and these burnt targets add an effect when casting other skills. His first skill is to launch a fireball (Knock out if burned) in a straight line dealing damage to the first enemy hit. It can also cause an area of ​​flame to emerge from the scorching ground enemies in the area (25% more damage if burned). It can also detonate fire on its target (bounces off all nearby targets if burned). The ultimate of brand pyrolyzes enemies and the fireball bounces from enemies to enemies, very powerful.
    • Care: none;
    • Crowd Control: Stuns with its first skill if the target is burned;
    • Bonus: burns targets hit by one of his skills;
    • Resistance: moderate (+).

Cassiopeia, embrace of the serpent

  • Cassiopeia can cast a number of skills extremely quickly and even poison targets. Quite difficult to master because you have to be very fast in your movements and attacks. Her first skill can be cast quite often and poisons enemies where the poison has spread. It can also create an area of ​​poison that increases in size over time. Its very effective 3rd skill allows you to throw two hooks at a single target. If the target is poisoned, the spell's cooldown is reduced. Cassiopeia's ultimate allows targets to petrify in a cone in front of her if they are looking at her or simply slow them down if the targets are from behind.
    • Care: none;
    • Crowd Control: via the ultimate and the expanding poison zone (miasma);
    • Bonus: after casting a spell, each subsequent spell costs 10% less mana for 5 seconds (stackable up to 5 times);
    • Resistance: moderate (+).

Kassadin, hunter of nothingness

  • Kassadin is a powerful melee Carry AP. He has a Ranged Skill Giving Silence to the enemy which prevents him from casting skills for a short period of time. He can also improve his melee attacks and surrender mana with each of his automatic attacks. Kassadin can also charge a skill and drop it whenever he sees fit and slowing the enemy. Kassadin's ultimate allows him to teleport a medium distance, dealing damage in the area. He can teleport quite often, increasing the amount of damage dealt each time but still costing more mana.
    • Care: none;
    • Crowd control: silence for 2.6s maximum and slowdown via Pulsation;
    • Bonus: Improved attack speed when taking magic damage. This magic damage is also reduced by 15%;
    • Resistance: high.

Leblanc, manipulator

  • The White is a Carry AP that can kill an enemy very quickly without them being able to do anything by chaining their skills in the right order. His first skill silences his target and inflicts magic damage. She can also teleport to inflict damage at the location of her teleportation. One of his skills allows him to throw a chain in a straight line. The first enemy hit is slowed by 25% and then stunned if chained for too long. His ultimate can imitate the skill previously launched but more powerful. Her passive is very practical since when reaching 40% of her life, she becomes invisible for 0,5 seconds. As it becomes visible again, it creates a mirror image of itself that does no damage and lasts for up to 8 seconds.
    • Care: none;
    • Crowd control: slows down, silence and stuns its target;
    • Bonus: can teleport;
    • Resistance: moderate (++).

Ryze, renegade mage

  • Ryze can cast a large number of skills thanks to its passive which reduces all cooldowns in progress by 1s each time a skill is used. It can launch an energy charge at a target, unleash a bouncing flow between enemy targets, and also trap a target in a cage. His ultimate grants him a Vampiric Spell effect and causes all of his spells to deal area damage. The more mana he has, the more powerful his spells.
    • Healing: vampiric spell via ultimate;
    • Crowd control: immobilization of the enemy;
    • Bonus: reduces enemy magic resistance;
    • Resistance: moderate (++).

Syndra, Dark Sovereign

  • Syndra has a sympathetic passive that activates for skills rank 5. She can summon a sphere inflicting damage to surrounding enemies. Another of his skills allows you to grab a minion or a summoned sphere in order to launch it on a chosen area and once again inflict area damage. Syndra can also throw the spheres into a cone in front of her in order to knock out enemies. His powerful ultimate can create a few spheres and hurl them violently against a single target. Spheres already summoned will also be thrown for more power.
    • Care: none;
    • Crowd Control: can knock out targets with the projection of a sphere using a specific skill;
    • Bonus: none;
    • Resistance: moderate (+).

Xerath, supreme mage

  • Xerath is a mage who cannot chain skills as quickly as other champions like Ryze or Cassiopeia but his skills are very powerful and each of his hits will make the enemy think that it is better not to get too close. One of his skills deals great magic damage on a line. He can also cast a skill at an enemy causing magic damage and, if the enemy is then hit by another skill from Xerath, that enemy is stunned for a little while. It can also freeze in place to increase its range and ignore up to 40% of enemy magic resistance. Xerath's ultimate lets you launch up to 3 detonations on a chosen area (it's up to you where to launch, if I may say so, your 3 ultimate hits). It also passively converts 15% of its power into armor.
    • Care: none;
    • Crowd control: stuns via a combo of 2 skills;
    • Bonus: increases movement speed after stopping the locus of power skill;
    • Resistance: moderate (+).


Note that I have only cited the most effective Carry APs ... Very hard to present only 10 because they each have different styles of play all very interesting. I could also have cited: Akali, Diana, Elise, Evelynn, Ezreal, Fiddlestick, Fizz, Galio, Gragas, Heimerdinger, Khartus, Katarina, Kennen, Kog Maw, Lux, Malzahar, Mordekaiser, Morgana, Nidalee, Nunu, Orianna, Shaco, Swain, Teemo, Tristana, Twisted Fate, Veigar, Viktor, Vladimir, Yorick, Ziggs, Zilean, Zyra ... Which you can find on the champions page of the official League of Legends website.


Runes & Masteries

Runes and mastery points are acquired as you level up. At level 30, you have 30 places for your runes and 30 points for your masteries, so you earn one of each per level.

There are 4 types of runes:

  • 9 brands
  • 9 Seals
  • 9 Glyphs
  • 3 Quintessences

These things are very important later in order to "specialize" your characters. You can become more resistant, do more damage, regenerate your mana faster and more.



Runes can be bought and have different prices depending on their qualities and levels.

  • Tier 1: level 1 to 9
  • Tier 2: level 10 to 19
  • Tier 3: level 20 to 30


Here are the runes that I have selected to best play my Carry AP. We agree, the runes are only a boost to start in good conditions, if the statistics are important, it can surely even be used throughout the game.

This image represents my runes AP. So you can see that I have increased my power, my magic penetration and my magic resistance.


  • +20 power: handy to show the enemy not to get too close and let me farm my line. +20 AP is good at the start of the game.
  • +12 magic resistance: hoping that the enemy in the middle is AP because if he is AD it will be a little less useful.
  • +7.8 magic penetration: you have power, so much the better to penetrate the opposing defenses to make them benefit from our great power. Contrary to what some people believe, it's impossible to lower a target's magic resistance below 0 and gain raw damage. You will do damage as if the target has no magic resistance, period.



Regarding the master's degrees, I take a 20/0/10 and AP.


Let's detail these masteries Carry ap :

  • 20 points in attack:
    • Summoner's Wrath: as a Carry AP I may take Tiredness ou Conflagration into summoner spells. This mastery allows you to decrease your target's armor and magic resistance by 10 or increase your attack power and damage by 5 while the spell is recovering. Convenient for making eliminations quickly if necessary and providing a small bonus afterwards.
    • Witchcraft (4/4): + 4% cooldown, useful for casting skills more often.
    • Explosion (4/4): +1 power per level, why not. Required to unlock the Arcane knowledge.
    • Chaos (3/3): increases all damage dealt by 2%. Required to obtain the Strong minded.
    • Arcane Knowledge: + 8% magic penetration. You're welcome !
    • Mental strength (3/3): +6 power to always do more damage.
    • Archmage (4/4): increases total power by 5%, huge bonus?
  • 10 utility points:
    • Summoner's Knowledge: practical, it reduces my summoner spell by 15s Flash (knowing that the Flash reload time will be increased, that's all good). This spell is not only used to escape enemies but can be a big surprise when you flash on enemies to deal your spells. For example for Alistar: flash next to an enemy, atomization and headbutt! The enemy ends up near your Carry AD or turret in a flash. Apply fatigue on top of it and it's done.
    • Meditation (3/3): +3 mana regeneration every 5s.
    • Enlightened Mind (1/3): Reduces Summoner Spell cooldowns by 4%
    • Open mind (3/3): +180 mana at 18th level (10 mana per level)
    • Vampirism: + 2% life steal and + 2% vampiric spell, useful for staying longer on your line.

Luxury, a champion who can play as Carry AP

These masteries are fine with me and contribute to the mechanics I have created with my runes and in-game gear.


Summoner spells

For summoner spells, there are several variations but my favorite remains: Flash + Ignition.

  • Flash allows you to flee quickly if you are badly engaged, to execute a maneuver or on the contrary to surprise the enemy.
  • Conflagration is the most used because with our masteries, it gives +5 AP and +5 AD when in recovery phase. It also allows you to make a kill when the enemy does not have a lot of life points. - Inflicts 70-410 raw damage over 5s to a champion or an enemy and reduces their healing effects during this time.

Why not take those other spells?

  • Fatigue : no no, you are free to take Fatigue! It is very practical for example with Kassadin, Akali, Fizz ... Moreover, when it is used on an enemy, it lowers the armor and the magic resistance of 10. In early it stings!
  •  Care : why not, according to the champion. For example Vladimir would benefit greatly since he does not use mana but his life as a resource - 100 to 525 HP returned (depending on champion level), 50% of this total to nearby allies.
  • Teleportation : free to you but not recommended. - After 4s, you are teleported to the targeted turret or minion anywhere on the map.
  • Ghost : I don't need any extra speed compared to the way I play and the equipment I use, so this is of little use to me ... Once again, it's up to you depending on your champion and your way of doing things - 27% additional speed for 10s.



Now let's talk about the equipment. I change it often depending on the enemy in front and the champion I have selected.

Le Carry ap will have to inflict the maximum damage in a minimum of time. You will obviously need something to protect yourself quickly depending on the type of enemies in front of you: Armor / Magic Resistance. Above all, do not engage in combat unless it is a 1vs1 and you are sure that no reinforcements will be able to help your enemy (and that you have the upper hand).

Speaking of which, Junglers, when we gank ... we let the Carry AP kill the target (if it can)! It is not up to you to get the kill, assistance will be sufficient.


I decided to present four pieces of equipment to you: one more suited to APs taking advantage of automatic attacks, another for APs not using mana, yet another for APs using a lot of mana, and finally, for APs. not being in these other categories. It is also one of my most used builds.

You are free to play variations according to your champion and his skills but also according to the enemy against which you are fighting.


Ability Power taking advantage of automatic attacks 

AP and automatic attacks

You will have to strike fast and hard while being resistant and energetic in your movements.

The following gear is fun for these champions: Akali, Diana, Elise, Evelynn, (Ezreal), Fizz, (Kassadin), Katarina, Kennen, (Kog Maw), Mordekaiser, (Tristana), (Twisted Fate).

  1. We start with 475 gp, take Boots of Speed, 2 Healing Potion and 1 Mana Potion (or 3 Healing potions depending on your champion)
  2. First comeback, we therefore take a Good Kage pickaxe in order to gain a few safe inches and increase our power. We are also preparing something to make a Hextech Revolver to stay longer on its line thanks to the vampiric spell and its power.
  3. When possible, increase your Speed ​​Boots to Sorcerer's Shoes or Mercury Sandals depending on whether you are dominating or if you are dominated in lane. Sandals also make it easier to undergo crowd controls.
  4. We buy the Brilliance which will allow you to strike a powerful blow after each use of skill. If possible, we quickly follow up on the Scourge of the Lich.
  5. We continue on the Headdress of Rabadon in order to boost the power.
  6. You would need a defensive item, choose between Rylai's Scepter (+500 health and power), Abyssal Scepter (Power and magic resistance) or Zhonya's Hourglass (Power and armor) depending on the enemy in front.
  7. We buy the Will of the Ancients which will cost very little since we already have the two main elements.
  8. Let's finish on a Void Staff and there ... You will sting but with a force! Remember that you are still quite fragile, pay attention to your movements.

Diana, contempt for the moon


Ability Power without mana (energy or other system) 

AP sans mana

Note that for Vladimir using his life as a resource bar, you will need to integrate the Haunted Disguise to transform into Liandry's Torment. In place

The following equipment is fun for these champions: Akali, Katarina, Kennen, Mordekaiser, Vladimir.

  1. We start with 475 gp, take Boots of Speed ​​and 3 Healing Potion.
  2. First return, we therefore take a hextech Revolver to stay longer on its line thanks to the vampiric spell and its power.
  3. Then increase your Boots of Speed ​​to Sorcerer Shoes.
  4. Then build a Bracelet of Deadly Fire (start by buying the Mephitic Codex, the item to the right of the bracelet image) which will be very useful for you to launch your skills more often (decrease in the cooldown of skills) and gain a big power bonus. In addition, the item can be activated to reveal its very powerful bonus.
  5. We continue on the Headdress of Rabadon in order to boost the power.
  6. You would need a defensive item, choose between Rylai's Scepter (+500 health and power), Abyssal Scepter (Power and magic resistance) or Zhonya's Hourglass (Power and armor) depending on the enemy in front.
  7. We buy the Will of the Ancients which will cost little because we already have a main element.
  8. Let's finish on a Void Staff and there ... You will sting but with a force! Remember that you are still quite fragile, pay attention to your movements.

Kennan, heart of the storm


Ability Power manavore 

AP manavore

Does a character demand a lot of mana from you when using your skills? This build is designed to overcome this concern.

The following equipment is fun for these champions: Anivia, Brand, Cassiopeia, Galio, Gragas, Kassadin, Kog Maw, Ryze, Xerath

  1. We start with 475 in. Here we go, let's get Boots of Speed, 1 Healing Potion and 2 Mana Potion
  2. We'll follow up with a Protective Catalyst that will increase your health and mana. Each time you level up, your mana and life will regenerate greatly for 8 seconds. Prepare to purchase the 880 gp Chalice of Harmony.
  3. Then increase your Boots of Speed ​​to Sorcerer Shoes.
  4. Hop hop, we then chain the Secular Staff since it takes 10 minutes for the weapon to fully charge in mana, life and power.
  5. Buy your Tear of the Goddess which will increase your mana and its regeneration.
  6. We continue on the Headdress of Rabadon in order to boost the total power.
  7. Buy the upgrade of the Chalice of Harmony, that is to say the unholy Grail of Athens. You will gain many bonuses including power, mana regeneration, magic resistance, reduced skill cooldowns. The less mana you have available, the more quickly it will regenerate ... Finally, you understand: a must for mana buffs.
  8. You would need a defensive item, choose between Shroud of the Banshee (life, mana, magic resist and skill cancellation or spell against you once every 25s), Abyssal Scepter (Power and magic resist), Hourglass of Zhonya (Power and Armor) according to the enemy in front ... And if you have hell strength, go for a Void Staff, I won't stop you! But still think about your defense.
  9. But what to do with all that mana ... As a final item, I would tell you that you need a Staff of the Archangel. The excellent end-game when your mana is fully charged. As the enemies run out of steam, you will regain unheard-of power. Once charged with 750 mana, your staff will evolve into Seraph Embrace.

Anivia, cryophénix

Small nice illustration with this Anivia precisely.

First classified part of season 3 and use of this equipment, here is the result ... Victory! ?


Ability Power is Ability Power 

AP pur

If your person is not in any of the 3 cases above, is this the place to look?

The following equipment is fun for these champions: Ahri, Annie, Brand, Cassio, Elise, Ezreal, Fiddlestick, Galio, Gragas, Heimerdinger, Khartus, Kog Maw, Leblanc, Lux, Malzahar, Morgana, Nidalee, Nunu, Orianna, Shaco , Swain, Syndra, Teemo, Tristana, Twisted Fate, Veigar, Viktor, Xerath, (Yorick), Ziggs, Zilean, Zyra.

  1. We start with 475 gp and use while buying Doran's Ring.
  2. On our first return, we therefore need Boots of Speed ​​and a Hextech Revolver to stay longer on his line thanks to the vampire spell and his power.
  3. Immediately, we think of preparing and finishing his Scepter of Rylai ...
  4. ... the Sorcerer's Shoes ...
  5. ... And we continue on the Headdress of Rabadon in order to boost the total power.
  6. Thanks to the Hextech Revolver bought at the beginning, you can buy yourself the Will of the Ancients.
  7. We see for the Abyssal Scepter (power and magic resistance) or a Zhonya Hourglass (power and armor) depending on the enemy in front.
  8. We then end up on a Void Staff and voila!

Morgana, Fallen Angel


Also, don't forget to buy wards from time to time (the bare minimum) in order to place them in key places; this in order not to get caught by an enemy gank or the return of the mid which was hiding in the bush.

You can place two from time to time, but don't waste your gold putting LOTS of wards. It is better to play without equipment than without ward (although it is better with both: p). You can also place enchantments on your late-game boots if you feel like it.

Your placements are very important as a Carry AP, you will need to know your attack distance and the range of your skills, your safe placement so you don't get caught and killed by enemy champions and many other parameters. . I repeat, the shifts / swaps are important in order to go from the middle row to the top or bottom row.



Like all teams, players will need to communicate with each other in order to achieve effective team play.

Communication & Vision

Your role as Carry AP will be to cause the greatest damage possible. You collect gold and kills from enemy champions. You're alone in the middle line, so it's up to you to signal when the enemy mid-champion is out of sight! Loss of sight of enemies on the lines is indicated by a " ss mid "Which means" miss mid "or rather"I lost sight of the enemy in the middle line " . Always keep an eye on the minimap as well.

Don't hesitate to use the conversation! I insist on this point too few use it (or on the contrary, use it too much ...). Report only what is important to you.

You also have at your disposal the G key (+ left click) signaling a point to attack and the V key (+ left click) signaling a point from which one must move away. Do not mix these keys. If you clearly see one of your enemies in the middle going up or down, signal it with:

► "ss XXX mid" then make 3 G signals to designate the direction in which it is going (from the middle to the top or the bottom via the mini-card). ◄

I insist, co-mmu-ni-quez !! ?


Regarding vision, by that I mean posing Visions milestones et Visions tags commonly known as Wards. It is not your role as Carry AP to ward off the card, but a few points may be important on your line. You need to know these key points, the important locations of these wards. Here they are :

Bush mid to the top

  • In order to get more visibility on the jungle crossing and your bush, we can place the ward there. It is applicable by aiming through the wall to go faster.
  • You can also put it at the bottom of the small tuft of grass (the one slightly above) in order to see further into the river but this requires more movement (therefore loss of XP, gold and possible gank against you) .

Mid bush towards the bot

  • In order to get more visibility on the jungle crossing and your bush, we can place the ward there. It is applicable by aiming through the wall to go faster.
  • You can also put it at the bottom of the small tuft of grass (the one slightly below) in order to see further into the river but this requires more movement (therefore loss of XP, gold and possible gank against you) .


Watch and steal the enemy blue golem

  • If your enemy is back, ward off his blue golem to see when he attacks it. You are then free to approach without being spotted and wait for the right moment to steal it. If the enemy is low on health you can kill them AND steal their bruise. The humiliation?


There are obviously other ways to place your Wards, other places also depending on the situation or the team in which you are ... But this is more for the role of Support.

I leave you all the same the small map of all the interesting points of Ward. Like all our images, click on them to enlarge them! ?

  • In Orange: the usual Vision milestones.
  • In Purple: Vision Beacons for Drake (below) and Nashor (up).
  • In red : the essential vision milestones.



This point is very important in the game, it allows you to:

  • Maximize your gold farm on minions;
  • Minimize the chances of success of enemy ganks (being attacked by the enemy jungler);
  • Minimize the chances of getting caught by the opposing Jungler and Carry AP;
  • Reduce the enemy farm, which has less gold than you.

Your goal will therefore be to play safe while giving the last blow to the maximum number of enemy minions and champions near death. Wait for the right moment and then launch your self-attack.

Do not push too hard on the line so that the minions stay towards the center. You will farm much better and avoid enemy ganks: is it investment?


At stake is the lane phase (line) where you collect a maximum of gold then, the more the game will develop, the more you will also have to integrate team fights, teamfights. Players will normally give you final hits on enemy champions when possible.

Phase de lane:

Stay well behind your minions, watch out for champions who can send their skills without them stopping at the first minion hit. For example, Ezreal's Mystic Flow stops at the first enemy hit, but the Mystic Flow passes through all enemies up to the ability's maximum range. You need to know enemy skills to be effective.

Also be very careful if you have little health because the enemy can come from 2 places via your jungle, from the 2 passages near your turret and via the 2 bushes in the middle. Play with caution and away from walls if you are low in health.

Collect as much gold as possible, play safe but be aggressive. When your support engages in combat, don't let them die unnecessarily and build yourself the best possible equipment to cause the most damage to enemies.


Teamfights phase:

You will obviously always have to think about killing as many minions as possible, do not neglect the jungle from time to time, it allows you to recover a little gold before going back for example.

The Carry AD has as much the right to kills as you since it has practically the same role: to cause enormous damage. Remember it.

In group combat, you need to be behind the team so that you can attack without getting caught. Be very mobile and know how to attack and withdraw when necessary. Avoid chasing an enemy with very low health if you can't see where they are going! He could very well surprise you with two of his allies and there ... is the drama?

Obviously you have to place yourself at the back of the group, paying close attention to advanced tactics: the opposing Carry AP / Carry AD comes from behind you while the rest of the team thought they were fighting a 4v5 fight. happened several times, now I pay attention. If you are killed, the group will have a hard time winning the teamfight.

Watch everything around you, even the minimap, be mobile, move when needed and know when to attack / withdraw. Don't put line of sight between yourself and your enemies. Use your minions (and why not your allies!: P) as a shield.


Start of game

At the start of the game, you will only have to kill as many creeps as possible in order to have the advantage over your enemy in terms of experience and equipment. Don't be too aggressive, just show them the limits, where they shouldn't get too close. When the opposing Carry AP can last-hit one of your minions, move towards him in order to make him forget this idea, move back and move forward when necessary. With experience, you will feel when to move and when to attack.

I have prepared a small image for you illustrating the security levels on your mid. Prefer to stay in the area close to green and avoid going forward in the orange / red if you are not 100% sure that nothing can happen to you.

We often fight between green and orange. Thus, the enemy jungler will have a harder time grabbing you by the bush if he is not ward and your own jungler will be able to pick the enemy as it should.

You can also, if you are sure that the enemy has not warded off the bush, hide quietly (not too long because you lose XP and gold!) And wait for the right moment to have a kill. If you can't kill the enemy with this maneuver, forget about it.


  • Earn experience and gold to build your equipment
  • Don't ask for too much help in jungler, he also has his equipment to build and 3 lines of possible ganks. If he is nice, he will come to help you at the expense of his equipment and respawn time or on the contrary he will send you out for a walk.
  • Signal the opposing jungler if you see him and take a look at his equipment.
  • Kill as many things as possible ... while always staying safe.
  • Stay cool, never get upset and you will be fine.
  • You will also be able to swap down (bot) or up (top) if your midline is safe and the enemy center champion is killable.

Little tip against Malzahar, so buy a Mercury Belt to counter his ultimate, voila!


Mid game

You must have farmed correctly and have the right equipment to handle the game and start seriously sending heavy loads.

The enemy middle tower has fallen and you are helping your bottom and / or top allies to do the same.

  • Keep farming the creeps
  • Kill the enemies, it's up to you to do it as much as possible. Do not hesitate to remind your allies.
  • Stay behind others during fights so that it is they who take the damage
  • Watch your middle tower!


Game over

You have equipment that would make Nashor pale. If your turn is still there, that's great. If in addition you have destroyed the enemy line and helped your allies to do the same and your equipment spits thunder ... I congratulate you! Your equipment should be almost complete, you are quite capable of killing anyone in a group.



The Carry AP is therefore a very important role within a team since it is you who carry the team (good ok, your Carry AD too;))! You are a little the king to whom we must give up the minions and the kills in order to rule the game. Remember to stay humble, thank your allies, and salute the enemies.

If you like Solotop but want to send more potatoes, I advise you to try the mid. You will need a lot of concentration because in the middle, enemies can come from everywhere and you will have to hold your line, build your equipment and defeat the enemy in front ... while often glancing at the allied lines top and bot. A lot of responsibility, a thoughtful GamePlay is therefore required in order to better understand this role.

I hope that this guide will have been useful to new players as well as to those a little more seasoned and veterans of the game. Do not hesitate to leave your comments concerning your way of playing, your equipment, runes, masteries and other things on this subject, I will be happy to discuss it with you!

So we've completed the role guides for League of Legends! We will meet again very soon for one or 2 precise and complete guides focused on one champion at a time.

Next time we will tell you all about ... Teemo ! See you soon ?


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