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In the point & click family, I ask for Silence. There are good fun games that we want to discover on different media. Today, it is the case of Silence, on Switch, which is entitled to its preview. How does a point & click on this console fare, you might tell me, well, we'll find out no later than now!



Here we have Rennie and Noah, who after a bombardment by the army of an enemy country, are hiding in their "personal" bomb shelter. To comfort Rennie who is terribly afraid and sinks into a depression, Noah sets out to tell her the story of Silence. Until the moment when the two children find themselves projected into this so bright and colorful world, far from the bombardments ... but with other concerns of their own. The false queen rules the world and turns people into stalkers, and only the rightful Regent of Silence will be able to take her place on the throne.


Graphics & atmosphere

Silence is a game full of color and life, which offers a sound unlike its graphics. Because as much the game throws us really catchy sets, as the atmosphere is discreet and is limited to the sounds of the characters and the interactions. Well, I agree ... music when you block on a passage ... it can quickly get on your nerves.

The game is fully dubbed in quality English, and offers spanish subtitles. The reactions of the characters are really well interpreted and I give a special mention to Rennie and Spot, who win the award for the most adorable characters.



Basically, I had never dared to play Point & Click on a console. I find myself forced to say that for this game ... it is very well done.

The system is designed to provide a view of all possible actions / interactions with the switchboard environment. However, it will not help you solve the puzzles that inhabit this world. Because the game is based on a system of progression between characters, enigma and choices in the dialogues. However, these choices will be truly forgettable ... so little is their impact.

You will often be able to switch characters (X key), which will give you control over Noah, Spot and Rennie. Sometimes you will have to switch characters that are on different boards in order to find a solution that is otherwise unthinkable.

Spot is the pivotal character in many situations. It is a species of green caterpillar capable of flattening, swelling, dividing (with the help of objects) or igniting. His role will be crucial and will help unlock many situations. As for the passages to the characters in solo… it often requires to have the imagination and to represent the interactions between the objects present on the table… Sometimes far from being obvious!


The details

Well ... the game is relatively short, about 6-8 hours taking your time. As for the puzzles, they are not the kind to destroy the brain, but rather come from the gentle cogitation until the solution is found. The characters are very endearing, especially for some: between the adorable Rennie, who likes to lick everything, the cute Spot and Noah… We can really see the transition and the metamorphosis of their personality, the most striking being that of Noah in Sadwick. The game also offers two really moving endings ... which can encourage you to start over.

For those who are interested ... Silence, although being a stand-alone, is the continuation of the chronicles of Sadwick.



I would say that Silence is a moving game, soft and much deeper than it seems. Regarding the point & click aspect which is really well suited to the console and which helps the player a bit in the end, it's a good plus. I therefore highly recommend this game to you, when it is on sale on Switch, because even if it is not very long, it offers an interesting story and characters. For those who have played The Sadwick Chronicles, this will make for a great sequel, and for others, a great game.

You'll find it on Nintendo Switch, Playstation Store, Microsoft Store, and Steam

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