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I suggest you discover a new preview of the new 3.0 operation, Les Ravageurs, a little more detailed than the preview we had made on the test server.

Thank you to the friends of the ASTRIA guild for discovering this operation which has many surprises in store?


1er Boss : Sparky

Health points: 2,3 million

Sparky is a good big dog, who shouldn't pose too much difficulty for this introduction. She has a shield, which will have to be broken. At around 90%, it will deactivate, stunning her, and you can go wild on her even more. She regains her shield when she uses the "Brutalizer" power (jumps on a player, knocks them to the ground and attacks them). At this point, you have to break your shield as quickly as possible, before your power ends, or else the player risks direct death.

At certain points in the fight, adds will come and play as well. It is advisable that a second tank or off-tank take them, as they inflict a stacking debuff, which increases damage taken by 4%.



2nd Boss: Intendant Bulo

Health points: 2,9 million

This boss is rather annoying. One of his main attacks is a cone, which he throws at the second person on the threat list. So the tanks must really have the maximum threat not to send this attack in the group.

After several seconds, waves of ads will arrive. The goal is going to be to kill them with the blue and purple AoEs that distant ships drop on us. To help, there are barrels of alcohol on the ground. Once a barrel is taken by a player, the adds will stop firing from a distance, and will target that player and follow him. These adds arrive according to a specific timer: every 45 seconds. The first appearance is at 20 seconds, on the platform just above the boss. It is therefore quite easy to predict to eliminate this wave. The following waves appear randomly at the top or on the sides.

Other than that, Bulo regularly throws a flaming barrel at a player, dealing significant damage and leaving an area of ​​flames on the ground. A Hoist also comes in from time to time and targets a player, then detonates on him.


3e boss : Torque

Health points: 1,9 million

Torque's objective is to destroy the ship (and him at the same time ... weird. Suicidal tendencies, it seems). For this, he will at times destroy the consoles that you can see to his right and left. If all the consoles are destroyed ... well, I'm not drawing you a picture, eh, you understand.

Right behind are elevators with signs on the side.

These panels will summon Astromechanical Droids to repair the consoles that Torque has broken.


4e boss : Blaster

Health points: 2,4 million


The sequel to come!

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