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Today, we are going to talk about a lot of things, and in general, everything related to the good handling, personalization and customization of your character. Casually, you will spend time cherishing this little avatar and above all, it will be thanks to him that you will be venerated by your contemporaries, because yes, a good healer is considered the equal of a god by the other weak deadly. Put that in your head, and you'll be in the right frame of mind.


Creating your character

There, you say to yourself that I have such an ego that I will allow myself to tell you how to create your character, and that frankly, I freak out a little. And I will answer you that yes, absolutely, and so? More seriously, I think it's important to focus on character creation in The Old Republic for a little longer than you would in any other game for a few reasons:

  • At this time, you can't change your character's physique after you've created it. So it is better not to screw up.
  • With the dialogue system, you're going to see your character's face a lot, a lot, a lot. Suddenly, it may not seem bad that you like it a bit.
  • Watch how horrible all those mustaches are.
Basically, spend a little time creating your character, even if you're excited to get into the game, ideally, take advantage of this last day of open beta to play with character creation and already know what you want. for the release. It'll save you time and keep you from telling yourself two months later that the idea of ​​an obese twi'lek who seemed so funny at the time is actually starting to get you really bored. Besides, please don't unleash the fury of the male type 4 bodysuit, please, think about the eyes of other players. As the final step in creating your character, think about your name a bit. Well that sounds stupid to say, but avoid long names, eventually you will be able to add a title and your Legacy name (which is basically a last name). If your character is already called Jean-Pierre-Henri base, you will quickly end up with something like Jean-Pierre-Henri de la Moulinière the terrible dark. Please don't do this with your hand, the suicide rate in this country doesn't need to go up. And finally, know that as SW: TOR still has a small roleplay dimension (even apart from RP servers), it risks cutting very violent on non-charter nicknames. Personally, the first Harrison'Solo, Darth'Naruto or Sasuke484 that I meet, I report directly. Here it was, it was the minute: I can not frame the nicknames extended, ugly, inspired by Naruto and with "Dark" in it. The advantage with such a rant is that I am guaranteed to be whispered by jokers with nicknames each more ridiculous than the others in a chain.



Your alignment

As you know, in The Old Republic you can switch to the light or dark side depending on your choices in the dialogue phases. It does not influence your gameplay in any way but your look a little, and above all it can allow you to unlock equipment reserved for one or the other of the alignments.

Unfortunately, at the present time, the system is quite Manichean since there are no rewards provided for the "grays", those who wish to maintain a neutral alignment. So unless you stick to it for roleplay issues or while waiting for things to be implemented (a priori it will come to an end), it is better to focus on a more clear-cut alignment. Overall, two ways of playing are possible:

  • Make the choices in your soul and conscience (you can even hide the indicator that gives you the meaning of a choice in the options).
  • Aim for an alignment, and stick to all the choices that move this solution forward by clicking red or blue whenever you get the chance.
The score that directs you to one side or the other is the difference of your two scores, for example, to reach Light I which requires 1000 points of light side, if you have 1200 points of light side and 300 of dark side , well it's not good.



Your companions

You will recover your first companion during your adventure on the first planet, you will then recover others a little later, until you have six at the end. I don't go into details, I don't want to spoil yourself on this subject, it's pretty cool to have the surprise on this plan I think, at worst you will not have any difficulty in retrieving the information elsewhere .

The good thing to know is that some companions can fill a variety of roles, including tank roles, which is pretty cool for us healers. It is therefore rather welcome to favor these characters for our solo outings, and not to hesitate to put almost as much energy into stuffing them correctly as we do for ourselves, it makes solo farming a lot easier. Be careful, however, the bonuses that your companions get from the various characteristics do not always seem to follow the usual shackles. For example, Qyzen Fess, the consular's first companion recovers melee damage bonuses thanks to the Aimed stat (whereas normally only Stamina has this role). So remember to take a look at the character sheets and skill lists of your new buddies when you pick them up, there may be a few things like that to spot. Also remember to manage the skills they use (a little right click on it to activate or not the green square which means that your companion will use this skill or not automatically), either to activate the new ones or to fire some that bother you. (like the AoEs that break your controls).

In short, your companions are very useful, do not neglect them by thinking that they are common farts. They do more than just add bonus damage, and playing effectively with them can make it easy to solo content where you will see other players getting stuffed like poop. And yeah.


Your crew skills

Ah the crafting, the harvesting, the exploitation of underpaid companions and the resale of cheap drugs to the orphans of Nar Shaada, but I digress. Already, tell yourself that building these crew skills is good. I won't go so far as to say that it is essential because it is still difficult to say at the moment, but Bioware has promised us something to have fun with it at a high level, so we might as well not let go. Pass the opportunity Already, the thing to know about crew skills (for those who have not yet understood, it is the craft job system of the game eh), is that it is better to mount them at the same time that you type a late up once level 50: overall it will take you twice as long and ten times as much money for the same result. So basically, as soon as you leave your home planet and land on your faction's Fleet, pounce on the NPCs who will unlock your three crew skills. But how does one choose?

First, you have to select the crafting skill that will allow you to create items (you can only have one). You have the choice between 6 possibilities:

  • Cybernetics: Allows you to create implants, tech gadgets, object modifications and other stuff. Useful to everyone.
  • Biochemistry: Allows you to create stimpacks, buffs, medipacks. Useful for everyone to see essential to have the buffs opti at high level in Operation for example.
  • Synthweaving: Armor creation skill for Force users (consular / inquisitor, knight / sith warrior).
  • Artifice: Weapon creation skill for Force users, crystals, and other item upgrades.
  • Armor Crafting: Armor crafting skill for tech users (smuggler / agent, soldier / bounty hunter).
  • Weapon Crafting: Skill to craft firearms and other weapons for tech users.
With that, you should have an idea of ​​what to choose according to your class, keep in mind that some professions like Artifice are taken by storm ("Omg making lightsabers, hiiiiii !!!") while others are essential. will be completely neglected ("Biochemistry, hello!"). Once your crafting skill has been chosen, the easiest way is to go to the codex (tab of the missions screen in the game) and consult the sheet of the profession you have selected to find out which harvesting professions are optimized. . The easiest way is really to stick to that to be sure to collect the useful items for your crafting skill rather than having to store / resell unnecessary things in spades. Be careful, translation errors persisted in the objects that bring back the mission skills, inquire at the time of the release or change the skill if you see that the one you took from us gives you nothing useful, at worst if you take a mission skill, it remains secondary to those of crafting and harvesting. For the record, the harvesting skills are Salvage (metals), Bioanalysis (living tissue), Archeology (crystals and artifacts). Mission skills are Investigation, Illegal Trade, Diplomacy, and Treasure Hunting and grant more varied things like rare components, gifts for partners, and even points of alignment for Diplomacy.


Your skills

You will quickly realize in the game that the number of skills you are going to have between those of your base class and your advanced class is relatively large. Nothing insurmountable, but there's still plenty to get lost in managing a good, well-groomed user interface, especially when you have to switch during your progression phase between soloing in PvE, heal in a group and a little bit of everything. PvP. I don't have a magic bullet to deal with it all, quite frankly. Especially since on the dps side we do not yet have too much info on the theorycraft side so that I can tell you that you can transfer such and such a spell after level X.

So you're going to have to manage as well as you can. I already spoke about it in the leveling guide for healer, do not be lost and especially do not let your shortcuts choose themselves without your knowledge. My advice, however you bind your keys, organize your shortcuts, or play is this: Anytime your class trainer teaches you a new skill, think about where you want it. appears in your interface, to the key to which you want it to be bind, if that must involve transferring another skill ... Anyway, think about it. Otherwise, solo it will be fine, but once you get to an instance or a war zone, you will have the unpleasant feeling of being in a fight with your interface, which is frankly not the right way to enjoy a game. .

You can add a few quick access bars in the interface options, obviously you should not deprive yourself of it You can also review your shortcuts thoroughly, configure your nag mouse, do not wait to be overwhelmed level 50 for the do, manage it from the get-go, and you'll see it get a lot better. In any case, the game will have neither add-on nor macros at the exit, you have not much more to do than to make you already an interface and a neat management of your skills.



Star Wars: The Old Republic doesn't necessarily give you a lot more customization options than other standards in the genre, but the big difference is that it puts your avatar a lot more at the center of the game. angles, and it will be more than just a bunch of polygons that run and jump while casting spells. This is the advantage of dialogues, companions, etc. They offer a real possibility of immersion and give the game that little touch which makes it a very good title in my opinion. So do not miss the boat from the start or you may regret it bitterly (even if in the long term we can imagine seeing the coming of paid character overhaul, name change or advanced class services for example). In short, no pressure!

After the game can also be enjoyed quite simply, without taking too much cabbage but ... we are healers, we have the duty to roxx like ponies vomiting rainbows in all aspects of our game.

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