SWTOR - Dread Fortress: Nefra

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Pau Monfort


As promised, I am starting the long series of guides on new operations. Today's program, the first boss from the Dread Fortress:  Nefra.

Hard Mode: 2 health

Important points

First of all, I want to explain what the threat table is for those who are unfamiliar with this term. It is simply a table detailing the amount of threat generated and the position of each member of your party. Depending on the spells used, a player can increase or decrease his threat to an enemy.

  • Nefra regularly sends a twin attack dealing very heavy damage if this attack is unmanaged. It is distributed over the first two people of the threat table present in its cone of vision. It is therefore imperative that the tanks are in front of him and always at the top of this table.
  • A weak enemy comes to bother you regularly by posing a Red zone. This enemy cannot be killed, so you will just need to get out of the area.
  • Nefra will scream every 30 seconds to place a curse on your party dealing high damage over the long haul. it is imperative to treat it as soon as possible.


Course of the fight

It is important before the fight to assign a placement for each player:

  • the tanks must both be grouped in front of the boss.
  • the healers must be distributed to the left and to the right in order to have as many people as possible within reach of care.
  • the DPS must be a maximum spaced from the other members so as not to interfere with them during the red zone.

Next, let's move on to the most stressful part: engaging in combat. This is because the twin attack happens from the start and it is imperative that the tanks are both placed in front of the boss. So that the threat is not lost and a player does not die stupidly, it is recommended to abuse taunts. Here is the cycle that is sure to keep you surviving:

  • Tap with a basic spell to place it
  • Taunt du premier tank
  • Taunt du second tank
  • Twin attacks.

It is important to note that the two tanks must be grouped together during the twin attack.

Here you are on your way to victory since you will only have two things left to manage:

  1. Curses: assign a task to each of your limbs to avoid unnecessary damage.
  2. Red areas: they shouldn't be too much of a concern unless a healer picks them up and needs to move. It is therefore important that the tanks protect their healers and that they themselves reduce their threat regularly.



Here we are witnessing a fairly simplistic start-up combat with two or three combat techniques. The main interest is especially to wake you up because, whether you are equipped in 72, 75 or 78, only your reactivity will be able to save you.



  • Implant or belt 78 type Token
  • 1 random coin out of set 78
  • 1 generator mass manipulation
  • 2 exotic element equalizers
  • 6 ultimate distinctions
  • 8 elite distinctions



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