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Who I am
Alejandra Rangel


Hello everyone, I am Nik'ko, Erudit Damage, member of the Arrakeen guild established on Battle Meditation. I would like to offer you a guide on the Telekinesis specialty for a PvE and PvP vocation, taking into account the changes in update 2.7.


  • Introduction
  • Talent tree
  • Powers
    • Defensive spells
    • Damage spells
    • Utilities
    • The essentials
  • Understand your class
  • How to equip yourself?
  • Optimization
  • Some tips for PvP
  • Conclusion



The Force emanates from the infinite wisdom of the Jedi Scholar. It allows him to master the psychic and create shields of pure energy to protect himself. Scholar is a ranged damage class. In case of hard knocks, we have a wide range of healing powers. Finally, our Force Speed ​​gives us great mobility.

On the other hand, it is recognized by all that our armor is very fragile. This disadvantage is overcome by some defensive spells that will save us at the right time.


Why the Telekinesis specialty?

Telekinesis and Balance specializations are equivalent in PvE. The bottom line is that these are two different styles of play.

In PvP, the Balance or “dot” (damage over time) specialization will give opposing healers a lot of work, as you spread the damage you do over the entire opposing party. You will find that you will only do a few fatal hits and your biggest hits will not be that impressive.

The advantage of Telekinesis is that you have really big hits. In particular your Turbulence and your Telekinetic Wave which will do very large damage to opposing players. However, the Telekinesis specialization is only viable from level 45 where we can reach the last level of the tree with our main power: Turbulence.


Talent tree

For PvE, I recommend this talent tree:

3 / 36 / 7

For PvP, I suggest changing two points to improve our survival:

4 / 36 / 6


Explanation of talent tree choices

In Telekinesis specialization, we have a lot of spells to cast. Thus, the colon in "Gift of Strength" that grants 2% alacrity are essential.

Some will say that it is better to put the colon in "Penetrating Light" which grants an additional 2% critical chance. But the formulas show that Critical Rating increases Critical Chance faster than Alacrity Rating increases Alacrity. In other words, it's easier to increase your Critical Chance than your Alacrity.

The colon in "Critical Kinesics" is also vital as you will have a 6% additional chance to crit on two of your powers of Disturbance and Telekinetic Throw.




Defensive spells

Strength armor : this one envelops us in a shield which absorbs a large number of damage (thanks in particular to the two points of "Telekinetic Defense"). It is available every 20 sec. The amount of damage absorbed is proportional to your healing bonus. It varies between 5000 and 6500 approximately depending on your equipment.

Force barrier : Available at level 51, it makes us immune to all attacks (melee and ranged) and knockdowns for 8 seconds. It can be used even when immobilized or stunned.

If you wait for the Barrier to channel for 8 seconds, you have 4 charges of "Tenacious Bastion", a shield that will absorb a large amount of damage for 5 seconds after your Barrier ends. The higher the number of charges you absorb, the greater the quantity.

Additionally, at the end of your Barrier, you gain the "Steadfast" effect which makes you immune to Interruptions for the next 5 seconds.

If you move your Scholar while channeling the Barrier, you interrupt it prematurely and you will not have all 4 charges. Therefore, the shield will absorb less damage. However, you will still be immune to interruptions.

This defense spell will save your life time and time again. It is particularly useful in PvP if you have several enemy players against you but also in PvE where it can purge damage over time from certain bosses such as the second boss of the Dread Palace (Tyrants) in hard mode, or you Allow the Zero Corruptor laser to be resisted on the Dread Fortress. The colon in "Force Haste" at Tier VII decreases the cooldown by 30 seconds to reach 2:30.

Note: Another Scholar's grappling hook interrupts the Force Barrier.

Force speed : Increases our movement speed by 150% for 2 seconds. This spell gives us great mobility in all situations.


Damage spells

Damage over time

Weakened mind: This is damage over time that lasts 18 seconds. In fact, you have 6 stacks of damage, the first occurring 3 seconds after the pose and the last after 18 seconds.

Ecrasement mental  : This damage over time consists of 7 charges which are linked together quickly. Note that the first is instantaneous.

Note for PvP: In Telekinesis, this damage over time can be purged with a Restoration of a Scholar or a Cleanse of a Sorcerer. In the Balance specialization, Psychic Absorption at level VI prevents this damage from being dissipated.


Spells with incantation



Telekinetic throw : It works with 4 charges that inflict 1000 points of average damage each. Care must be taken not to interrupt your Telekinetic throw prematurely so as not to lose the last charge.


Instant spells



Area damage spells (AoE)

Force flow : Inflicts light damage and throws all the enemies located in a cone of 15 meters in front of you and immobilizes them completely for 5 seconds thanks to the two points taken in "Wake of force" (level VI). This is particularly useful in PvP in a Huttball where you can throw an enemy into flames and immobilize them in it. Use without moderation in PvP.

Telekinetic wave : Deals damage to up to 5 targets within 8 yards of the primary target. Note that a Telekinetic Wave that critically results in two enemies consumes both Force Content charges.

Force wave : This area spell allows damage to a maximum of 5 enemies. It also works by charges (there are 6, the first not being instantaneous).



Force Stun : this is your "stun" which stuns a single target for 4 seconds (useful in PvP and not very useful in PvE).

Lift by Force : allows you to totally immobilize an enemy target for 60 seconds (on non-player characters) and 6 seconds (on an enemy player).

Force Slowing : Deals light damage when applied to the target and slows it for 6 seconds by 50% (only useful in PvP).

Muddled mind : Interrupts a spell channeled by an enemy player or an enemy NPC and prevents them from using this power for 4 seconds. This power is very important in PvE when you need to interrupt the Mass Affliction launched by the corrupters on the second boss of the Dread Fortress.

Restauration : This spell allows you to dispel two mental or Force effects. It can be used on you but also on your allies. Indispensable in PvE to dispel, for example, the "Death Marks" of Tyrants on the Dread Palace (last boss).

Misty mind : allows you to decrease your animosity if for example you are targeted by certain bosses (useful only in PvE). To be used neither too early nor too late (it's up to you).


The essentials

Strength Content : When you activate this power, you get 2 charges. Your next two spells have a 60% additional chance to crit. Unless you have 40% critical chance, a spell is likely not to crit. This is not a problem, as only spells that result in critical consumption consume Force Content charges. Note that Strength Content does not work on Mind Crush charges (except the first one) and Weakened Mind charges.

Mental acuity : This spell grants you 20% more alacrity and makes you immune to Interruptions for 15 seconds.


The unnecessary 

Saber Strike and Double Attack are melee attacks, never to be used in Scholar.


Understand your class

Force problem

Unlike our healer friends or fellow Scholars playing in Balance, the Force flows within us and is unlimited. The huge advantage is that we can fight endlessly. The Force will never be a problem. Whether in PvE or PvP, you can even raise your life bar with Benevolence or even a big Deliverance to relieve your healers. They will thank you for it.


Explanations of Mental Elan and Telekinetic Elan

a) Mental Impulse relates to Turbulence and Mental Crush.

  • When you cast Turbulence, you have a 30% chance to produce a second explosion that will strike the target. This mini turbulence will only do 30% of the damage of the big turbulence.
  • Mind Crush normally deals 7 stacks to the target. But thanks to Mental Momentum, each charge has a 30% chance of doubling. It could very well be that your Crush inflicts 8, 9 or even 10 charges. Note, however, that this additional damage is not indicated as "Mental surge" in a combat log.

b) Telekinetic Momentum concerns Disturbance and Telekinetic Wave.

  • When you cast a Disturbance or Telekinetic Wave, you have a 30% chance to produce a second explosion that will strike the target. This mini Disturbance or mini Wave will only do 30% of the damage of the Disturbance / Telekinetic Wave. Note however that this second explosion does not have to result in criticism if the first does. Also note that Telekinetic Elan is twice as likely to trigger when Mental Alacrity is active.

Note: these talents are passive powers!


Importance of mental alacrity

Alacrity increases the speed at which our powers are executed. In our Telekinesis specialty, it is therefore very important. When you activate Mental Alacrity, you gain an additional 20% Alacrity. Your Disturbance will then take place in 1,2 sec instead of 1,5 sec, your Turbulence in 1,6 sec instead of 2 sec, ...

Reuse time: theoretically it is 2 minutes.

  • In fact, we've put a dot in "Fluid Force" that reduces that delay by 15 sec.
  • Then, from level 50, you can get a "set". If you have 2 pieces with set bonus (I remind you that the bonus is linked only to armor), you will reduce this delay by another 15 seconds.
  • Finally, with each Mental Elan or Telekinetic Elan, the delay is reduced by 1 second.


Effect activations (procs)

a) Psychic projection (stage III)

When you cast a Disturbance on a target affected by Weakened Spirit, you gain a Psychic Projection proc (an additional icon appears next to your positive effects). If you activate your Telekinetic Throw, it will activate over 1,5 seconds instead of 3 seconds.

Remember: you should never channel a Telekinetic Throw if you don't have the proc.

b) Tide of force (level IV)

This is undoubtedly the most important process in this specialty. When you cast a Disturbance or Turbulence, your character envelops itself in rays of light and you gain a Tidal Force proc.

You then have 10 seconds to instantly launch a Telekinetic Wave. This effect can only occur every 10 seconds. Again, never channel a Telekinetic Wave (3 second cast) if you don't have the Tidal Force proc.

Surge of Force also triggers the Tide of Force proc. Note that the proc appears even before the first charge of the Surge of Force. This can be useful at the start of a fight, especially on groups of enemies.


How to optimize your damage

  • Introduction
  • Monocible
  • Multi-target

Damage powers we'll be using:

  • Turbulence
  • Disturbance
  • Telekinetic wave
  • Telekinetic throw
  • Ecrasement mental
  • Weakened mind

Don't use your projection in your cycle. It can only be useful for finishing off an enemy player in PvP or an enemy in a hot spot, but that's it!

Key point: When you cast Turbulence, your target must be affected by your Weakened Mind (not that of another scholar!) As it will automatically crit.


  • Ecrasement mental
  • Weakened mind
  • Mental acuity
  • Dopant
  • Turbulence
  • Disturbance
  • Strength content
  • Telekinetic wave
  • Trouble x2
  • Telekinetic throw



While Weak Mind is active (18 seconds), you have time to cast two Turbulences. We must therefore follow the following diagram:

  • Weakened mind
  • Turbulence
  • ...
  • Turbulence
  • ...
  • Weakened mind
  • Turbulence
  • ...
  • Turbulence
  • ...

Between two Turbulences, you will still need to cast a Telekinetic Wave under proc and a Telekinetic Throw under proc. Normally, under dope, you will have time to cast two Turbulences.


Order of priority for the rest of the fight

  1. Launch your Turbulence as soon as it is available (every 9 seconds).
  2. Always initiate a Trouble immediately after a Turbulence.
  3. Cast your Mind Crush as soon as it becomes available (every 15 seconds). If you're good with your cycle, you should still get the Tide of Force proc after Turbulence (cooldown: 9 seconds) and Psychic Projection after Disturbance following Turbulence.
  4. Activate your Force Content every 90 sec and immediately after, cast a Telekinetic Wave and a Disturbance or 2 Disturbances (if the Wave is not critical). Note: Channeling a Telekinetic Throw requires a Force Content charge, and all 4 charges are not sure to crit. To be avoided therefore.
  5. When you can't cast Mind Crush or Turbulence and you have a Psychic Throw charge, channel your Telekinetic Throw.
  6. The rest of the time, run Faults

Priority Order: Turbulence> Mental Crush> Telekinetic Wave> Telekinetic Throw (under proc)> Disturbance

  • Force Wave then Telekinetic Wave if 5 or more enemies.
  • If less than 4 enemies, I recommend performing the previous cycle in mono on the central target and taking advantage of Telekinetic Wave's AoE effects.



How to equip yourself?


In your character sheet, focus all of your attention on the Strength tab.


  • Power and Will
  • Precision in PvE

Since you are playing a damage class, you need to hit and as hard as possible. So you have to look at your damage bonus. 1 point of willpower increases this damage bonus by 0,20, and 1 point of power or Force power increases this bonus by 0,23. So your three most important statistics are: Will Engime and the Power Force.

Note that force power only concerns your main weapon and your catalyst

(+1151 and 78, + 1006 and 72, + 936 and 69).

On your equipment, you can place 14 upgrades. The most optimized upgrades are the Advanced Resolution 28 upgrades which grant 32 willpower each. It is better to put such buffs rather than the Advanced Hecatomb 28 which provides 32 power. Indeed, willpower also helps to increase your Critical Strength Luck which should not be overlooked.

You have probably already seen "resistance" written on the target. This often happens on a Mind Crush or Weakened Mind charge. It means you don't have enough precision.

Your Force Accuracy should be as close as possible to 110%. I remind you that as a base you have 100% Precision Force. In addition, the 3 points in "Inner Stamina" grant you an additional 3%. In addition, the inheritance bonus (see next paragraph) gives you another 1%. So you should only earn 6%. These correspond to 440 precision indexes.

Initiative sophistications are the best at this level because they bring a lot of power and precision:

  • 5 Initiative 31 sophistications (power 52, precision 79), we reach 109,51%.
  • 5 Initiative 34 sophistications (power 62, precision 94), we reach 110,44%.



  • JcE
  • PvP

For PvE, the Dread Forge Relics of Concentrated Retribution (740 proc of Willpower) and Unexpected Assault (740 Ability Power) are best. Note that PvP Relics 67 or 69 can provide a good compromise in PvE as they trigger in both types of environments.

For PvP, I recommend the following relics:

  • Relic 69 of Concentrated Punishment (675 proc of willpower for 6 sec, 20 sec delay)
  • Relic 69 of Unexpected Assault (675 proc for 6 sec, 20 sec delay)

Or version 67: Concentrated Punishment (625 proc of willpower) and Unexpected Onslaught (625 power).


Seven bonuses

As I said earlier, you need to acquire the PvE set bonus as quickly as possible. This is Force Master gear, available in 61/63/69/72/75/78.

The 2 piece bonus decreases the cooldown of Mental Alacrity by 15 seconds. If you have 4 pieces, Dull Spirit's damage has a 30% chance to increase Alacrity by 5% for 15 seconds. This effect is available every 20 seconds.


My advice

  • Force precision: between 109,67% and 110,44%
  • Critical chance: between 22 and 24%
  • Critical multiplier: between 69% and 73%
  • Alacrity: between 3,15% and 3,36%


  • PvE Equipment
  • PvP gear
  • Sophistications to use: Initiative (power, precision), Battle (critical, surge), Keen Savant (power, alacrity) and Adept (power, surge).
  • Modules to use: Aptitude (will, power) and Nerves of steel (will, criticism).

We could possibly put an Advanced Precision improvement 28 to reach its precision heading.

Bonus set: At level 55 we can buy PvP gear of index 67 and 69. On the head, chest, hands, legs and feet, the armor pieces have armor with bonus set. There are 3 possible bonus sets for Scholars.

I recommend the ranger gear, the 2 piece bonus of which increases the range of Slow Force and Confused Spirit by 5m. The 4 piece bonus grants 3 stacks of Strength Content instead of 2 and reduces their cooldown by 15 sec.

Regarding the modules, the Aptitude 30 X are the most optimized. For sophistication, I recommend two Sophisticated Savant Vivid 30X, and all other sophistication Adept 30X (power, influx). The influx power PvP implants and headset are also recommended.

Remember: do not put a precision index or a criticism index


Your personalization

To optimize your PvE gear yourself according to your level, I have made two Excel tables in which you can look at your statistics by changing modifications / sophistication / improvements / implants / relics:

  • Equipment 72
  • Equipment 78

These files are easily modifiable (on the other hand, check that the index totals are correct).

I remind you that the formulas of these tables consider that you have the inheritance bonuses and the 4 class buffs namely:

  • Force Power: + 5% damage and healing
  • Force Bravery: + 5% primary stat (willpower for a scholar), + 10% damage reduction
  • Lucky Shots: + 5% Critical Chance
  • Reinforcement: + 5% endurance



Useful Datacrons

Force datacrons are useless because we only use Force attacks. Therefore, it will take you to search for datacrons will. I let you refer to the many articles that have been written on this subject. The will datacrons will bring you 40 points of main statistic or 44,4 points with the boost of 11% of the will (5% bravery of force and 6% of "will of the Jedi" in the talent tree).

  • Tython (+2)
  • Taris (+2)
  • Tatooine (+3)
  • Alderande (+4)
  • Balmorra (+3)
  • Belsavis (+4)
  • Voss (+4)
  • Correlia (+4)
  • Ilum (+4)
  • Republic Fleet (+10)


Stims and dopants

Stim is essential in PvE or PvP. Indeed, it considerably increases the damage inflicted. In a Hard or Nightmare mode operation, it is simply essential.

For biochemists, I recommend the Reusable Nano-Infused Resolve Stim which grants +154 Willpower and +63 Potency. For others, there is the prototype version which grants +169 willpower and +70 power.

In addition, for PvE only, I recommend the Reusable Nano-Infused Offensive Dopant that you can integrate into your cycle and which provides 625 power points for 15 seconds (cooldown: 3 min). Likewise, there is the prototype version (+675 in power).


Inheritance bonus

By giving gifts to your partners, you will increase your affection with them. In the Legacy tab, then Republic Classes, you will see in the section on the Jedi Consular to whom to give gifts. You will also need to end conversations with each of your companions.

Do not overlook this point because it can make the difference. Indeed, you will gain 1% Critical Chance, 1% Strength Accuracy, 1% Critical Multiplier, a bonus to your maximum health and a bonus to your total healing received.


Another optimization possible in PvE

So here, in this paragraph, I would like to describe another possibility to equip yourself. The idea is to have the Relic of Unexpected Assault 72 (which is craftable) and which grants 550 power points for 6 seconds every 20 seconds.

In fact, this relic triggers on damage but also on healing (30% chance)! So I advise you to remove 1 point in "Penetrating Light" in the left tree and place it in "Concentrated Insight" in the right tree. Thanks to this point, any time any of your damage over time is critically healed, you heal for 0,5% of your maximum health.

Then, we will intervene at the level of the bonus set. We will be keeping two pieces with a bonus set "Master of Strength" which reduces the cooldown of Mental Alacrity by 15 seconds. In addition, we will be equipping ourselves with two 69 armor from the Scholar PvP set bonus. The one that's most interesting here is the one that reduces the cooldown of Mind Crush by 1,5 seconds. Importantly, each time you cast Mind Crush, you receive 7 Healing Charges.

With these two set bonuses, Relic 72 will trigger every 14 seconds or so (down from 20). You can imagine the enormous gain in damage, but above all the regularity. This optimization is also interesting insofar as you heal yourself a little bit continuously which will also help your healers.

But do not forget that PvP armor is index 162 and therefore corresponds to Arkanian equipment. They are still more interesting than 69 or 72 armor with PvE set bonus.

However, between 78 armor with PvE set bonus and 69 PvP armor, there is a 31 Willpower difference (with the 11% bonus). So, in full 78 gear, it's best to keep all index 180 armor, just equip yourself with a Relic 72 or 75 of Unexpected Assault and place a point in "Concentrated Insight" as previously explained.

Notes: In PvP, double proc does not work. In PvE, this double proc only affects Relics of Unexpected Assault 72 and 75 (+595)


Some tips for PvP

Telekinesis requires you to always stay at a sufficient distance from your target. Do not hesitate to take distance with your Force Speed ​​and slow down your target in order to have time to cast spells.

Position yourself in strategic locations, preferably on high locations or on the edges (opponents who attempt a Force Jump on you will miss their jump). The ideal is to have a tank that protects you and a healer who heals you from time to time.

During a Huttball, it is highly recommended that you use your Rescue which will attract your target. This is obviously very useful for moving the ball carrier forward. Note that our grapples only work on allies. Only Shadow tanks and Vanguards can draw an enemy (often in flames or acid). Also note that activating the Barrier while you have the ball will cause it to reappear in the center.

Also remember to purge the Affliction from wizards who would play in the same specialization as you and to interrupt the Lightning Blast (equivalent to Turbulence).


This concludes my guide to the Scholar Telekinesis specialization. I hope it helps you and that you enjoy playing SWTOR with your Scholar. Good game everyone !

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