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Hello, I am Artenis, heal scholar of the PvE HL guild "Fort Fort Lointain" on the Darth Nihilus server. Curious reader of the class guides on Swtor-Guide, I propose to share with you my experience on the healing side of the Consular Scholar in PvE and PvE HL. Even if the various official US forums are full of subjects relating to this class small pebbles, big pebbles (often moreover more on his alter-ego the Sorcerer), it seems that the spanish-speaking subjects lack a little material to help the followers of the budding Force that we are.

I invite you to read the very good guide that Mothership wrote at the time, and which lays the essential bases of the handling of the Jedi healer. I allow myself to supplement it somewhat in the lines which follow, major updates having intervened since its writing. It is therefore most humbly in the world that I submit to you this vision of Erudit Heal which is mine, in order to share with the community my point of view and my impressions following update 2.0.

Here are the different steps that I will follow:

  1. The Template
  2. Important points and new features of 2.0
  3. Priorities of care
  4. Equipment to my taste



I use a classic 37-7-2 for PvE.

There is a possible variation in the points chosen in the Balance specialty: it may be useful to sacrifice the increase in willpower for the benefit of a 2% damage reduction in Jedi Resistance. I am thinking here in particular of Zorn and Toth Nightmare, where our papier-mâché armor made it difficult for us to survive. Nevertheless, Denova not having been up to level 55 and the new bosses of Bassesse and Infamy HM do not present in my opinion any real dangers in terms of survival for the healers, this switch of talent points can be useless now.

  • Protection
  • Telekinesis
  • Balance

- Gift of Strength (2/2): increases alacrity by 2%. Since 2.0, in addition to the activation speed of our spells, alacrity also reduces our general CD.
- Penetrating Light (3/3): + 3% critical chance. Indispensable to save modules / sophistication Critical on our stuff.
- Psychic Invasion (2/2): the bump that heals. Useful: it is free, and it acts as a small area treatment when you are packed with the dps group.

- foresight (1/1): Reduces generated animosity and sudden knockback. It only costs one point, why do without it.
- Pain Soothed (2/2): Increases healing received by 8%. To make our fellow healer howl with joy when he criticizes our apple, but above all to compensate for the Noble Sacrifice and our cardboard armor.
- Immutable Force (2/2): Reduces the cast time of Deliverance and the cost of Benevolence. It is always that taken, we who play with our HP to raise our Strength.
- Humility (0/1): I don't take this point in PvE, but it can be useful in PvP.

- New Youth (1/1) / Assignment (2/2): Indispensable.
- Preservation (2/2): Reduces the cost of Force Armor and the duration of the associated debuff.
- Valor (2/2): Reduces the HP cost of the Noble Sacrifice, increases the healing of the Force Rectifier. It is always good when you have to reassemble yourself.

- Recommendmodage (1/1): a not insignificant upside for our dispell.
- Force Shelter (2/2): New Youth lasts longer, and grants increased armor to the target. Indispensable there too.
- Issue (0/2): Essential talent in PvP. For some Bosses who multiply zones and immobilizations, it may be useful to prefer it to the two points of Psychic Invasion.

- Confusion (0/2): Extremely useful in PvP, useless in PvE.
- Healing trance (1/1): essential.
- Guardian of Life (2/2): new in 2.0, it reinforces the solo management of our life.
- Serenity (2/2): same as for Penetrating Light.

- Resplendent (2/2): one of the big novelties of the overhaul of the talent trees. Essential.
- Clairvoyance (3/3): increased healing bonus, it's always nice!

- Expert speed (0/1): Useless in PvE in my opinion, but extremely valuable in PvP.
- Guardian of the Force (3/3): Increased speed for the casting of our main healing spell.
- Amnesty (1/1): Reduces the duration of the Noble Sacrifice debuff. I take it, but we can just as easily reserve the point for a damage reduction in the Balance spec.
- Hello (1/1): the famous treatment area. Essential.

- Mental Longevity (2/2): +100 Strength points, that's good.
- Internal vigor (3/3): Reduces the cost of our healing and attack spells, and increases Force accuracy.
- Telekinetic Defense (2/2): Increase the damage absorbed by Force armor by 10%, that's always it!

- Jedi Resistance (0/2): damage reduction. As said above, I don't take it, but it can sometimes be useful.
- Will of the Jedi (2/2): + 6% of our total Willpower. Even with the arrival of 2.0 where we exceed 3000 main statistics, this talent still seems essential to me.

Important points and new features of 2.0

The first novelty is this trigger which are the Resplendent charges. They are obtained when a Healing Trance tick results in a critical, and you can now accumulate up to 3. As before, you can consume them via the Noble Sacrifice and thus save the Force regeneration debuff. associate. Each charge also increases the speed of channeling Salvation by 33%; at 3 loads, we therefore put our instant care aoe. Be careful, however, Salvation will necessarily consume the charges of Resplendent, regardless of the number.

At level 51, you did not fail to discover with excitement the Force barrier, this temporary invulnerability to absolutely everything. This is very appreciable in PvP, and it allows, cleverly used, to strengthen our survival in PvE, by avoiding heavy damage if we are in bad shape (Kephess Asation and its red zone for example).

L'Mental Alacity. Once out of Force Ball special DPS, Bioware has made it accessible to all scholars. It increases Alacrity by 20% and Immune to Interrupts, all for 10 seconds and with a 2 minute cooldown. I use it mainly in the burst heal phases (large demand for healing over a short period), especially with Deliverance or Salvation without charges of Resplendent.

L'Force armor who heals us. A very nice personal HOT (care over time) that will restore us to 1% of our total health per second as long as it is active. That's great to make up for a little Noble Sacrifice.

Not new to 2.0, the Force Rectifier. Free, instant and with a 30s cooldown. It is personal care that compensates for Noble Sacrifice.


Priorities of care

Seasoned scholars will certainly not find much information in this quick enough rundown.

• TheForce armor first of all. At the start of the fight, it is imperative to “bubble” the tank and possibly the dps most likely to regain aggro before the first taunt if the tank is a little weak. Then, throughout the fight, it is a priority to relaunch on the tank which has aggro the Force Armor as soon as the associated debuff disappears. Also try to shielder as much as possible, to benefit from the small HOT.

• The New Youth / Cession. It diffuses a regular healing on the target, but additionally increases its armor. In addition, it grants us Cession, a buff that will increase the effectiveness of our next healing spell. To be launched in priority on the Tank which has agro, in order to maximize the care provided. Useful also on a dps at 90% of life, the HOT will reassemble it quietly. Used on us, it can also compensate for loss of life.

• The Healing Trance. If available, I use it as a priority after a New Youth. This gives me a good chance of getting 1, 2, or directly 3 stacks of Resplendent. Therefore, I use these to either sacrifice myself or to launch a Hi.

• The kindness. Often referred to as the “little” healing spell, this is a relatively quick heal to cast (1.4s). I use it when there is a need to quickly reassemble someone or when the Healing Trance is still on CD, although it costs us 60 Force points.

• The Délivrance is our biggest healing spell, but takes a long time to cast (2,3s for me), and only consumes 51 Force points, which is 9 less than Benevolence. To be used in priority on the phases of sporadic big damage. As soon as the boss goes into the burst damage phase, it becomes more dangerous to use it. I often make Rescue work in conjunction with Force Content, which maximizes our critical chance.

• The Hello, it is the area treatment par excellence. I mainly use it to move up the C.à.C or Distance group (depending on the bosses) while focusing on the Tank. We will try to slip in as much as possible, in order to Sacrifice a little while passing. To be placed wisely, because this spell has a high cost (100) in Strength; it's up to us to make it as profitable as possible.

• The Noble Sacrifice. It is THE spell essential to our usefulness as a healer. As Mothership said, you have to sacrifice regularly, and especially when you are high in HP and not too low in Strength. We will compensate for the lost life with the help of a small Force Rectifier, a New Youth or by placing ourselves in our area of ​​care. Basically, we can allow ourselves 3 or 4 Sacrifices in a row if the Rectifier is up (and if it is not, the healer colleague is very appreciated in these cases if he gives us a little care in passing; between friends, we help each other)

• The Dispell. Restoration of its small name, it is imperative to use it to rid someone of a DOT of Strength or Physical. A DOT removed means less care to be provided (especially on the Asation and Bassesse and Infamy packs).

It is not really a cycle per se, more an order of priorities to be respected to be as effective as possible. I sacrifice a small hit every 3-4 healing spells on average. Remember to find yourself high in Force at the time of the final Boss phases, which are often violent (Titan 6, Master Styrak or the last of Asation for example).

Clarification: I'm talking mainly about 8 raids here, I have very little experience with 16 or 24 raids at the moment.

Equipment to my taste

This is the moment when I'm probably going to get yelled at.

Already, the set 1 bonus is essential (1,5s reduction on the Treatment Trance CD). The set 2 bonus is appreciable (+50 Strength points), but is not a priority like that of other classes. I use the great tool that is Ask Mr. Robot to test different equipment compositions.

L'alacrity : aiming for the index 360 (5 sophistications) in full 69 seems wise to me, knowing that in full 72 we will be able to scratch 35 more points. Going beyond is in my opinion too unfavorable to the Surge, and does not bring any real change to Force regeneration. In 69, this gives 6,88% and 7,31% in 72.

Le critical : I prefer to stay between 32% and 34%, but this is purely empirical. Some prefer to limit themselves to 30 or 31%, I don't think that makes a big difference. Going beyond 34% on the other hand becomes much less profitable. If you have a link from theotycraft on this, I'm taker!

L'influx. I preferred to keep the inflow high, and not go below the 70% mark. The gain of alacrity compared to the loss of influx remains for me in favor of the latter.

For Engime, the more the better, once the critic has stabilized.

The improvements : With our 6% Willpower bonus, I think it would be better to take the Resolution (Willpower) upgrades. Some prefer Hecatomb (Power) upgrades, but this will be at the critic's sacrifice.

With regard to relics, I stayed in the pre-2.0 configuration:

  1. A relic to click Power (former Effoi Guard, Arkanian or the Underworld) => I prefer to be able to do a burst of healing when I need it, especially with a Salvation.
  2. One of the new Power-triggered relics: Arkanian or Underworld.

I have two questions here: the usefulness of a relic to click Alacrity, or use two relics to proc Power (a 69 and a 72), but I have not yet been able to test.

I use a dopant Alacrity followed by Mental Alacrity if it stinks, otherwise I usually take the new Healer Power dope. I relied on these two configurations of stuff, established on Mr Robot:

  • Stuff Arkanian 69
  • Stuff Underworld 72

Thank you for taking the time to read this overview (which turns out to be quite long). I have certainly omitted a few details and skipped over some points a bit, so please feel free to share your own experience in PvE HL with our stone thrower class, and to improve this article.


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