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The Maelstrom Prison is the sequel to the first Taral V Flashpoint. Once the Gree computer is in your pocket, you can now go to the Maelstrom Nebula to free the Jedi prisoner held by the Emperor ...


Normal Mode: Level 37-40

Hard mode: Level 50

To do this Flashpoint whether on normal or hard mode you will need to do the quest "The Jedi Prisoner"



With the Gree computer in your pocket, you now have access to the Maelstrom prison, once your briefing with Master Oteg is finished, meet at the shuttle to leave. This Flashpoint has a lot of trash and a lot of bosses, nothing special to know about the progress except that like most of all Flashpoints you have Stage Bonuses which will allow you to unlock a bonus boss, so take the time to do them.

  • Stage 1: Defeat the Imperial forces / 100
  • Step 2: Defeat the creatures / 30
  • Step 3: Hack the containment consoles / 4
  • Final Step: Kill the Ancestral Containment Render


  • Independent bonus:
    • Destroy Prison Defense Consoles / 8
    • Destroy ammunition reserves / 12

The bosses will follow one another very quickly, progress from point to point by facing everything that comes in to the prison security post.


Oppressor Droid X-37

  • Health Points: 49.600pv
  • Hard Mode Hit Points: 93.956 hp

This boss is rather simple, he will chain three techniques during the whole fight always in the same order:

  1. Powerful strike: Go knock the tank down and give it a few slaps then throw it away
  2. Punishment: Go grab everyone except the tank and cast an explosion, players who do not move away quickly enough will lose 25% of their maximum health (50% in hard mode). The boss will then be stunned for 6 seconds, the heal must take the opportunity to quickly raise the affected players, and the tank must take the opportunity to come back to the center to resume its tanking.
  3. Energetic Blast: Shot channeled on the tank, can and should be kicked, the tank does not have much time to build aggro on this fight so it is essential to kick this spell well which can easily target a dps that 'would have resumed aggro as long as the tank recovers from all its rushes.

And it starts again from the beginning, the key to the fight is in the reactivity of the players to move away from the center during the Punishment, and in the healer who will have to move up the players quickly between each Punishment.


Colonel daksh

  • Health Points: 78.192pv
  • Hard Mode Hit Points: 196.418 hp

"Do you know Cyclops in X-men? Well that's him."

This is what I was given as an explanation when I made this boss, luckily I will go into the details, and you will understand!

So our friend Daksh will, at 75% and 25% activate his optic implants and gain the "Laser Eye Charge" buff for 30 seconds, which will give him big red eyes and slow his movement speed a bit, and has each time the tank is in its line of sight it will send little red rays that hurt a lot! (3k in normal, 12k in difficult) the tank will have to kite the boss around the crates present in the room while the dps continue to hit the boss a little. Be careful not to take aggro again. You are obliged to dps during this phase so as not to infuriate yourself with anger, but if a dps dies while taking up aggro it is over. In placement I advise you to kite the tank around the left hull while the heal and the distance dps are at the right hull, like that the tank at the time of taunt if ever there is a recovery, normally the tank will not require any care if it is spinning correctly.

In the normal phase he chained "Wrist burst" (kickable) and randomly seize players in the cac to throw them a "Carbonite flood" the player will have to move away quickly because the boss will continue to hit him after that, the heal must also take the person in charge quickly so that they do not die.

After your victory over the boss, go to the terminal to chat a bit with Kilran and Oteg, you will also have the choice between having the Republic Fleet withdrawn or sent to the pipe breaker (alignment). Now head to the heart of the prison, a small series of bosses awaits you.


Lord Kancras

  • Health Points: 53.820pv
  • Hard Mode Hit Points: 102.161 hp

This boss is really very easy, he will regularly summon small dogs of the maelstrom that will have to be killed, and will make the attack "Rampage" (a kind of channeled whirlwind) that will have to be kicked so as not to eat too much.

If you've done the bonuses, the bonus boss will be next.


Boss Bonus: Maelstrom Ancient Render

  • Health Points: 42.951pv
  • Hard Mode Hit Points: 106.567 hp

Not very complicated either, it will just do a regular knocback that will knock players out, and do some damage on ranged players.


Lord Vanithrast

  • Health Points: 18.838pv
  • Hard Mode Hit Points: 102.160 hp
  • Add: "Maelstrom Mutant Howler" 13.455pv (35.756pv hard mode)

Another boss that is not very complicated, start by killing the Howler, Vanithrast regularly channels "Rotating Strikes" which hurt quite a bit and are not kickable, so you will have to move away from melee. He will also do a little sprint from time to time followed by a disappearance in the direction of a person then will give him a small deceitful blow in the back, the tank will have to take back the boss at this moment.


Maelstrom Elite Guard

  • Health point: 18k each in normal mode
  • Hard mode hit point: 32k each in hard mode

Nothing in particular, they don't even deserve the name of boss, focus on each of them and keep the tank alive, cc's are impossible.

Once this small series of bosses has been defeated you finally arrive at the heart of the prison where your final boss awaits you.


Boss final: Grand Moff Rycus Kilran

  • Health Points: 41.849pv
  • Hard Mode Hit Points: 104.478 hp

He will be accompanied at the start of two bodyguards who will have to be killed, as soon as they are dead Kilran will teleport to the end of the alley and slow you down, will follow a pop of 4 recruits from the 5th fleet that you will have to kill before joining the boss. Kilran will also have fun shooting other players than the tank, a taunt is possible to recover but it will not be available every time. Around 50% of his life Kilran will teleport again and you will have to kill the recruits once again before returning to him, finish him at this point.

Once conquered the mystery of the Jedi prisoner is finally lifted, I let you enjoy the show (especially for EX-KOTORIANS)

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