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Another specialist's guide! Today I present to you my guide of the specialist, not of the Tank, not of the DPS, of the class in general. Yes I am not necessarily the best expert, and yes despite my playing time on SWTOR I only start operations.

So will you tell me tank or dps? Both my captain! I have returned this specialty in all directions (thank you field respecializations, I'm addicted to it) with my guild the Blood Empire, even if I had gone to mount a pure DPS when I created my character. (usually I tank on all the MMOs that I have visited) and well I have fun playing my character as well in tank, in DPS, in hybrid depending on the situation, I have done a lot of combinations, and I hope you will participate in a discussion about the possibilities of this class.

  • Tank
  • DPS
  • PvP


The Tank

We are going to make it simple, because multiple guides exist and even if I start the operations, I realized that by emptying the parts recovered / bought thanks to the contentious zones 55, and by selecting well, we can make a correct equipment, with a defect the points of life… because today I am barely at 34 points of life.

The statistics to be mounted are for my part in order of importance:

Shield> Absorption> Endurance 

Why ? Simply because the tank specialist is playing on his shield, then you have to increase it as much as possible your chance to trigger it. Then it must be effective so you have to increase absorption and endurance to have a good amount of life points to withstand what passes.

Thus, it is necessary to aim for 40% in shield and at least 38% absorption (more is good too ^^), and a minimum of 10% -12% in defense. I find that unlike DPS gear, tank gear is quite easily and quickly tuned. So without any Arkanian coins or coins purchased as an ultimate, I reach 40.2% shield, 40.1% absorption, and 12% defense, but as I said the health points are not necessarily there.

Relics… dilemma, personally I'm a fan of one that triggers and an old PvP that increases shield well or two that trigger (stacking PvE and PvP). The activablesn'm not a fan, we already have a lot of things to manage (taunt, buff, stun, retaunt, type) and the effect is short ... in short!

Regarding increases, I mixed shields and absorption to get good stats.

Talents ? Here is.

I take the cardio pack instead of raising a steel fist to slightly fill the gaps in my equipment in life points (it's always taken) and I find that in simple Litigious Zones, agro is managed easily, you need less DPS to keep attention, but someone who does a lot of operations will have sharper equipment, so more health points and will have to do more damage with their searing fist, CQFD !

Honestly, whether it's tank, dps, or heal, I don't like to talk about cycle. Yes certainly we start most fights with a jump followed by sweeping flames, but we can also do a jump with carbonite, a grapple with oil jet to slow down the other arrivals and do kitting, and many other possibilities. , there are just priorities.

On the other hand, you need to have 3 heat screens all the time to use breath of heat for the bonus it provides, so we always run at more than 40% absorption and it even borders on 70%!



The pyromaniac specialist has made his nobility with incendiary missile and aligned shots, do you want some here, critical in all sauces! A monster ! But came 2.0, everything to be redone! So yes, a pyromania specialist with criticism / influx sends wood all the same but the critic has lost its superb, because the points placed pay less.

We have to force-feed it with potency hormones, which very simply gives us the statistics to prioritize:

Aim> Power> Precision

Having or approaching 100 for distance precision and therefore 110 for techno is an ultimate goal, but it is very complicated to achieve so if we arrive at 97-98% it is already not so bad! For'equipment, it is important not to be satisfied with the boltblaster parts, it is necessary to search, empty, mix the recovered / purchased parts.

Why ? To find potency, which will increase raw damage, it will be more effective and will bring more than crit and other influx. Level increase, I take those which increase the aim as much as possible, quite simply.

Regarding the talent tree, I had made a beautiful outline, magnified by my brother, by replacing a few small onion dots and we get that!

Oh but what a horror, a hybrid! I don't know what to call it… scorching blade? This is why this choice:

  • the firebomb and its repeated damage
  • the retractable blade with repeated internal damage, plus a debuff
  • a wickedly powerful flamethrower that comes back quickly
  • continuous heat dissipation

Level sequence, the goal of the game is to:

  1. throw a blade at the target, hop DR + debuff
  2. an incendiary bomb, second DR
  3. aligned shot, go it stings!
  4. burst of flame (* proc of shooting)
  5. aligned shot
  6. burst of flame (* free fist)
  7. dazzling fist (* it can trigger the aligned shot or in the meantime we refresh the blade or fire bomb)
  8. aligned shot
  9. burst of flame (* we have the 3 proto flamethrowers)
  10. flame thrower: there it stings!

Obviously it seems long, other sequences are considered depending on the situation, but this one on a burst it sends! Then I like to snap flame sweeps between groups, it also turns up the flamethrower, and when he goes full out on a good pack… he doesn't last long (oh the pun). We must admit one thing, it is much more technical and breathless than a good old classic pyro.



As for PvP, terrible question… the previous specialty may be fine, but will do less miracles than in PvE. The observation is simple, whatever the talents, the specialist produces good damage as always except that we kill less live, we broadcast repeated damage, the score is not necessarily zero, far from a marauder, and we do not not feeling super efficient. Why not try in this case ... A parakeet?

What is certain is that you will help your team well, you will hamper your opponents, but if you are looking for a group (and not with friends), few will realize your job and you will not necessarily be well. classified. Where I feel the best is in a pure tank, the same as PvE (while turning cardio). Anyway I really do less PvP than before 2.0, I found it motivating to be a full elite war hero. There I go from time to time in tank, PvE equipment and voila.

So much for this guide, giving some directions for playing the Bounty Hunter in his advanced Specialist class. Above all, do not hesitate to react, to suggest, but not to be aggressive as I read from time to time on other guides, my goal is to share my experience, not to question that of other players.

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