SWTOR - The Ravagers: Sparky (Hard)

Today we are tackling Operation Ravagers on hard mode with Sparky.


Description of the fight

Boss Hit Points : 2 865 990

Dog health points : 85 993

Fight time before enrage : more than 6 minutes.


Combat abilities

  • Body projection : Push back players in front of him - Zone attack.
  • Rampage : Sparky jumps at multiple players in a row, dealing moderate AoE damage to them.
  • Brutal Leap / Brutalize (Unleashed Leap on Combat Logs): Sparky recovers his shield and focuses on the player with the most threat, dealing significant damage to them. Potentially fatal. A bug with this skill seems to kill the target at times (3.1).
  • Howl : Zone attack on all party members. Minor damage.
  • Desperate howl : Call for help one of the dogs in addition to those already present.
  • Determined howl : Zone attack on all party members and summons one or more dogs. Minor damage.
  • Shoulder throw : Throws target player a long distance, dealing heavy damage. The player bounces off the walls if they get in the way.

Here are the abilities of the dogs that arrive throughout the fight.

  • Raging Leap : The little dogs jump on the player with the most threat.
  • Heartbreaking aggression : Makes a cumulative effect on the player he attacks. Increases damage taken by 4% per cumulative effect.

Also like in story mode, dogs attack the target closest to them and only change when another target takes their place or they jump. There are at least 11 different names of dogs.


Course of the fight

Tank Mechanism: Throughout the fight, the tanks will have to alternate their roles. These two roles are:

  • Thoughts Sparky. As possible, get away from the dogs and do not direct the boss towards the group in order to spare him the area damage.
  • Tank dogs. They should be taken as soon as possible before entering the circle. Otherwise, they will not come out until the moment of their sudden leap.

Tanks suffer regular effects that look like this: . These effects appear on each Shoulder Throw or Body Throw. Has two cumulative effects, tanks must switch roles (Switch)

Phase 1 

At the start of the fight, Sparky is given an aura that forces the dogs to attack the same target as him if they are in the circle that represents it.

This aura will remain present until his death. He also gains a shield reducing the damage taken. A DPS will be assigned to hit only Sparky throughout the fight, the other three will take care of the dogs as a priority.


Phase 2

At 90% health, Sparky loses her shield. The following abilities do not require any particular reaction from you other than what has been indicated previously:

  • Body projection
  • Howl
  • Determined howl

The following attacks require a more or less significant reaction from you:

  • Rampage : Move away from his comrades to minimize area damage.



  • Brutal Leap / Brutalize : Focus DPS on Sparky in order to destroy the shield as fast as possible and thus interrupt his spell. Focus Healing on the target of this spell (vital). If this fails, the tank dies.
  • Shoulder throw : Focus Heal on the tank which suffers this spell, its life can go down quite low.


Phase 3

At 25% of life, Sparky enters the soft enrage phase. This means that he will bring in many dogs on a regular basis and that you will no longer have the material time to eliminate them. At this point you will need to focus all your DPS on him. Tanks will continue to switch based on cumulative effects. The Desperate Howl attack takes the place of the Determined Howl to summon the dogs for reinforcement, so you will no longer take AoE damage from this source.


Additional tips

If your composition has a DPS with a taunt, it can be assigned to help the second tank take the dogs out of Sparky's aura to better distribute the stackable effects.

To try to avoid the bug that kills a tank, it is advisable to provoke the boss after the Rampage while being in the area of ​​effect of the aura.

Please note that the limits of the room are not well defined. When Sparky throws a player, they may end up out of zone, so you'll see them reset. To avoid this, just don't get thrown too close to the corners of the room, especially near the exit grille.



Loots are similar to story mode but level 198.

  • 1 Implant token 198
  • 1 Object Outside set 198.
  • 2 exons.
  • 6 Ultimate Honors.
  • 8 Elite Distinctions.

If you are lucky you can also get a second 198 implant token.

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