SWTOR - ZL: Athiss (Difficile)

A thousand years ago the planet Athiss became the sanctuary of Vodal kresh: the greatest of the Sith alchemists. At the time of his death the Emperor declared the planet forbidden. A few days ago a troop of researchers from the republic landed on Athiss and seem to have awakened the ruins. You must investigate and make sure that what woke up on Athiss stays there!

Access to this Flashpoint is from the Imperial / Republic Fleet in the Mission Hangar. Satele Shan or Darth Malgus will give you your instructions and send you to Athiss.



Normal Mode (Level 20 to 24)

Basic group required, although 3/4 of trashsmobs aren't impressive bosses will need a real group to be properly killed.

Hard mode: There is no hard mode yet.



Athiss is a very little scripted Contentious Zone, a bit like Station Martel: We drop you off on the planet, you progress from one point to another until the end. As soon as you arrive on the planet head for the broken elevator that leads to the interior of the tomb, drop from elevator to elevator to get to the bottom. At this time you will receive transmissions from the researchers of the Republic, strongly advising you not to enter the tomb, ignore them of course. Arrived at the bottom head south to collect explosives that will allow you to destroy sealed doors inside the tomb.

Continue from pack to pack until you reach Athiss' first boss.


Professor Ley'arsha

Health Points: 21.805pv


  • Field of affliction: Aoe on the ground to avoid
  • "Barrage" type shot in front of it, should only hit the tank ideally
  • Accompanied by 3adds that will have to be killed as a priority, it will pop new ones towards half of its health points.


Once the Prof is defeated you will have to deactivate the deflector shield to continue your progress, you will also have the choice between destroying or not the distress beacon of the researchers of the remaining republic (the only consequence of this choice will be a gain in alignment)

You will arrive again in an external zone, the players having bioanalysis will be able in this zone to acquire a small familiar which will follow you during 10min, to do this collect the "Rachignes" and use the "Unique Pheromones" (are deposited in your mission objects) to make the companion appear, it is not very strong (4850pv weak type) but it is always taken.


Work your way up to the next boss, who appears to be a close relative of our boyfriend above.


The Beast of Vodal Kresh

Health Points: 31.590pv


  • Accompanied by several adds at the start of the fight, to kill quickly
  • Will pop regularly Four alchemical Tuk'ata (1165pv) that must be killed quickly before the next pop
  • Regularly projects players


Then enter the Tomb of Vodal Kresh, Here several Champion-type trashmobs await you, focus on the disciples first, taking care to get them out of their aoe heal while avoiding their lightning aoe. You will find the ultimate boss at the bottom of the tomb.

Boss Final: Prophet of Vodal

Health Points: 63.004pv


  • Overwhelming application: A dowry on a player in the group that will explode at the end of the countdown, so the player must move away from the others
  • Drainage of gasoline: Pipe on the tank, it will be immobilized for the duration of the cast.
  • Stealth: Will disappear and make 4 "Wisp" appear that you will have to avoid until they disappear, even if the boss comes back before.


Death of the boss signals the end of the Flashpoint, return to the Imperial / Republic Fleet to report.

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