SWTOR - ZL: The Battle for Ilum (Story)

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The Battle for Ilum is the first in a series of two Flashpoints in which you'll face off against the traitor Darth Malgus, who exploited you throughout the game (if you're on the Empire side) and ultimately took possession of everything for what you fought for in previous hot spots.



See you on the planet Ilum to start the journey. In the arrival camp of your faction, you will find two accesses there, one for the next ZL, "The False Emperor", and the other for the one that interests us.

Darth Malgus has proclaimed himself leader of a new Empire supposed to rally the entire galaxy by ridding it of the old sclerotic Empire, as well as the Republic. Standing in the heart of a stealthy Emperor station, Malgus commands a huge army of human and alien supporters. He ordered them to invade Ilum and loot the precious Adega Crystals, indispensable to his overpowered stealth fleet. To get to Malgus and stop his revolution, you must defend Ilum and steal a command ship from the invader.



As soon as you enter the battlefield you will have to progress to the mines controlled by Malgus. Progress once again from boss to boss, remembering to complete the bonus objectives that will allow you to face a bonus boss (those with stages).

  • Step 1 : Defeat the forces of Malgus / 30
  • Step 2 : Defeat the forces of Malgus / 40
  • Step 3 : Destroy crystal mining equipment / 10
  • Final : Destroy the Auxiliary Generator and defeat the Guide Patriarch
  • Independent bonus : Destroy the turbolasers batteries / 6

Shortly after your departure, the first bosses will rise up in front of you.


Gark the indomitable

Point of view : 70 870

capacity :

  • Avalanche Shooting: Cone Shooting in front of him, can be interrupted
  • With every 25% of his health removed, he calls 3 Gamorreans (3 hp) to the rescue


Drinda-Zel & Velasu Graege

Point of view :

  • Drinda-Zel: 47 483
  • Velasu Graege: 50 318

Drinda-Zel capabilities :

  • Force Bolt: Slows and deals damage to target, can stun

Velasu Graege's abilities :

  • Sniping: Channeled fire, dealing damage, can be interrupted

It is advisable to start eliminating Drinda-Zel as a priority. Once done, tackle Velasu. Arrived at around 50% health, it will spawn 4 turrets, which it will be better to take care of as soon as possible. You will then have plenty of time to finish Velasu in peace.


Tailor Droid and Crystal Gatherer

Tailor health points : 70 870

Gathering health points : 25 985

Tailor droid abilities :

  • Mining Beam: Channeled attack, dealing damage, cannot be interrupted

Eliminate the pickup droid first, which shouldn't be very resistant. Then take care of the big guy.


Krel Thak

Point of view : 118 517

capacity :

  • Charged Burst: Casting fire dealing damage to the target, can be interrupted
  • Reinforcements: At every 25% of his health, he will stun you and summon Weequay Pirates to the rescue (3hp)
  • Defensive Screen Projector: Increases Ranged Defense, Strength and Tech resistance by 100%, can be interrupted
  • Anti-personnel Probe: Launches a probe that throws nearby players

At times, Krel will therefore call for reinforcements, stunning you. To eliminate them quickly, do not hesitate to use an anti-stunner to quickly get back on your feet, then damage areas on them. If left unchecked, they can be quite tough.

A little trick can make it easy for you to group them together with the boss and give you time to break out of stun. Get all behind this column, the boss will suddenly come to melee, and when he calls his reinforcements, those will come too, and you can have fun with your AoE.


Arrived at this place, you should logically have completed the bonus mission with stages. Enter the cave indicated on your map, and destroy the generator. You will see the instance bonus boss appear.


Boss Bonus: Patriarch Guide

Point of view : 114 207

capacity :

  • Devastating: Deals damage over time
  • Projection: Throws the target back
  • Pounding: Pounds the ground near the target, dealing damage and stunning nearby players

In addition to his hammering which does quite a lot of damage on the whole group, he does nothing special, pack you all at the same point (in the healer's aoe heal ideally) and kill him quickly before the enrage.


Commander Folex

Point of view : 70 870

capacity :

  • Carbonite Freeze: Freezes the target in place
  • Precise Shot: Enchanted shot in flaming damage, can be interrupted

The Commander is accompanied by four friends, who must be eliminated as a priority. It can be interesting to neutralize the elite enemy with a CC (crowd control). And to take care of others, starting with the nurse.

Once all these little people are down, take care of Folex.


Here you are finally at the last boss, which is none other than Darth Serevin, your favorite Sith diplomat who had intervened during your quests on Voss, enjoy the dialogue and end the life of this traitor.


Dark Serevin

Dark Serevin Hit Points : 205 993

Life points Queneth Li : 31 702

capacity :

  • Crystal Throw: Stuns one of the players and throws a crystal at them, dealing damage to them
  • Force Blast: Deals damage and stuns nearby players, can be interrupted
  • Dark Breath: Deals damage to target, can be interrupted
  • Disappearance: Serevin disappears momentarily, respawns behind a random player and stuns him

The boss in itself is quite simple, from the beginning make a quick focus on Queneth-Li to kill her, Serevin will be satisfied at the beginning to throw crystal shards at random players. Once Queneth Li is defeated, he will have fun disappearing and reappearing very often, with each return of disappearance he will give a few slaps to a player and immobilize him for a few seconds. He will also continue to throw his crystal shards, I advise you all to regroup in melee and strike him as soon as you have the chance, without depriving himself of a heal zone which will help well.


With Serevin's stealth shuttle now at your disposal, you will now be able to enter Darth Malgus' station to confront him.

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