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The end-of-year game organized by Onidra had inspired me and even if my participation was out of the competition, here are the ideas that I had submitted even before the first proposals so that they go with the others to Carbine. I offer you a game for each tribe making up the exiles!


Jeu Granok

The Granoks are a people of mighty warriors, so they need to maintain their muscles. The game consists of throwing rocks on a delimited area in order to get as close as possible to the center of the area.

Several zones are defined and the more the rock arrives in the central zone, the more points the player scores. Each player can throw 3 rocks. A difficulty penalty consists of moving the player away from the area. Aurines will use magic and humans will use catapults. For mechanics, we reuse the well-known method of the power gauge and the projection angle.

Human game

To honor our tactical sense, I had thought of a modified chess game by replacing each piece with a ship. This explains why I was immediately won over by the idea of ​​OrbiTactics.

For my part I had simply proposed to modify a few movements to slightly renew the game:

  • the knight can move 1 space to the side or forward then up to 3 spaces either forwards or backwards (first sideways movement), or to the right or to the left.
  • add a piece that can move as follows: it teleports two squares from its position forward, backward, diagonally, to the right or to the left.


Aurins game

For the Aurines, I had two ideas.

Thu 1

Knowing that Aurines have a special connection with nature, I thought of a replica of the cult Plants vs Zombies from Pop Cap, with WildStar sauce of course.


Game 2: Mother tree game

This game is inspired by the 1000 terminals and the objective is to make your tree grow up to 1000 branches. Each turn, the player draws a card and plays one. The cards :

  • Growth +10 / +25 / +50 / +100 / +200 branches
  • Fertilization: making the earth fertile is the starter, without this card, it is impossible to start growing your tree
  • Penalties: penalties prevent other players from continuing to grow their tree
    • the thunderbolts of autumn: the tree catches fire
    • summer drought: the tree no longer has fertile soil
    • spring pest invasion: the tree is attacked
    • winter snows: growth is paused until spring
  • Bonus:
    • invigorating rain: to extinguish fires on the tree or to make the soil fertile again
    • smoke: to drive away parasites from our tree
    • spring: allows to counter the winter card
    • magic protection: there are 4 overpowered protections in the game
      • lightning rod: this magical protection erects a shield that protects the tree from lightning (lightning immunity)
      • fertility: this magical protection guarantees exceptional fertility in the soil of our tree (drought immunity)
      • gaïa: this magical protection prevents pests from approaching our tree
      • continuous spring: it is well known, the best time of the year for plants is spring (immunity against winters)

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