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After a first Devspeak on the Warrior class on Wednesday, four developers answered questions from fans and future WildStar players, from the Reddit platform. This Ask Me Anything or AMA (literally "Ask Me Anything") is probably the first in a series regarding the different classes playable on Nexus. All the questions do not concern only the Warrior but all have a more or less strong link with the class.

We find new faces, developers little in front of the scene for the moment. So I named CRB_CLynch (Chris Lynch, Lead Combat Designer), CRB_Hugh (Hugh Shelton, WildStar Class Lead), CRB_Merkal (Marc Matzenbacher, Warrior Class Designer) et CRB_Scooter (David Bass, Senior Community Manager). We offer you a summary in spanish!

Warrior's Mechanisms

  • There are passive abilities you can unlock to get stronger when hit.
  • There will be few or no long cooldowns (usually less than 5 minutes).
  • The Warrior can survive on his own through skills, gadgets, and equipment.
  • Warriors will be able to specialize in tanking through equipment allowing them to stun or reduce armor. They can thus take more hits than other classes.
  • To generate the threat, the Warrior usually has a basic attack (no cooldown), a primary attack (no cooldown but with kinetic energy required), a low cooldown skill, and a mix of taunt / crowd control / Oh buttons. $! $.
  • Provocation is only done through target skills.
  • The provocation fades after a period of time and you no longer have the aggro. Bullying is stronger than provocation but has a cooldown.
  • No life steal but shields (rechargeable extra life).
  • The Tank Warrior is very viable in PvP.
  • Depending on the situation, the Tank Warrior will have to either avoid the telegraphs or collect them.
  • The Tank Warrior is more apt to take with his shield while the Tank Ranger is more dodge-based.
  • The Warrior will be able to sacrifice some of his defense to give it to one of his allies.
  • A Tank Warrior will not necessarily be required in a raid.
  • The Warrior has abilities that allow him to protect his allies from enemy creatures or telegraphs.
  • The Warrior will have a “tank” statistic: Deflect and Critical Deflection.

The threat in WildStar

  • Threat can be generated by defensive posture, skills, and weak or strong provocations.
  • The threat will be generated quite easily as the fight progresses.
  • Some abilities can boost threat generation, just in case.

Forearm Cannon

  • The forearm cannon is not a piece of equipment but all Warriors have it from the start and can activate it through skill selection.
  • It has a smaller range than the distance classes.
  • At launch, it will not be possible to customize the cannon animations, perhaps later.
  • The forearm barrel will not change its look during leveling.
  • It will be automatically used as soon as a skill requires it.

Being a Tank (general)

  • You can really adapt your Warrior to have many of these tank skills while still keeping an interesting damage level, it's called a "beefier" and you can tackle tougher creatures without slowing down your pace of play against. weaker creatures.
  • Adapting the tank will be one of the keys to success.
  • Tank classes will have postures, allowing you to choose between tank or DPS.

General Gameplay on WildStar

  • We have a lot of content throughout the progression that is aimed at groups of different sizes (2, 3, 5 players, etc ...) and which is still difficult, even for experienced solo players.
  • The version used in the Livestream was a version from this summer's PAX. The behavior of the creatures was unintentional. Creatures have a limit on aggro distance, but it won't be like what we've shown.
  • Group content will only be shown in at least a month.
  • Gameplay in underwater or weightless locations will be little different from classic gameplay. The only difference is that telegraphs have a high and low limit. On the other hand in an aquatic environment, the telegraphs will be projected on the ground. Maybe later in 3D.
  • The Holy Trinity will speak more in a small group than in a raid where everyone will have to be versatile.
  • We can reset our skill tree (levels, etc ...).
  • All classes have a shield, which regenerates faster than health.
  • The developers try to make the quests more interesting than just collecting items.
  • Names in the game will consist of a single word.
  • It will be possible to place as many skills of each type as you want. However, a player with only Control skills will perform less well on DPS.
  • All characters of the same class will have the same range. All characters will have the same hitbox (the space around the character you take) and the same animation times (regardless of class, gender and race).
  • Each character has a skill slot that is part of the class mechanic, 8 skill slots the player can choose from class skills, 1 vocation-related skill slot, and 1 gadget skill slot (automatically added depending on the gadget worn).

Warrior skills

WildStar's skill system is also made up of a tier system that allows upgrades to specific skills. You earn 1 point per experience level from level 10 (41 points up to level 50). Stages 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 cost 1 point; stages 4 and 8 cost 5 points. You can therefore upgrade two skills up to T8. But the developers want to be able to put 4 skills to the maximum level. So there will be points in the End-Game.

  • Kick: a melee and cone knockdown. This skill synergizes very well with Savage Strikes which does double damage to knock down enemies.
  • Plasma Whip: A ranged attraction ability. Teach those Arcaneros a lesson when they try to escape. This skill can be avoided.
  • Tether Anchor: This is a ranged skill that must be aimed at. It hits a single enemy and immobilizes them within 10 yards of its current position, until the tether is destroyed.
  • Flash: Blind! Hit the enemies and watch them grope around them.
  • Taunts: Reduce enemy damage to allies.
  • Defense Grid: Long cooldown skill. Creates a protective zone that allows the Warrior and his allies to take less damage. Practice for skills that cannot be avoided.
  • Plasma Wall: When the skill is upgraded to its maximum, it grants a defensive boost to any ally behind the Warrior.
  • Sentinel: Passive and targeted skill that sacrifices part of the Warrior's defense for the benefit of an ally. Ideal for the role of "off-tank".
  • Emergency Reserves: This skill gives you back your entire shield in addition to a bonus to its ability. It also guarantees you limited protection against crowd controls. One of the tiers of this skill also affects nearby allies.
  • Unwavering Strength: Frees you from all crowd controls affecting you and grants you immunity to CC for a short time. One of the tiers gives you a movement bonus while the buff is active.

So much for this AMA which lasted 1 hour of time and which has 457 comments. A success for this session, which will be reproduced for the other 5 classes. I would like to thank Juliaan who helped me a lot in this information gathering!

So are you going to play Warrior or not? Because I hesitate, but for now I'm waiting for Tank's last class.

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