WoW - Strat 'express: Hellfire High Council

If you've decided not to go towards Kormrok, you'll take a left and head towards the Hellfire High Council room. Upon entering the room, surprise: there are three bosses. The fight against the Council is far from complicated and it is mainly about focusing well on the right target.


The first thing to know is that one tank will take Dark Whisper Dia in one part of the room and the second tank will take Gurtogg Bloodfever and Blademaster Jubeit'thos almost on the opposite side to prevent Mist. vacuum is active.

Then, each boss has an ultimate skill that he will launch every 225 seconds (3min45) in the following order:

  • After 1min15 of combat, Dia casts Wailing Horror. Avoid the Horrors that cross the room!
  • 75 seconds later (2min30), Jubeit'thos casts Windwalker who summons two copies of himself. Then focus your DPS on Mirror Images.
  • It is Gurtogg's turn to launch, after 3min45 of combat, his Demolition Leap skill, which will inflict very heavy damage in the raid.

  • At 5 min of combat, the cycle resumes with a Wailing Horror (if you are, it is because you lack DPS or organization).

That's not all, since as soon as one of the three bosses drops below 30%, he has a kind of Enrage called Last Hour and he gains a skill. It is therefore essential to send the mash at this time to drop it as quickly as possible.

  • Dark-Whisper Dia: Mark of the Necromancer (alternate). Dia then uses a Reap on the marked targets and re-applies a Mark of the Necromancer to half of the players (but no Reap).
  • Blademaster Jubeit'thos: Sinister strike. There, it is also a race against the clock because the damage is increasing and until the end of the fight, even Jubeit'thos killed.
  • Gurtogg Blood Fever: Blood corruption. This is the most dangerous of the three Last Hour skills. Indeed, every 15 seconds, the maximum health points of all players will be reduced by 10%. Now is a good time to cast Heroism and kill Gurtogg very quickly.



  • If you followed, you guessed correctly the order of priority of the bosses:

Gurtogg> Jubeit'thos> Dia

  • Dark Whisper Dia must be held more than 25 yards from the other two bosses.
  • The player targeted by Felrage must take the boss about 30 yards from the tank (so that he can rest a bit and lose his Acid Wound charges). Pay attention to the survival of the targeted player!
  • Dia's tank will take heavy damage when casting Nightmare Visage.
  • When Jubeit'thos Mirror Images appear, DPS should focus on them.
  • Healers can dispel Mark of the Necromancer on players in mortal danger, and also when the color of the debuff changes and turns red.
  • When Dia casts Reap, players who take Mark of the Necromancer must step out of the raid and move into areas not used for combat.

  • Do not try to kill all three bosses at the same time (even if there is the achievement Don't Fear the Reaper) because passing the 30% mark at the same time for all three bosses requires enormous damage and equally great care.

Check out the in-game codex and the Wowhead guide!

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