WoW - Timeless Island: Ordos

The outer boss Ordos was once a Shaman of the Yaungol. He sacrificed himself for the Flame after the promises of the Fire Lords who promised him to become a demigod. Since then, he has suffered martyrdom, his flesh is eternally marked by fire, causing endless agony. To help it develop further, the Yaungol Fire Guardians, who have ritually immolated themselves, summon enchantments to ease Ordos' pain.

Today, Ordos awaits us in his sanctuary far north on Timeless Isle, at the top of the Blazing Way. The fight is explosive and must last less than 5 minutes (after this time, Ordos kills everyone).

The strategy in itself is not very complicated, here are the points to know:

  • You need to have the maximum number of players in contact to share the damage when Ordos performs with Magma Crush.
  • During the fight, when you receive an ember (Burning Soul), it is imperative to move away from the group, because you will be ejected and you can eject other players (in addition to inflicting damage on them). Avoid positioning yourself near the edge of the cliff!
  • As the fight progresses, Ordos fills the room with fire (Puddle of fire): the tank must correctly position the boss out of the damage zones.
  • Tanks must swap the boss before the fire damage becomes unhealable from Ancient Flame.

Ordos spell details

Here is what to expect, and as much to say that it will heat up:

  • Puddle of Fire: Creates a pool of fire that inflicts Fire damage every 1 sec and fills the room (take out the boss so that DPS on contact can keep hitting).
  • Ancient Flame: An orb that inflicts Fire damage to the nearest enemy every 2 seconds and increases Fire damage taken by 5% for 10 sec. The tank should take it and it is best to schedule a roll for the increased fire damage every 10-15 seconds.
  • Burning Soul: Inflicts Fire damage to a target for 10 seconds then detonates. Fire damage is inflicted within 8 yards and all affected players are knocked into the air.
  • Magma Crush: Inflicts Fire damage evenly divided among all players within 20 yards of the target.
  • Eternal Agony: After 5 minutes, Ordos casts a massive ball of magma, inflicting 300 fire damage to all players every second


The legendary cloak acts as a pass for anyone wishing to confront Ordos, otherwise unable to access his sanctuary (the cloak must only be possessed by one character on the account, the verification must be made on the achievement and not on actual possession of the object).

And you, what do you think of this restriction? 

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