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Grand Ages: Medieval is the latest real-time strategy game from the German studio Gaming Minds, to which we owe in particular Rise of Venice and Port Royale 3.

I start campaign mode with the associated tutorial, I choose my coat of arms and familiarize myself with the basic commands. A cutscene follows to get in the mood for the game.

Here I am in my stronghold. First step: build two mines! It is possible to accelerate the speed of the game by letting press the space bar, or by using the icon provided for this purpose.

Then I prepare 120 barrels of food goods, a little long press on the space bar allows me to complete the objective quickly.

There are treasures all over the map to facilitate progression, some have already been looted and others are being kept ... I connect two other cities and make trade deals. This unfortunately lowers my quantity of gold significantly, diplomacy is expensive ...

Thanks to the missions, I was able to acquire development points which are divided into 4 types: Production, Infrastructures, Army and Academy.

I recruit 1 colonist in order to be able to create a new city, I recruit him then send him there. Once done, I am asked to create 2 businesses of each type. So that the constructions are completed as quickly as possible, I create a trade route and send a trader to do his office.

I must then build a barracks, the war is near .... My mercenaries leave in the direction of my secondary city, Arta, then I send them to the south of the city to do battle with swordsmen. During the various clashes, I lost troops, but the units can be sent back to the nearest barracks to reinforce them with the number of fighters lost.

I must now increase my population beyond 4000. To make it easier for me, I build a third, then a fourth city. I take this opportunity to perfect my trade routes and adjust the supply of resources, this being particularly important to ensure the development of my various cities. I decide to add 3 trade routes to new cities, which costs more (and more) gold.

I then embark on an escort mission which, once successful, takes me to chapter 2. There, in chapter 2, I must progress to the next rank while in the meantime I went to war with a close neighbor. Mercilessly, I send my mounted archers to besiege it!

You will understand: this game is complex and especially oriented around the economy, the only thing allowing you to develop your empire. The game is far from simple and could put off some, or on the contrary delight others? You will have a lot of things to discover and the multiplayer mode promises you an endless life.

The game is available on Steam for € 44,99 as well as on PS4

And, finally, the game trailer:

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