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The Big Tournament is approaching and Blizzard had announced a live on Twitch on August 14 for new card reveals. We are entitled to legendary cards and in particular those of the classes which are now all revealed.

  • Guerrier
  • Mage
  • Warlock
  • Paladin
  • Druid
  • Voleur
  • Chaman
  • Priest
  • Hunter

For 10 crystals, this 7/7 presents rather average statistics for a round 10: indeed, we have Dr Boom which summons 2 bombs which can inflict 1 to 4 points damage randomly on the ground or on the adversary.

What makes this card interesting is its War cry : it makes you draw 3 cards and places any minion drawn directly on the field. The effect is extremely strong but cards summoned through this do not trigger their battle cries so it can be annoying for the classic Control Warrior who has a lot of abilities. War cry in his deck (Alexstrasza, Warrior virgin, Dr Boom for the main big cards played). We can therefore imagine a very late game warrior with less effects War cry while having some interesting creatures (Shredder of Sneed, Ysera, Baron Geddon are some ideas often brought up at the moment).

From my perspective, I've played Control Warrior a lot, and this card compensates for one of the Warrior's flaws at the end of the game. The draw pile allows you to hold out longer, but the negative point of this card is its cost in crystals. The Warrior, in general, needs to finish his opponent his first class legendary (Grommash (4/9 for 8 crystals): Charge effect card that gains +6 attack when wounded). If Grommash gets on the pitch and you can't hurt him, he loses a lot of potential and can literally knock you out of the game. In addition, you have to calculate when to put this card because you are plagued by the deadliest area spells (Shadowflame and Bomb of Light for example).

It has been confirmed on Reddit that Chromaggus (the dragon that duplicates the cards drawn) will not duplicate the monsters drawn as they will be put directly on the field. However, all other cards drawn will be duplicated (spells). Small precision also in the case where we cannot place the creatures because the limit number of monsters on the ground is reached: the monsters will go in your hand and will be copied by the effect of Chromaggus.

A legendary, therefore, very powerful and very interesting, but to be handled with great care and dexterity. It can be as much responsible for your victory as your defeat.

The legendary story of the Mage has some interesting stats, although once again Dr Boom is much more cost-effective.

Le Death rattle Rhonin's interesting though, he adds three copies of Arcane Missiles to your hand so when he dies he grants three spells that deal three random damage for a total of 9 random damage to opponents.

Where this card is great is that it grants ammo to activate Antonidas' power. On turn 10, you can cast Antonidas (5/7 for 7 crystals: when you cast a spell, place a Fireball spell in your hand). Throwing the three projectiles combined with the special effect of Antonidas therefore makes it possible to recover three Fireballs or 18 points of damage directed, enough to end the game quickly once turn 10 is reached.

We can therefore imagine including Rhonin in a very late game, control-oriented deck with cards capable of delaying the game until we reach our chain of damage.

In the end, it is a good card although very slow but sensitive to silence.

The Legendary Warlock short story doesn't have the set's craziest stats! With the must haves that we find on turn 6 (like Sylvanas or Lord Thaurissan), it is difficult to find a place.

Wilfred's power allows, when you draw through your heroic power, that the card drawn is free, a very powerful ability. The opponent will not look for long before aiming at it and it will be preferable to play it on Turn 8 to make the card profitable.

From my point of view, I'm quite skeptical: this card cannot fit into an aggro / zoo archetype and given its low attack power, I don't see it being played in a control deck like handlock. Also, waiting for turn 8 to use your power is clearly not amazing and you generally have better things to do than put down a creature and hope to have a good card with the draw pile. This is typically the type of card that can't get you back up if you lose the game. On the other hand, if you have the luxury to put it down and use its power, it means that you already have the advantage and almost won the game.

So yes, the expansion allows its heroic power to be used multiple times and maybe we'll see some decks including this legendary news but as it is, I sincerely doubt its viability.

New map with 7 mana crystals (players have complained that there is only Dr. Boom) but has average attack and health stats.

What justifies the cost of Eadric is his War cry : the attack of all enemy minions changes to 1. Suffice to say that Eadric gives a monstrous tempo against aggro while preserving his allies.

From my point of view, it's its cost of 7 that makes it interesting because you can easily imagine a combo with Tirion that costs 8 crystals. A combo with the two cards ensures you a very good defense while keeping an offensive potential and allows you to develop your game at the end of the game.

She is a very powerful Legendary that allows the Paladin to have a much more control-oriented game on the pitch. The Paladin has been spoiled more than once for the new expansion and you can feel Blizzard's desire to bring Uther's companions up to date.

In the continuity of the other legendary cards revealed, the developers chose a very powerful effect at the cost of statistics.

Aviana, the famous messenger, retains an important role as she allows your minions to cost only one crystal when present on the battlefield.

We can therefore imagine that with an innervation we can place up to three creatures on the ground: it therefore becomes a messenger ... of death. If you put Kel'Thuzad, Ysera and Ragnaros down, the game is almost over for the opponent as long as you are high enough in life points.

From my point of view, she fits perfectly into a Ramp Druid archetype. With Aviana, no more unnecessary innervations on Tour 8 and more. This card allows you to reverse a game all by itself! So yes, her stats are low but in Turn 10 alone, summoning Aviana and Kel Thuzad is a devastating combo. The only concern remains the absence of servants in our hand.

At first glance, this Thief card is questionable: its cost is not really commensurate with the class which is based on low cost cards and which create combos. Furthermore, Anub'arak remains risky because it only has 4 life points.

Let's take a look at its power:

Death rattle: returns it to your hand and summons a 4/4 Nerubian.

Suffice to say that spending 9 to have an 8/4 that will survive one turn and then have a 4/4 on the board is clearly not a good cost / effect ratio.

From my point of view, 4 hit points is low. There is also the risk of seeing 4/4 nerubians arrive on Tour 9, which may be too late for the class. Ultimate curse, if Anub'arak is silence it will have no presence on the board and will be of almost no use.

It's a very situational map and has no place in a thief archetype current especially that the thief has neither the vocation nor the capacities to make a control game.

And here is a card with a still very important effect! The advantage over Wilfred (Warlock legendary card) is that the effect is activated when he arrives on the table and it is not necessary to activate his hero power.

So what does this card do? When she comes into play she gives + 1 / + 1 minions in your hand AND your deck. Suffice to say that this is a huge improvement and a first in Hearthstone because it is the first time that we can act on the creatures of our entire deck.

From my point of view, this is an extremely powerful legendary, it gives a terrible advantage: for example, Al'akir changed from 3/5 to 4/6 with Wind Fury, Taunt, and Divine Shield. We can also talk aboutFire Elemental which goes to 7/6 but any minion becomes more viable with the effect of this legendary.

The shaman had been at bay for a little while and he is clearly one of the big winners of the expansion for me. The Grand Tournament which also gave him a very powerful area spell and an excellent heal card to be played midrange. The Shaman class is going to be a class to follow!

Here, a card with 7 mana crystals! Power is still very interesting despite the basic statistics.

Confessor Paletress's power is simple: Each time you use your Heroic Power, this card summons a random Legendary Minion (even if it's not in your hand or deck). However, she has the same problem as Wilfrid (can be activated by heroic power) and she must be defended. Using it on Turn 7 is of little interest and it will therefore be necessary to wait for Turn 9 to have a probability of summoning Ragnaros as well as Nat Paggle or Chronicler Cho (quits or double on efficiency! ). The randomness makes this card truly All-in as the legendary summoned can be lifesaving like very little appreciated.

From my point of view, I am quite skeptical about the use of this card. It is clearly too expensive and too situational to be viable. On a game of poker, it can change the game but it is still very limited and very dangerous. In any case, if you play it, you absolutely have to have something to protect it.

It is not one but two legendaries that the Hunter is going to have. They have the same basic stats for different costs but have no less interesting effects.

Indeed, Acid hangover (Acidmaw) makes sure to destroy any creature that takes damage (regardless of the source) and Dread Scale (Dreadscale) inflicts 1 point of damage to all other friendly and enemy creatures. For 10 crystals, we can potentially destroy all creatures on the table, except our two legendaries (who protect themselves from their effects). But the combo remains situational.

From my point of view, the Hunter no longer has a draw engine so it is very difficult for him to bring the 2 cards together. These two cards unfortunately do not fit into either an aggressive archetype or a midrange archetype. With these legendaries, we can therefore imagine a Hunter oriented late game but this involves a fairly complex game, very dependent on the cards drawn (and especially at the right time) and I sincerely doubt that we can find 2 places to put these cards.

The next question remains unanswered: Will the Hunter inherit a legendary card at the level of the other classes?

So here are all the legendaries of the classes planned for the new expansion The Grand Tournament. The big winners at first glance are the Warrior, the Druid and the Shaman who inherit excellent legendaries. The Paladin and the Mage also have a Legendary Maid. Apparently the big losers are the Hunter, the Thief, the Warlock and the Priest who have really (but really) situational class legendaries and are more dependent on the rest of the deck.

Stay tuned!

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