SWTOR - Beta Report: Mams

Here is a 5th Beta report by Mams who played a Care-Oriented Bounty Hunter and looks back on his experience. As with all other reports, this article reflects the author's opinion only, and nothing else. If you too have played and would like to have a feedback published, do not hesitate!


During my beta access, I was able to test the bounty hunter in his heal branch at low level. I only did quests and some heroic areas outside alone or with a mercenary hunter friend dps up to level 18.

The first levels are the same for everyone and I think you'll excuse me for skipping them to get to level 10.

Once this first step is taken, we can go see the two masters and talk with them to see the differences (I'll pass you the middle of the conversation you will watch it alone). Once we have chosen the mercenary branch, we can learn our advanced class spells and get the additional blaster offered.

And here we are with our unique "fast scanner" healing spell with 2.5s activation and a cost of 25 heat points. For the moment healer is a big word because once done 4 treatments in a row it is overheating and all that remains is the "you can put yourself a medipac please".

Things get more interesting at level 14 with the arrival of the support cylinder which allows us to increase our healing and to heal our friends with our blaster. The healing of the blaster is symbolic but there is a second kisscool effect.

Because once level 15 is reached the "gas overload" talent can be taken and gives you a burst talent (10% healing and damage for 10s also removing 16 heat points). This talent only activates if we have 30 Support Cylinder Charges which are obtained by 3 for a shot. If you want to have this talent as early as possible in a fight, I suggest you don't lose the charge buff by shooting even out of combat.

With level 16 comes the "healing scanner" a less powerful but fast spell (strange that the normal scanner is faster than the fast but good scanner) with a lower cost in heat but with cooldown (which is removed with overloaded gas activated).

So here we are with our 2 basic healing spells which allows us to begin to see how to manage our heat while waiting to unlock the talents of the tree.

In heroic quest areas the duration of the fights is not a problem for us, the longer the fight lasts the more we can manage our heat. But if you start a fight with too many opponents, even weak ones, you will quickly have to use your second cooling to continue healing and if the fight does not calm down you will be outmatched and can only wait to see your companions die (how did I know this mishap?).

And in terms of our damage, I had no complaints, our aim increasing both our damage and our healing we remain able to take down tough enemies without having to spend the day there.

So in conclusion, I liked this test, but what not to do is to rush headlong into the fray without preparing anything first, it is better to engage in a fight with your charges parried than to have to mount them in combat.

To see now at the release of the game how things will evolve with the levels and the new talents.

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