SWTOR - Seeker Droid (Empire)

It all starts at level 52, either by going to the Empire Fleet or to the drill control center on Makeb. A small droid will give you the quest, which begins the adventure! Of course, as we detail the quests, there will be révélations !



The Seeker Droid is the perfect companion for your treasure hunts. Able to detect areas likely to contain treasures, it even takes care of digging them up for you, provided you indicate the right location to look for.

Once you've selected an area, the Seeker Droid searches the ground for valuable items, and alerts you of a positive or negative result. If its sensors indicate the presence of an object near to it, it lets you know by a message and a circle around you, indicating the probable direction. The green semicircle tells you where to look.

In order to best determine the direction to take, it is a good idea to scan the same spot twice, which gives you two different directions. Then you just have to go in the direction common to both results. A diagram is better than a long speech (thanks to Dabager for the inspiration of the diagram):



Quests: part 1 (weapons of chaos)

This droid puts us in contact with Darth Acina. The Sith tells us that a terrible threat (one more) is taking shape all over the galaxy. The Dread Masters sacked an Emperor's warehouse (the Arcanum) and stole powerful Sith artifacts, Seeds of Rage, which they sowed everywhere to drive the local people mad. We will therefore have to find these Seeds of Rage before it degenerates, and this thanks to the Seeker Droid.

And since we have to start somewhere, the Sith sends us to four planets:

  • Taris
  • Tatooine
  • Corellia
  • Hoth



Make your way to the Alpha Outpost and head north through the Heroic Zone of the Jedi Enclave Excavation Site. Be careful, the rakghouls at the bottom of the valley are level 53+!



From the Sea of ​​Dunes, enter the dedicated area, the alcove of ruins in the far northeast.



There, it takes place in the Coronet zoo, via the south tram station. Watch out for the World Boss, the Lucky One!



Make your way to the Tesh Outpost in the Glacial Rift to reach the Glacial Remnants.


End of the first stage!


Quests: Part 2 (Arcanum's Defense)

Once all four Seeds of Rage are in your possession, Darth Acina informs you that the Dread Masters have launched an attack on the Arcanum, a warehouse used by the Sith to store their artifacts.

So let's go for this building, located in the seat of the Empire.


Inside, it's chaos. There are a lot of deaths and even latent fires. It doesn't matter, we're moving forward!

Everything starts at the level of the specimen storage complex .. quite a program! Quickly, we must stop the attack of the Effro Guards despite the purge droids who are cleaning up. After ascending north, we begin to follow a briefly glimpsed Sith, Lord Tagriss, south, jumping from platform to platform.


The warehouse, as you would expect, is filled with unsavory critters and weird items. Continue on your way, there is only one way anyway. Hope you don't have vertigo!

A little further on, we find no less than Patient zero, the rakghoul progenitor, locked in a special sarcophagus which unfortunately explodes when we pass?


Once Patient Zero is dead (with a lot of pain for me), a hole opens allowing you to continue.

After the fleeing slicer rakghouls, a little climbing is necessary to go to level three (straight ahead, then jump on the trunk at the back to finally access the bass drums on my left).

There will then be another jumping session to finally get to level 3.

Hop, once at the elevator, we go to the biological isolation rooms where in the back we find Lord Tagriss struggling with Akriss Veng, the devourer. Tagriss will still flee as soon as we arrive, so we will have to take care of Akriss alone, who is not proving to be very difficult.


Once Akriss Veng is done, it ends with some well-deserved rewards.


Quests: part 3 (hidden perils)

Darth Acina also informs you that new leads have been found regarding the Seeds of Rage. We will still have to visit the country

  • Alderaan
  • Balmorra
  • Voss



Direction Alderaan and more specifically to the Thranta of the Talarn outpost. Once there, go back north, taking good care of the various champions who patrol the area.




Hop off, off to Balmorra, towards the Sundari Imperial Outpost and towards the Corrupt Fields, a new landlocked area filled with Lv.53 and 53 resistance supporters.



From Voss-Ka, take the speeder to the Horizon Outpost. From there you can go up the road to get to the specific area, Corruption Fall via Desolation Passage.



And presto, a well-deserved reward.


Quests: part 4 (hunting through darkness)

Things are starting to materialize, it is now necessary to infiltrate the Dread Guard shrine on Belsavis. To get there, take the speeder to the Imperial Front Line Camp and then the connection with the Old Transport Center to the Imperial Energy Center Transport. Then continue the road ... it's long but we don't have much choice. Be careful, do not go into the caves of the primitive guardians, you have to bypass the area. Once inside, hop towards ... the sanctuary of the Dread Guard!

The first meeting of importance is Dreadguard Varrow. This boss is totally immune to damage, so there's no need to hit him. The principle of combat is based on waves of enemies that will arrive and that will have to be killed. Each wave will deal 25% damage to the boss and he will die after the third wave. Note that the boss does not move quickly and hurts a lot, so run while killing successive waves and everything will be fine.

Next, we meet Dreadguard Avarok with our target, Lord Tagris behind him. There a very classic fight, it doesn't particularly hurt nor use any noticeable abilities.

And there ends this stage with the tracing of the last call of Tagriss which seemed to come from Ilum. I presume you can guess our ultimate destination?


Quests: part 5 (H4 Alchemy of Evil)

So here you are at the last leg of the journey. Lord Tagriss is hiding on Ilum, in an old Jedi temple, and we're going to have to go find it. First of all, you will have to compose your group. Rather, a group of four players is recommended.

The Jedi temple is well hidden at first glance, you have to go into a small hollow, to the left of the stairs (look at my mini-map if you are lost).

I haven't had a chance to do it yet, but the quest looks totally similar to the Republic version. I'll let you know if I find a group (unless a nice Imperial passing by here is motivated to send me the details: p).

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