SWTOR - The Level 10 Guide

This guide that offers you Damoc is aimed at beginner players. There are many guides for experienced players, but few that provide the basics on which these advanced guides are based. Level 10 in SWTOR is a turning point in a character's evolution. We leave the basic learning area and specialize in a given role.



  • What is a role?
    • The Tank
    • The DPS
    • Healer
  • Advanced classes
    • Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior
    • Jedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor
    • Smuggler / Imperial Agent
    • Soldier / Bounty Hunter


What is a role?

In Swtor, there are 3 defined roles: the tank, the DPS classes and the healer. Depending on his role, the character will have different missions during a group combat, missions for which he is better suited and which each contribute their stone to the overall strategy.


The Tank

  • Description
  • Vocabulary
  • In solo

The main mission of the Tank is to make enemies interested in him rather than the rest of the group. The tank has the tools to attract the attention of enemies and to survive for a while when enemies attack it. However the tank is not just a guy with a "Tap here" sign or a punching bag beast. He often has tools to ensure that certain enemies are neutralized temporarily and can also be tasked with positioning enemies to facilitate the work of DPS. It is therefore a tactical role whose greatest reward is to facilitate the work of others.

You will enjoy being a tank if:

  • you like to be the center of attention
  • you like to be very resistant
  • you like to devote yourself to the group

The tank is not for you if:

  • you don't like to take hits
  • you want to do the biggest damage possible
  • you can't stand that someone is in pain without wanting to treat them

Aggro basically means "to be the target of enemies". This is therefore the major point of the Tank. In SWTOR, enemies don't attack completely at random. They attack the target they find most threatening. To find out who is more threatening in SWTOR there is a hidden threat mechanism. Each attack or power generates a certain amount of threat and whoever has the most has aggro. Tank powers often have descriptions that say "generates a lot of threat." This is what helps attract the attention of enemies.

Defensive CD (Defensive CoolDown): 
A tank must be able to survive the enemies that rush at it with drooling lips. In general, a Tank has some protective powers in addition to its natural resistance. These protective powers take some time to recharge. This is why they are called defensive CDs (cooldown in English means cooldown).

The sweater is the start of a fight where we come across poor enemies who have asked us nothing. This is called the pull for 2 reasons: some tanks have a power to attract the enemy to them. Pull in English means to pull (towards oneself). But it also means attracting the attention of the enemy. It is preferable that the tank takes care of the sweater because unlike the others, it has the tools to survive it for a while.

Provocation in English. The Tank has powers whose sole purpose is to fix the attention of enemies on it. It's the equivalent of "your mother" + something derogatory and enemies will charge the tank in response. Knowing how to use this power correctly is one of the keys to a good tank.

It's all well and good to talk about groups of players, but we don't always play in groups. For cases where you're playing solo, the tank is a pretty safe choice. Even though its damage is average, the fact that it is built to take just about anything and everything will cause enemies to eventually get past it. It can sometimes seem a bit long but it's rare that there is really panic.
The tank has 2 types of companions that help it well: 

  • a companion specializing in ranged damage will help you beat enemies faster and will usually be far enough away from the action not to take too many slaps.
  • a companion healer that will further increase your lifespan.



  • Description
  • Vocabulary
  • In solo

The mission of the DPS (Damage Per Second, Damage Per Second, easier than saying "damage class) role is surprisingly damaging. Doing a lot of damage. That doesn't mean you have to. do them anyhow. A DPS must know how to choose its targets wisely and must also know how to manage the threat it produces to prevent enemies from being too interested in it. A DPS will have the mission of defeating as quickly as possible small enemies while the tank occupies the big bad to reduce the number of threats in front of the group.

You will like the damage role if:

  • you like to give big slaps
  • you like to be the one who kills the most enemies
  • you have a rather aggressive mentality

You won't really like this role if

  • you like being able to take a hit or two to the head without flinching
  • you think there is more to a fight than just taking down enemies
  • you can't stand that someone is in pain without wanting to treat them

The burst represents two different things. Proper use of the word means a short period in which a DPS will deliver more damage than normal, where it will give "all it's got". This often involves the use of a doping agent or taking advantage of a particular situation. The second meaning of the word burst, while improper, is to refer to damage of a direct type such as a lightsaber hit or a blaster shot.

DoT (damage on time) : 
DoT or damage over time is a form of damage, the best example of which is poisoning. Once the power is used, the damage will be done over time without any action from anyone, unlike direct damage.

Literally that means Damage per second, or damage speed to be as clear as possible. In fact, it also means "damage role" and "damage damage". It's up to you to understand depending on the context.

Detaunt / désaggro: 
All classes have (at least) one power that makes them appear less threatening. This is an important tool for a DPS as it spends its time tickling enemies. If he does not know how to use this power, the enemies will end up wanting to say two words to him and he is not necessarily equipped to explain himself for a long time with them.

Sweater and aggro recovery: 
As said above, a DPS will do its best to do very badly without the enemies coming to explain life (or death in this specific case), so it must avoid being the first to engage an enemy (pull) or leave its threat exceed that of the tank (aggro recovery).

Since all classes in the game can specialize in damage, everything I would say here is bound to be generic but more often than not, in solo, your best defense is offense. Take down your enemies faster than they can take you down. As each class can take on this role, the choice of companion is a matter of feeling: 

  • the healer: last longer = more damage
  • a DPS companion: more damage = enemies that fall faster
  • a tank companion: if they are looking elsewhere, it is easier to defeat them.


  • Description
  • Vocabulary
  • In solo

The healer's mission is to restore health points to party members so that the party lasts longer. So far, nothing exceptional. However, this is an essential role because well-managed care means that the group does not panic. The healer's attention is focused on the red bars of health for the whole group (himself included) as well as on his own yellow bar to manage his energy. A healer without energy is a healer who no longer heals and that is wrong. 

The last mission of a healer is to stay alive. If the healer dies, it's likely the rest of the party will follow shortly. 

Healing cannot be improvised. There is only one thing worse than the absence of a healer: the presence of a bad healer. The other roles trust the healer and do their best to protect him. To meet this trust, the healer must be up to the task.

You are meant to be a doc if:

  • you can't stand that someone is in pain without wanting to treat them
  • you like responsibilities
  • you like to be the darling of the group

Avoid a medical career if:

  • you want to type
  • you have a hard time following a fight as a whole
  • you like being able to take a slap or two without flinching

HoT (heal on time) : 
Long-term care or regeneration. The heals are provided as and without additional action on the part of the healer.

HPS (heal per second) : 
Heals per second or healing speed. It is a notion that becomes important rather at a high level.

Healer : 
English name of the healer.

Overheal : 
Literally over-caring. This is to be avoided because overheating wastes the healer's energy and leaves him dry when he is really needed.

Réa / resu / rez / stealth rez / rez fufu: 
The first three correspond to the act of reviving a fallen member of the group. At high level, most healers can also revive an ally during combat but this blocks the option for the next 5 minutes. Some classes have the ability to go invisible, which kicks them out of combat and gives them the ability to use normal revive. This is called stealth (concealed) rez (resurrection) or rez fufu (stealth).

The solo healer will rely heavily on their companion and preferably a tank type companion that will draw enemies to them. It's not the easiest role to play solo, but it is offset by the high demand for healer in groups.


Advanced classes

Now that I have stuffed my head with this notion of role, I will be able to give a quick description of the advanced classes available for a level 10 player. By choosing an advanced class, you will be able to specialize in a given role by spending skill points in talent trees (this will change with 3.0).

If you're not sure what to choose, follow this simple tip: put your points in only one talent tree (you have three). It will allow you to reach advanced talents more easily.


Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior

If your character is a Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior, you will continue to learn lightsaber arts. In addition to the shii cho fighting form you learned at the very beginning, each advanced class will give you 2 new fighting forms.

A valiant and determined defender of peace

A symbol of hope in dark times, the Jedi Knight embodies the legacy of the Jedi Order which, for more than twenty thousand years, has protected the Republic and maintained peace in the galaxy. For generations, the Jedi Knights have served as generals, fighters and warriors, but their legendary feats in combat are today put to terrible test.


Champion of the Dark Side

A formidable war machine on the dark side, the Sith warrior has the daunting task of annihilating the enemies of the Empire and strengthening the presence of the Sith across the galaxy. The warrior channels the destructive emotions of fear, rage and hatred, in order to rid his being of all forms of weakness and to become a pure concentrate of brute force.


  • Guardian / Ravager
  • Sentinel / Marauder

This advanced class represents heavy armored warriors with a melee lightsaber. They have the option to specialize in Tank or DPS. 

Wearing heavy armor in melee is a good idea. They have a lot of defensive powers that keep them in the thick of the fray. In addition, they generate resource if they are attacked. 

This advanced class uses the following forms of lightsaber combat:

  • Soresu (obtained around level 14) is a defensive form for those who specialize in the Tank role. It increases your protections and your threat generation. It is associated with the tree on the left Defense / Immortality.
  • Shien (obtained from the Vigilance / Vengeance middle talent tree) is an offensive form. It increases your melee damage and makes it easier to manage the resource.
  • Shii cho (which you have known from the beginning) is used with the talents of the right Focus / Rage tree which specializes more on AoE damage.

This advanced class represents skirmishers in medium armor with a saber in each hand. They represent very powerful but very fragile damage machines. 

They also generate a secondary resource (Centering / Fury) which, when it reaches the maximum, allows them to go into super saien mode for a short time thanks to 3 powers that use this secondary resource. Since they are fragile, you have to get the enemies down as quickly as possible so take the talents that give you resources. The more resources you have the more you can tap, the more you tap, the faster your enemies fall, and the more chance you have of surviving.

The forms of fighting in this class:

  • Juyo (obtained around level 15) is the form of the left Tree Watch / Annihilation that focuses on DoT-type damage.
  • Ataru (obtained from the middle Combat / Carnage tree) focuses on direct single target damage.
  • Shii cho (which you have known from the beginning) is used with the talents of the right Focus / Rage tree and specializes on AoE damage.


Jedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor

If your character is a Jedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor, you will have to choose between two quite different specializations. One matches mages from other games that rely on their spells and the other looks more like a ninja with use of the double-bladed lightsaber.

Visionary and Ambassador in search of Jedi wisdom

For more than 20 years, the Jedi Order has worked for peace and stability in the Galactic Republic, but each day brings new dangers that threaten to tear the Jedi and the entire galaxy apart. To survive, the Republic needs leaders, visionaries: it needs Jedi Consulars.





A wonder of the Force, sinister and manipulative

The history of the Sith Empire is fraught with political ploys and dark secrets: the areas of predilection of the Sith Inquisitor. In an Empire where treachery reigns, the Inquisitor owes his survival to his cunning and his ability to manipulate enemies and allies alike to achieve his ends. He experiences forbidden powers not only to survive in this ruthless environment but also to rise to the top and seize power.


  • Scholar / Wizard
  • Shadow / Assassin

Forget the lightsaber, this class only uses it as a magic wand. This class uses the Force to cast spells with full force, whether it is to heal or do damage. Depending on your choices on your talent trees, you will either be a healer known for his area healing (left tree Protection / Corruption), specialized in direct damage (middle tree Telekinesis / Lightning) or specialized in damage to the area. duration (right tree Equilibre / Folie). 

Whatever your choice, remember 2 things:

  • You have a very important power: Force / Static Barrier. It absorbs a certain amount of damage before disappearing and can be thrown at any friendly target. Remember, damage prevented does not need to be healed.
  • You don't like melee. Stay away from your enemies.

This class fights with a double-bladed lightsaber and has the ability to make itself invisible (stealth, fufu). She can specialize in the Tank and DPS roles and uses special techniques. These techniques are three in number and each corresponds to one of the talent trees:

  • Combat Technique / Dark Charge: is reserved for the Tank role of the left tree Kinetic / Dark Combat. It increases your protections and your threat generation.
  • Shadow Technique / Surge Charge (obtained from the middle tree Infiltration / Deception) for a direct damage specialization.
  • Lightning Force / Charge technique corresponds to the tree on the right Balance / Madness for a large component of DoTs.

This class has a powerful stun spell when in stealth mode that can neutralize an annoying enemy before the start of combat to make it easier.


Smuggler / Imperial Agent

If your character is a Smuggler / Imperial Agent you will have to choose between your focus on your weapons or your slyness.

A quick and cunning maverick

Even if luck is sometimes more decisive than talent, it is better to have both for yourself.

The devastating war between the Republic and the Empire paved the way for anarchy. Due to the prevailing political instability and the proliferation of space pirates, it is now dangerous to travel alone in space. Entire star systems, isolated from traditional trade routes, threaten to collapse. Adventurers who are not afraid to break a few rules can take advantage of this situation by shipping goods to these planets. But to hope to survive, they must imperatively demonstrate alertness, quick reflexes and skill in handling the blaster. But the life of smugglers is no less risky.

Assassin, saboteur and secret weapon of the Empire

The Empire's dominance over myriads of star systems across the galaxy is not due to the power of the Dark Side alone. In the shadows, the Imperial Secret Service agents use their cunning to hunt down and eliminate the enemies of the Empire, whether they are intractable senators of the Republic, disloyal Imperial moffs or bloodthirsty rebels allies. to the Republic. Imperial agents must master the arts of infiltration, seduction and assassination to further the cause of the Empire while facing the hostility of a terrified galaxy and the whims of their Sith Lords.


  • Maverick / Sniper
  • Thief / Secret Agent

These are the game's cowboys and snipers who spray everything from a distance and whose goal is to place as many blaster shots as possible on their targets. They are not very tough but their ability to shoot from a cover position and the fact that they are at a distance gives them a bit of slack to take down their targets before they get too close.

In addition, their range allows them to stay close to the healer to be able to cover him if necessary (A healer distracted by an enemy will not heal the rest of the group).

With the possibility of making themselves invisible, their deviousness is reinforced. Able to specialize in either healer or DPS, this class is a free electron with a touch of sadism.

They use a secondary resource: Advantage, which grants them access to certain powers and increases their damage and healing.


Soldier / Bounty Hunter

If your character is a Soldier / Bounty Hunter you can specialize either in close combat with the Vanguard / Specialist, or in ranged combat with the Commando / Mercenary. In addition to your Cell / Cylinder obtained when you started, each class will give you two new options.

Honor, duty, defense of the Republic

Not all heroes have lightsabers. Some just have the will to fight.

For decades, the armed forces of the Galactic Republic have defended their civilization against the Sith Empire, which nothing seemed to be able to stop. Despite countless setbacks, the men and women of the army of the Republic never gave up, until the Senate ordered them to do so. Even today, these courageous souls are ready to risk their lives to defend their convictions.


Hunter, tracker, hitman

Countless enemies stand in the way of the Sith Empire's quest for domination. Also, the Empire is spending lavishly to get rid of these threats by offering itself the services of the most formidable hunters in the galaxy. Anyone who draws the wrath of the Empire is doomed to spend the rest of their life in anguish and terror because it is never a question of whether a bounty hunter will find you, but when he will find you.


  • Commando / Mercenary
  • Avant-Garde / Specialist

Ranged specialization that can move towards either a healer role or a DPS role.

  • The left Healer / Close Protection tree is played with the Combat Support Cell / Cylinder and specializes in a healer role
  • The middle Artillery / Arsenal tree is played with the Perforation Cell / Improved Gas Cylinder
  • The tree on the right Assault / Pyromania is played in Plasma Cell / Fuel Gas Cylinder and has a large DoTs component

Tank or damage, these heavy armor carriers are hard to ignore especially in melee.

  • The left Shield Mastery / Shield Technique tree will be played with the Ionic Cell / Cylinder and allows you to specialize in the Tank role.
  • Advanced Strategy / Prototype middle tree is played with Powerful Energy Cell / Upgraded Gas Cylinder
  • The tree on the right Assault / Pyromania is played in Plasma Cell / Fuel Gas Cylinder and has a large DoTs component

Last word

So much for this overview of the choices you have to make from level 10. One last info: to choose your advanced class, you must be at least level 10. On your fleet station, just in front of the elevator to your starting planet, you have 4 NPCs (2 on each side of the stairs). One of these characters will have a mission for you. This mission will guide you to your advanced trainer who will allow you to choose your advanced class. So not to be overlooked, if you see an NPC with a yellow triangle on their head, talk to them!

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