SWTOR - ZL: La Serre Noire (History)

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The Black Talon is the Empire's first Flashpoint, Story mode is accessible from level 10, Hard mode is of course reserved for levels 50 to 60. As you are sent to Dromund Kaas, you will encounter the 'Slave of the Blackhouse in the hangar, which will offer you a "luxury" transport that will quickly take you to Dromund Kaas, the good news does not come alone, you are told that the route taken by the shuttle is dangerous. So embark aboard the Serre Noire to check.



The Story Mode is really very simple, you can go there with two players instead of four without any problem, the area being populated by a majority of weak / strong type opponents you will have no trouble overcoming it. even without a healer, without forgetting that you can summon your pets to still be four in the end.




As soon as you enter the Blackhouse, talk to Lieutenant Kirstian Sylas, after some social events, she will explain to you that they have also loaded your droid (NR-02) aboard the ship, so go see him to find out who it is. famous robot.

NR-02 will put you in contact with its master, Grand Moff Rycus Kilran, who will explain to you that he requires intervention from the Black Talon to intercept a Republic ship named The Star of Brentaal in order to capture "The General" . But Captain Orzik refuses, so you will have to intervene to take control of the ship and then complete your mission. As well as decide the fate of the captain. Head towards the Imperial Lieutenant for the rest of the events, after a short dialogue you will face your first enemies in the area, towards the command bridge!


Arrived on the bridge, you meet Captain Revinal Orzik, after a few exchanges you will have to decide whether or not to punish his disobedience. This choice entirely affects the first part of the contentious area and grants you a new title.

  • Obscure choice
  • Bright choice

Dark Choice : Kill the Captain (Title: "Ruthless")

You brutally shoot down the Captain in front of his crew who panic, you then take command of the ship, as the Brentaal star approaches, capsules filled with droids enter the Black Talon and take control of the bridge. machines, so you're going to have to go and clean that up.

A first bonus mission appears, it will ask you to destroy 25 sabotage droids.

Trick : A rush in mounts on the long corridor assailed by capsules makes you avoid several groups of enemies, only for groups who do not want to waste their time in Hard mode.

Once in the GXR-5 room, remember to go before the left and right doors to face the groups that come out, having to face them during the boss would be an unnecessary risk. GXR-5 awaits you in the center of the room, it will be your first boss.


GXR-5 Sabotage Droid

Point of view : 6389

capacity :

  • Auto Fire: Powerful channeled fire dealing heavy damage to the Tank, can and should be interrupted
  • It will also increasingly and regularly appear Sabotage Probes which will explode on contact with one of you (1 at a time up to 50%, then 2 up to 25% then 3 until his death). must be avoided as much as possible. Kill the boss very quickly before being overwhelmed. Once the droid is exterminated, return to see NR-02 on the catwalk.

Bright Choice : Spare the Captain (Title: "Honorable")

Orzik hands over command of the ship to you, then you set off in pursuit of The Star of Brentaal. As soon as you approach, three ships attack you, you will have to fight them to secure the Black Talon. On the way to the hold, a first bonus mission will appear, this one will ask you to kill 40 assailants of the Republic, you will surely have to kill a few groups outside the route in order to complete the objective. Arrived at the hold, you meet the boarding team of the Republic who will be your first boss.


Republic boarding team

This team is made up of 4 opponents (Fort type in normal mode). She is sensitive to control spells as well as interrupts.

  • S1-M0 "Doc Simon" is a medic droid (2275 hp)
  • Soldier Keemos "Reticle" is a Sniper (2345 hp)
  • Corporal Hattak is a Close Combat (2345 hp)
  • Sergeant Boran is the team leader (5345 hp)

Their techniques used are basic to say the least, try to control as many members as possible and focus on the weakest, I advise you to kill Doc Simon as a priority in order to prevent him from healing his allies. Once the team is destroyed, do not forget to recover your loot in the chest then return to see NR-02 on the bridge.

When you return, you will receive a transmission that is not from Etoile de Brentaal. Grand Jedi Master Satele Shan joins you to let you know that she and sixteen Republic ships are on their way to rescue the ship, and therefore advises you to leave before more lives are lost, a good bluff attempt that you decide to ignore. Now go in the direction of the shuttles to reach Etoile de Brentaal.

On board the ship, progress by completing the bonus missions, this will bring you a lot of experience as well as the possibility of facing an additional boss.

  • Bonus 1: Defeat the forces of the Republic (/ 25)
  • Bonus 2: Defeat the forces of the Republic (/ 25)
  • Bonus 3: Neutralize ammunition energy consoles (/ 4)
  • Final Bonus: Defeat the GXR-7 Command Droid

During your progress towards the "General" you will have to face two bosses (only one if you do not do the bonus objectives).


Commander Ghulil

He is accompanied by two weak type Medics that you will have to kill as a priority in order to prevent them from healing the Commander.

Point of view : 13 335

capacity :

  • Plasma Probe: It will drop a probe on the targeted area, which will inflict significant fire damage on people nearby (can be interrupted)


Boss Bonus: GXR-7 Command Droid

After destroying the energy consoles, the boss appears.

Point of view : 11 945

capacity :

  • Energy Blast: Deals heavy damage to the Tank, can and should be interrupted at all costs
  • Powerful Punch: Eject the Tank and then do an Energy Blast right after, if your tank is the only person in the party who can interrupt, they'll need help at this point

Once these two bosses are defeated, continue to progress towards the escape pods to prevent "The General" from escaping. After forcing the door, you will have to face Yadira Ban, the last bulwark that separates you from the General.


Yadira Ban

Point of view : 13 890

capacity :

This boss is not very complicated, she only has a sequence of two techniques that she will use in a loop throughout the fight. She will regularly draw all group members to her, slow them down and cast the spell. Cyclonic Nova which will have the effect of doing heavy damage. So move away very quickly, you only have a few seconds.

Once Yadira Ban is defeated, take the corridor to catch up with the General in time, you can then decide his fate, a choice that will have no impact on the rest, if it is not to grant you some Light / Dark points.

Return aboard the Black Talon to receive well-deserved congratulations and thanks, then you have the choice of either ending your trip to Dromund Kaas or returning to the Imperial Fleet.

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