SWTOR - ZL: Martel Station (History)

Station Martel is SWTOR's second contentious area. An armed group has taken control of a mobile station, and you are being sent to retrieve it.



This Flashpoint is a step above the first, it is advisable to go with a basic composition with a Tank and a Healer.

To start it, please go to the area "Departure of missions => Hangar of the transport vessel" of the Imperial fleet or the Republic, a holoterminal awaits you there to brief you. Dark Malgus (Empire) or Shan villages (Republic) will explain to you that a republic mobile station has been captured by Advozse hegemony. The motivations of your Empire / Republic leaders being different, we still have the following objective: destroy the Martel Station so that it does not become a threat. Let's go for the adventure!


Tunnelier DN-134

Point of view : 30 950 days

capacity :

  • Mining beam: A channeled beam that does more and more damage, to be interrupted to avoid unnecessary death. In Hard mode, you cannot interrupt this spell, which places accumulations of debuff on the Tank, which must be dispelled after 4 or 5.
  • Demolition drone: At all thirds of its health, it will spawn small drones in an increasing and regular manner which will roam the room then explode a few seconds later, to be avoided. You will quickly be overwhelmed at the end of the fight, slam everything you have to finish off the boss.


Once the boss is defeated, continue your progress until the next "Checkpoint" where the second boss awaits you.


Vorgan le Volcan & Cie

Vorgan's Hit Points : 17 393 days
Gjonf Surgeon hit points : 6 433 days
Hit Points of 2R-CH "Torch" : 6 433 days

capacity :

  • Vorgan is a basic melee, he doesn't do anything special
  • "Torch" is as its name suggests a fiery droid, it will attract you to it and cast a flamethrower, move away quickly
  • Gjonf is a healer, he will occasionally drop kolto packs on the ground (green heal zone that heals his allies)

Tip: Take down the Gjonf as soon as you can, to prevent him from healing his friends.


Once the enemies are defeated, use the security console to deactivate the Section Zero lock, you will also have the choice between overloading the energy pipes or deactivating them. The consequences don't affect what happens next, you just collect a few alignment points. Finally continue your progress until the final boss.


Warlord Kreshan

Point of view : 25.640pv

capacity :

  • Burst shot: "Barrage" type shot that you can avoid by passing behind the boss (or interrupting him)
  • Call for Reinforcements: Calls on 2 advozse Column Breakers in combat, to kill quickly before they kill the Healer. It is possible to throw them into the void as soon as they arrive.
  • He also throws proximity grenades in the room, blue at first, then red. Don't stay in it.

The Tank must place it back to the console (as in the picture). The boss indeed launches a cone attack. DPS and Healers are placed on either side.

Kreshan will regularly throw the Tank. To avoid getting too far away, he can position himself in the direction of one of the entrance walls, without hindering the others with the cone attack.


Once the boss is defeated, destroy the Martel Station and return to the holoterminal for a debriefing with your "Boss". The contentious area is over.

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