Wildstar Update 11/09: Skills, AMP and Raids

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If you logged in last night, you may have noticed that an update has downloaded, well that's totally normal! That's all, see you!

... Well, ok, I'll tell you what has changed: apparently a lot of things! There you go, thank you, see you! ... Okay, I'll stop this totally bad humor, let's get to the heart of the matter right away. An update note has been posted on the forum, I'll give you a summary of what to remember:



  • La Pig of war mount (list of in-game mounts here) now advances at the same speed as other mounts


AMP & Aptitudes

  • The consumables to increase their number of AMP points and their Aptitude rank are more likely to be picked up by killing enemies or in PvP reward bags.
  • Des disposable consumables (they can only be used once per seller) to increase their number of AMP points or their Aptitude rank are now recoverable via the following means:
    • PvP Consumables Vendor (AMP and Skill)
    • Reputable sellers in the North Morne, Scarlet Island and Maltombe areas (AMP for each)
    • Impure Refuge Zone Reputation Vendor (Aptitude)
    • Complete the Uragriff's Lair and the Ruins of Kel Voreth dungeons for the first time on Veteran difficulty and with a Gold Medal (AMP for each)
    • Complete the Volcrâno dungeons and Sanctuary of the Valkyrie for the first time on veteran difficulty and with a gold medal (Ability for each)
    • Pass vocational level 15 (AMP)
    • Pass vocation level 30 (Aptitude)

Note for vocation levels: if you have already passed one or two levels, you can collect consumables from the vocation rewards vendor.


  • L'effectiveness of care has been adjusted: the base value for a PvP Attack of 0 is ~ 61.5% instead of 52.75%.
  • Le healing debuff in Arena 2v2 increased from 25 to 30%.
  • Adjusted the PvP damage formula to decrease the amount of damage dealt in PvP.
  • Capturing points at Col de Rochedague will grant rewards after activation.



  • Des successes and titles will be added for completing dungeons in veteran mode on silver or gold difficulty such as bronze level requirements will be seen to be lower for the part of the dungeons concerned by the stages of the Genesis Key (NDT: I suppose that's it, in VO: "for the Dungeon part of Attunement")
  • The above point will be included in a future update which will also add achievements related to completing quests, achievements and challenges
  • Genesis Key :
    • Dungeon Medal requirement decreased from Silver to Bronze
    • The number of Primal Patterns needed for the Datascape step has been reduced from 300 to 100
    • The Monster Hunts stage has been changed to be able to self-validate the death of different monsters if they have already been killed before


  • Adding the "Data Drifter" mount as a reward (reward for what? No idea) for the Datascape raid
  • Lots of changes on each boss, both some simplifications and the reverse


So here is the big information, there are a lot of additional details that you can find here.

As you will have understood, there have been a lot of modifications (nerves) to the level of the completion of the Genesis Key, the raids will therefore be more easily accessible, but the difficulty of these is not particularly affected. Note also the implementation of the update of MPAs and Aptitudes that we had spoken about several weeks ago.


On the forums, opinions are mixed, some are positive, others less. And you what do you think ?

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