Divinity Original Sin 2: Polymorphy and Summons land

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is still in Early Access, but has new features.

It was during the Pax, which took place a few days ago, that Larian Studios announced a new update (already available) which introduces a good number of new features to the game and more mainly two new schools of abilities: polymorphic and summon abilities.

The new capacities of the school Polymorphic are directly inspired by Nature and allow players to take the appearance, but also the abilities of many animals. Thus, it is possible to grow bull horns on the character's head in order to give him the possibility of carrying out devastating charges, or even to grant him wings to be able to reach inaccessible areas and increase his mobility on the- battlefield, or to be able to transform the enemies into chicken.

Polymorphism capabilities not only allow application during the fighting, But also out of combat, in order to access otherwise inaccessible places or to free passages and even be useful during quests.

On the side of the school's capacitiesInvocation, this allows players to summon (no kidding! Thanks Captain Obvious o /) companions which will accompany the player throughout the adventure and can evolve and be improved in order to acquire new abilities and powers.

In addition to this, it will be possible to summon and place on the battlefield totems, kinds of automatic weapons (reminiscent of turrets).

Totems, like companions, will reveal elementary powers on the areas on which they have summoned (puddles of blood, poison, frozen area, puddle of oil, etc.) thus allowing to add even more strategy (and chaos!) during encounters.

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